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  1. LaScala would be better with another bass drivers with lower fs. and some help from a equalizer. Remember to cut bass frequenzy that goes lower than the drivers can make . Examle cut 20 hz 25hz 31hz 35hz to zero 👍
  2. Back side on Klipsch Chorus II with Faital pro driver.
  3. Nice result of the work after some black painting on grinded areas😉
  4. Testing Faital driver in bigger hole 👍it fit well
  5. Here is the tool, and hole is allmust ready
  6. Here some marking to new size😁
  7. This hole is a little to small for a Faital driver
  8. Faital with Neodymium Slug magnet and K48 with ferrite magnet
  9. K48 and Faital PR400 Pro
  10. I will try to finish both speakers in a few days with new Faital bass drivers.
  11. raeggis

    Bob Crites RIP

    Im sad to here this. RIP Bob
  12. Line Magnetic 805iA Power tubes is the bigger LinLay 805A-DG with over hung filament😀 300b tubes in between on back side.
  13. KSB 1.1 RF-5 plus center and back speakers KLF-30 KV-4 KSP-C6 KSP-400 RF-7II 1994 CHORUS II with Bob Crites titanium tweeters and new old stock Klipsch mids. There will be new Bass drivers soon , from Faital. Thanks to Partsexpress👍 High end caps from Germany, Denmark and Kina🛍️
  14. Voice coil is 8 ohm on this recone kit. Please ask for 4 ohm version.
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