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  1. By using sharp tiny screws. Just screw it in that dustcap and pull it all out.
  2. Workout for your system, information by clicking on the link https://www.hifisound.de/Do-it-yourself-Products/Software-Measuring/Isotek-Full-System-Enhancer-Rejuvenation-Disc-65-MIN.html
  3. Not sure if small Klipsch speakers (RF, RP...) count as horn speakers, although the do have one (HF) horn. Those frequently receive worse reviews than simple 2-way bookshelves. Not going into the differences of rooms they played in, the electronics associated and so on, direct radiating bookshelves in most instances played more naturally.
  4. parlophone1


    It is one year since purchasing this G-Force Casio. It is running about 60 sec ahead since then, which is 5 sec a month. This is about average accuracy what I get from several budget quartz wristwatches I stil keep.
  5. Schu says well. My KT88 sound similar to some solid state amps. Once I was comparing it with Hafler P3000 trans nova plus some tube preamp. This combo gave very similar sound to my KT88.
  6. One stupid question, please do not feel offended, have you tried the adjustments described in the speaker manual (dynamic bass eq)? And a long shot - may be you have more detailed EQ controls on TV set, you could try that.
  7. ok. Do you have fresh firmware? Some useful info can be read here Try to increase the distance between speakers and back wall to tame the boominess.
  8. In what environment are you using the Fives, what room and position of the speakers in the room? I notices similar sound signature in my RF42IIs. Experimenting with speaker positioning can help with too much bass and muddy highs. Then you can play with EQ.
  9. So room correction works then 🙂. I have read the info on Buchardt site about the logic they used. Not going into details but it matches what ChrisA wrote about Schroeder frequency in listening rooms. Today many manufacturers present theories on how their products improve things and make their equipment more convenient for the users. Many of them are also failing to do much of what was advertised. It is nice to see a product that hits the right spot and actually do what manufacturer says it will do. And about high damping factor, shouldn't built in room correction solve this if it present an issue to particular system, at least partially?
  10. Any information from actual users on how well automatic room correction within preamp works? I see a lot of money for bass traps could be saved if this is well implemented.
  11. Similar with film, AgfaVista200 when still available. But no balloon 🙄
  12. Good to hear you got lucky with pads. Cheap and worth experimenting. I have done a number of experiments myself. Not an expert but obviously it is a matter of conducting vibrations between the speaker and the floor. Since I do not have such a heavy speaker as CW IV, I have settled with spikes under the speaker stand and a roller bearing between the speaker stand and a speaker (as described here https://www.barrydiamentaudio.com/vibration.htm). These roller bearing helped a lot in clarity of mid to high frequencies. At one point I had also small rubber mats in the loop and that helped a bit in the bass, but my floor is different so I guess vibrations differ from your setup.
  13. Glad you like vinyl again. It is funny how people easily discard this outdated medium. But mostly when I see such opinion, they are comparing pretty good digital components with old turntables, cartridges and mediocre or non phono premaps. That was my opinion also at the beginning. But I heard a good vinyl system and talked to guys that know this stuff. Yes, going vinyl usually means buying more expensive equipment than digital would cost. But it pays off at the end if one like going that route. My Kuzma Stabi S TT with 12 inch tonearm and entry level MC Benz cart sound at least as good as digital and then some. And then, the quality of the recording makes a difference.
  14. Interesting experience, thank you for sharing. Often people value less appreciated speakers better than more advanced speakers based on their own opinion. And that is ok. Try to find measurements of each speaker output and that would give you something to start with. No doubt that Cornwall IV should measure better than the III. I would suggest to play with your room acoustics for better results with Cornwall IV.
  15. Congratulation on the new Klipsches. I understand that you bought them. How did I like the other speakers? Well, Fyne audios were a mixed bag. F500 bookshelves were very detailed at the top end and lacked the bottom end. Also very quirky pairing with electronics, best to hook them up with tubes. Expensive Fynes were too laid back for my taste. The best were F501 and 502 floorstanders. Lower end Focals tend to be overly bright. The expensive Focals are ok, especially floorstand models. Monitor Audios are middle of the road, they do things right. Silver 100 bookshelve was my main contender. Good bass for a bookshelve, can play even in larger rooms. Not quick enough for me. Floorstanders are also good, silver 200 and 300 are almost always among the best in class. I once heard Platinum 300 in a large space, not very impressive to my ears..
  16. Hy and welcome to the forum. It is not what you have asked, but I will try to contribute to your question anyway. I have not heard the Forte IV but I have listened to several models of Monitor Audio Silvers, Fyne audios and Focals and Yamaha A-S1200. I would recommend Fortes anyway just from knowing those other speakers you have earmarked. Of course if you have listened uper end of those other speakers, it would make some difference, you have not specified. Anyway, you have heard Fortes. What matters is how do you like them compared to other speakers. Yamaha has that a bit laid back and detailed sound that might pair well with Klipsch. Look a bit on the forum, there's a good experience with Yamaha and Klipsch Heritage.
  17. If ever Elone or somebody else mekes a decision to enter such bussines, they need the know-how. Does not matter if they chose to have somoene allready at hand or outside. Proven fact. If they were to riun the niche, fine. If they are for advancement, they will treat it with respect. That's where it all comes at. And start from that point onward.
  18. I don't need a cam, I can talk to them every night by the window 😂
  19. If I would not have to swim across the ocean, I would come to get them 😀.
  20. Do all magnets need remagnetization or just alnicos?
  21. garyrc above has made an excellent point. I also have more experience with direct radiator speakers than horns, and found that many of them like better ATCs above or Harbeths and Tannoys do well presentation of wood instruments. Even a pair of Italian Opera Primas that I have in smaller room do that very realistically in a good room.
  22. What model are the new Danleys that you have now?
  23. Sound like everything they say about them in Meze website and then some more. 🙂 I looked and now they have to be preoredred, I guess they are out of stock due to demand. Good score then...
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