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  1. Problem solved 😀 There was voice coil that was in contact with metal. I turned diaphragm 180 degrees. Then the stereo sound image came back. Should be able to buy new diapragm since there are minor damage to voice coil and the sound a little impaired on cymbals. This is my opinion compared to the other speaker.
  2. I want to double check if diaphragm runs freely. Is there any good method to get this checked?
  3. I replaced all diaphragms. Elements is diaphragms. I Will do as you say Deang 😀 Thanks for your response. Cheers
  4. It seems that there is mid tone that plays too loudly on one speaker. There are new capacitors in crossover to middle and high tone. Transformers to the middle tone are original.
  5. There are new Titanium and mid-range elements in both speakers. Only bass elements that are original. Measured speakers on terminals of different value. One speaker plays much higher than the other. what is wrong? The speaker that plays the highest has a measurement of 5.5 ohms. The lowest player has a measured value of 5.3 ohms. Desibel difference is about 6 decibels. Speakers are swapped side to rule out amplifier problems.
  6. The driver's ohm value is its average value. Thus, you do not measure the driver's coil value.
  7. You must use 2pcs resistors to avoid frequency offset.
  8. I have installed Bobs repair kit , and will test mid and tweeter with resistors (L-pad).
  9. I use natural equipments. Nose as midpoint and my ears 😂
  10. I have tested signal generator from bass to mid , and mid to high. I get the same tone at 600 Hz. The result from mid to high was 6000 Hz on Chorus II
  11. https://web.archive.org/web/20120422070407/http://www.klipsch.com/chorus-ii-floorstanding-speaker
  12. A 2003 tread is equally interesting to me.
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