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    TBD - Building our new home in 2015 and it will include a Klipsch sound system for our vinyl and livingroom tv/entertainment system.
  1. In the spring I will be building my new house. I am looking for ideas/suggestions for a complete surround sound set up that specifically incorporates a turntable so that the sound will be throughout the main living areas - kitchen/living room/dining room. There is a local Klipcsch dealer that I personally know very well who will be installing the system for me but I want some real suggestions from people who love music, use Klipscsh and have incorporated their turntable into their system. I will be purchasing a Rega turntable (undecided on model at this time). Definitely interested in hearing about your set ups and product choices. **Meant to post this in a different category and can't seem to find out how to delete. Sorry!** Thanks J
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