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    Speakers: Klipsch Chorus II
    Integrated amplifier: Xindak A600E
    DAC: RME ADI-2 DAC FS New version
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  1. I have new caps, same value as originale, only plug and play 😀 no measurements. Bass plays Nice up to 600 hz, same db on mid horn. So cross over is ok. Vokals is fuller. with Faital vs K48.
  2. I tuned passive radiator around 32 hz. A few hz lower than Faitals 35 hz Fs . The deep bass is lissenable to under 30hz. Som i have a +2 db at 26 hz, and -2 db on the rest under 26hz on the equalizer. But the deep bass is good on flat eq too. I did a massage on bass speaker AS IT vill take a long time to play it in , before membran loosenes up. Fatal did not favorisise any frequenzy at all. K48 did that at 40 hz.
  3. Herr is a test video with new LMAHL V2. Filmed via a mobile phone👍
  4. Drum collections 👍https://youtu.be/XnQxyEutGpA
  5. Klipsch Chorus II https://www.hifisentralen.no/forumet/attachments/p_20220304_101506-jpg.797107/
  6. I want to test out xindak a600e on my Chorus II speakers
  7. LaScala would be better with another bass drivers with lower fs. and some help from a equalizer. Remember to cut bass frequenzy that goes lower than the drivers can make . Examle cut 20 hz 25hz 31hz 35hz to zero 👍
  8. raeggis

    Bob Crites RIP

    Im sad to here this. RIP Bob
  9. Line Magnetic 805iA Power tubes is the bigger LinLay 805A-DG with over hung filament😀 300b tubes in between on back side.
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