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  1. I would appreciate if someone could direct me how to put up an active 2-way system that includes turntable. I am aware of AVR receiver which could provide for a preamp section. However, recently I had the opportunity to get my hands on Crown SL2 preamp, which to my knowledge would be suitable to provide for an active two-way system that would include a turntable preamp. What would be used as a preamp in this configuration? In fact, to my opinion it would be very useful to do instructions on how to assemble: 1. An all digital system, 2. A system that include an analog component(s). Partly, the reason for posting this question lies in the fact that I do not want to part with my LPs as a source of music. I am sentimentally attached to it. Thanks.
  2. I do prefer the speakers (or any other thing produced) come from the country of engineers that have first laid hands on them. Period. Soundwise, I was not thrilled by the sound signature of Reference line of Klipsch. Haven't heard the RF7III, but I doubt that my opinion would change much. That said, I would love to get my hands on ChiefBonehead's work.
  3. Have not tried Nagaoka , so I can not tell. I chose cart based on specifications of my tonearm. Was pretty limited because there is no way a I could adjust VTA on Philips 212 tonearm. What I had in my hands were the compliance and dimensions of the cart (here I just roughly followed the measurement of the cartridge on vertical axis, since there is no way to adjust the VTA on the TT). Ortofon 2M carts did just fine in that regard. Playing with available parameters did the rest. Old Philips is playing ok. Of course, having a good MM preamp is a must, but I do not have to tell you that.
  4. Yes, K402s are hard to find without the drivers.
  5. For 1/3 of a price I would not think twice.😉
  6. Have you tried browsing around on how to get rid of fan noise. As much as I recall, many have changed the fans for a more quiet versions. Many actually reported that fans rarely even turned on.
  7. Thanks for your input. The thing here is that I did not have the chance to listen any Bottlehead derivatives so far. Especially that this build is not that common across the ocean. All you say is true, the community is very helpful, and so on. Acquiring the build kit in Europe takes additional expences too. So what I was actually hoping to see if anyone has direct experiencies with bottlehead amp and beyerdynamic headphones. Othewrvise, for me would be sefer rout to go with dedicated Beyerdinamic a20 amp, which itself has positive reviews in this regard.
  8. My advice would be to test both in your room, if possible. In my experience, small Klipsch speakers should be driven above avarige sound preassure levels to perform decently. In that regards, it is possible for both to play ok. However, bigger speaker boxes could help to get the speakers to play more pleasently at lower listening volume. If you can, give them both a try. I myself at present care mostly about 2-way stereo sound. Having that in mind, I would tend to try Heresies. 600s had me wanting for more balanced tonal representation throught the frequency spectrum, meaning that high frequencies were too bright and not enough of mid freque spectrum to my liking. May be if you try to add a mid speaker to play more voices in movies, between two 600s, then you might take a step in positive direction for your liking. Btw, how did you get to conclusion that Heresies are to big for you?
  9. I don't know about that. In general I do like vinyl. But I am not so sure how much improvement could the new shiny turntable bring against the properly set-up old machine. In my beginnings with TTs I had doubts about that. That was prior to proper set up of my old Philips 212 automatic with Ortofon 2M red. Forget about the Red. I had it playing for about a year, always complaining how inner tracks of the LP sounded not so good etc. And then one day I had enough time to properly set my cartridge. Just took the magnifying glass and take every step easy, no time constraints. This was crucial. Now the old Philips plays in such manner that only thing for the listener remains to evaluate the minutia of differencies between more expensive combo or less expensive one. The key word here would be the whole system, rather than the turntable/cartridge itself.
  10. Glad it goes well with your setup. Will follow the developments. I am very interested how are powerful Crowns doing with HF driver in K402s. What were the reasons to abandon audiophile amps instead of pro amps?
  11. I do not know how are thing in the US, but in most European countries lows are getting more strict about these every day. It is up to authorities how they want to enforce them. Anyway, what I wrote about was extrem example of electrical scooter. Guy who bought it knew what he was asking for, a fast 2 wheeler that can drive him through the crowded city streets. And he has the ability to control the power. The electrical motor imported from Japan has the ability to lounch the scooter from 0 - 60 in a matter of few seconds. The person driving it (and paying for it as much as a second-hand car) has the ability to safely dwell around the city.
  12. My first neighbour produced a couple of electrical scooters and e-bicycles. Custom made work with high quality components and very expensive. But it was more like motorcycle than a bike. Very fast and quiet devices. Definitely not for everyone and requiering some learning curve if one plans to stay alive. Experience in riding motorcycles is very helpful. These things pull fast and brake fast with disc brakes. Very fun when I tried one.
  13. Useful devices if travelling through the city on shorter distances. As everything else, it depends who uses them. They are quiet, so attention should be paid to pedestrians. Also depending on the traffic in the city, the drivers should be aware of vehicles around them.
  14. parlophone1


    Vostok was a Russian company 😀. I am not familiar with crafstmanship of this particular model. However, I am familiar with quality of former USSR products. In general, everything that was not military grade quality , was of very poor quality. If mechanical, this was calling for a constant checks by dedicated mechanics. I would not be surprised this Vostok is of same kind.
  15. So, is the design of SMWMs finally done? Are the overall dimensions 60 by 60 inches as indicated in drawings from page 13? If so, I believe will be able to squiz them in my living room. It would be tough but probably feasible. My spouse is pretty flexible regarding my audio escapades, but in this case and given the dimensions of bass bins, I believe some extra effort from my side would have to be done if these will end up our house.
  16. parlophone1

    Never Forget

    As a guy who live across the ocean, I still do not comprehend what exactly happened there. Of course, there are many scenarios around, but does anybody have a clue what actually occurred there? But then again, I may be too optimistic to expect the answer on that one. Btw, I am way ignorant of actual political situation in the USA to even discuss that, so no way I am inclining to go that way.
  17. The moronic thing just died on me, out of nowhere. Battery 70% full. I was reading some pdf. I was also 160 miles away from home, so I had to call back home to my folks who were finding pin to activate the smart thing. Now I was finally smart enough to kill all the activating codes so the next time I have no such problems.
  18. I am probably the last one to step in here, but my comment would be that 80 dB is not exactly low level in my terms, which would be lower than that.
  19. How many of you are irritated by using smartphones, tablets etc.? I am aware that other issues come into play than just the hardware, but using my android smartphone drives me nuts. Constant delaying, pop&ups from other wendors, ads etc ... I just can not bear with it, while I only want to come to some information or such. It is too much for me and I usually end up just closing the device. It has not been so difficult before. Devices have been designed to do with purpose. For example, when I take my Nikon F2 in my hands, everything becomes second nature. Every dial has its purpose and does nothing else. No such luck with new technologies...this makes me turn into old days ...
  20. I have found that plugging the rear ports of my smallish RF floorstanders changed the acoustic characteristic too much in mid-bass and bass areas of the speakers. So in my also small room this in no way to go for a better sound.
  21. How big or small your room is? Maybe the bookshelves is all you will need. Floorstanders in a small room could have problems.
  22. Nice to have a person who was there Thebes. Although you already mentioned some of it above, what would you say are the main misconceptions about Woodstock now? 😎
  23. Try Amptastic mini1. Maybe not the cheapest but certainly has its pluses. It goes with trial period too.
  24. I was also loorking at Marantz 6006. Sony stated above is much cheaper, but of course it is stock. And there are newer models now if going to buy new. So..., would Sony 170 model be a wise decision against Marantz 6006?
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