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  1. Just jumped in the local LP store, took a bite at "Exile on main street", "Its only rock and roll" and "Black and blue". Wanted to buy "Voodoo lounge" and "Tattoo you", but those were already sold. "Black and blue" seems ok on my setup, however after listening "Its only rock`nRoll", it seems a bit unlively. Did not have the time for listening the Exile. Comparing with some other LPs that I have, it appears that the engineer Miles Showell had it right when saying that improvements are likely to be heard in high and mid frequencies. My initial impressions confirm that.
  2. Has any of you tried new half-speed remasters of Rolling Stones albums? Any opinions on that? Meaning of May 2020.
  3. I see that you used additional support panels in Q-Pies to hold LaScalas. How far back those panels go into the Q-pies?
  4. A noob question, but here it is: how well would double stack EES go with big bass horns, such as MWM, Quarter Pie or Super MWM (of course active)?
  5. A sort of know what you are going through...prayer sent. Also, FYI it could go for the better, never loose faith.
  6. Passenger by Iggy Pop. Moneytalk by AC/DC.
  7. For Claude... could double stack ESS AMT-1 fit with Super MWMs? I mean instead of K-402 horns?
  8. It may sound silly, but why don`t you make them yourself? It is not a complicated assembly.
  9. I am following what you are doing 👋 Keep posting about new developments.
  10. Would you be so kind to explain how did you attached the wooden pieces to K402 horn? The ones that woofers are attached to. On picture that is posted I can only see only the screws that go directly to the horn. How do these screws go into the horn wall? Is the wall of the horn so thick that it can accomodate the screw?
  11. There has been a thread on the forum a while ago on this tt. I have seen and listened it. The producers are a hundred mile away from me. Do not know about the technical details. It needs more work to justify the price. I would take any good conventional tt over it.
  12. Adidas on my feet for several decades. Unfortunately, the models that I like dropped down in quality, so it seems New Balance in the future for me. Tried Nike before, but they are too narrow for me. Shoes - the best leather and comfort that I can afford. Avoiding synthetics, can not wear it.
  13. Earth is still shaking. We re at the epicenter, there were more than 100 earthquakes since this morning, 50 that we can feel. Luckily, the strongest shakes were in the morning between 6:20 and 7 AM when people were in their houses and could quickly run out. Regarding corona virus, traffic between cities is closed for the public since tomorrow.
  14. Probably very far from you 🙂, Croatia.
  15. On top of Corona virus, we had three bad earthquakes this morning. Last one more serious than this was 140 years ago. First one was 5,5 Richter, second 5,0 and third 3,7. There is a lot of damaged buildings.
  16. 😄 of course I agree. Not to drive discussion to red zone or inappropriate to this forum, just wanted to put things under a right perspective. This is a virus, ok it is a real thing, people have died from this. Bute there are far more serious things that a human can face than this.
  17. I can undestand such statement, be it on the fun side or not so fun. But comming from the state that has suffered the war 25 yeras ago (memories still fresh enough), this virus is more or less a joke amogst our poeple. Yes, the Croatia is the only country in Europe that has experienced the war after the world war 2, fighting for its independance. So, we take every mesasure we can to fight the pandemic. But taking into account that we still have casualties from landmines after a 25 years hiathus on our teritory, it is just a thing we to have to cope with.
  18. Thanks for the contribution. For what I can filter browsing on the net, it is a sensible amp to power the bass. But how is it on high freq drivers? Does anybody sense the distortion or any other ill behaved issues driving the HF with that amp?
  19. Here in Croatia the situation is still not that critical. We have more than 20 infected, but all of them brought the virus from abroad. There are no registered cases of in country infection, which is good. But the part of cointry that is nearest to Italy has more strict measures. This morning schools are closed there. Clases are held via tv and internet. We are preparing for more strict measures, working from home where possible etc. Most useful measure is for all citizens to act as smart as possible. 5900 peoeple is in thier homes and under surveilance. It is of utmost importance that they stay away as much as possible from cotact with other poeple. The good news is that the first infected was released as cured from hospital. There are no deaths. WHO says that sitiation on a world level should be ok until June. Patience....
  20. Well Italy is closed. Majority of deaths is in population over 65, although as time go by it seems to go under that age. Other European countries are also hit, not as severely as Italy. Spain, France. Germany, Switzerland. Austria and Slovenia have closed borders to Italy. We have many neighbors working in Italy. A week ago one lady that works helping elderly people in retirement home came back, and a few days ago her co-worker was forced to stay there in quarantine. Also, one guy came back from attending the Munich fair, had simptoma, tested positive, also quarantined. Situation in Europe is getting worse. We will see how it unfolds, but it certainly seems real. There is no need to panic but as long as governments work together taking reasonable measures, damage should be minimal. For example, our sports events are stil taking place but with no visitors at stadiums.
  21. Same here. 20 years pased since I tested my hearing professionally. Have 30% damage on one ear. Tried to run frequency sweeps on youtube with my Beyerdynamic headphones. I don't now how accurate that is, but it seems I do not hear above 15kHz. I can easily hear nuances in sounds between various speaker systems. Btw, Joe are you satisfied with Crown? Do you use it on high freq drivers?
  22. These are all valid and good advices. Best precaution is to stay home and away from potential virus threat. Public transportation (buses, trains...) especially in densly populated areas, cities, are usually worst places to be when such threat occurs. Going to work in a bus or streetcar where poeple step on each other and have faces close togheter almost inevitabely calls for infection. We can clearly see that happen in a flu season.
  23. There is a discount on Crown amps on Thomann site. Which brings me to thinking of getting Xli 800 or Xls 1002. Intended use would be for active stereo. Can anyone give opinion or reasons why prefer one over the other? I know DaveA mentioned about driving SMWMs with Xli 800, any other forum member? I shortly browsed internet, most agree these amps are good for driving bass and not so much high frequency units. Several use them for driving KEF LS50s. I do not see much difference between Xli and Xls, except Xli is AB class and can be a bit warm. Xls is D class and rated at 2 ohms. Fan noise mentioned as a potential downside in Xli series would probably not be a problem to me, since I have a cheap computer 2.1 system that hums but I do not notice it when music plays.
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