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  1. When @WillyBob is at your place, tell him to check his PMs. I sent him my phone number so he could call when he comes by here. But apparently he was already on the road when I sent the PM.
  2. Thanks! I have had the PL-115D since about 1979. I had an SX-650 back then.
  3. Currently: Pioneer SX-1250 receiver Pioneer PL-115D turntable Grado green cartridge LaScalas & Heresys It sounds really good, and it makes me smile when I listen to it. But, there's always something else to try. I'm currently thinking about trying an Ortofon red cartridge. And, maybe a higher end vintage turntable. The SX-1250 and the LaScalas are here to stay.
  4. No, I have not done anything to my KG4s. As far as I know, they are stock original. I bought them at a flea market and have never opened them up. They are currently used in a secondary system, and I like the way they sound as is.
  5. I have a pair of KG4s that are on stands in a carpeted room. The stands elevate them so that they are at ear level when seated. I am impressed with the KG4s sound. I haven't listened to them sitting directly on the floor, but I can't imagine getting more bass out of them than I do in their current position. I'm running a vintage Pioneer SX-850 with them.
  6. I'm running my KG4s with a Pioneer SX-850. That combination sounds great!
  7. I have the same/similar light string on my deck. I don't have a dimmer on mine, just 11 watt incandescent bulbs in each socket. It provides a very pleasant glow that doesn't overwhelm the night.
  8. Very sad news. Like many of you, my wife and I met Scott at the Pilgrimage. We talked at length with him, and discovered we had some common acquaintances. He seemed to be a genuinely good person.
  9. I think you might be surprised if you tried it. But it's above your stated budget of $200-$500.
  10. I have a Pioneer SA-9500 integrated amp for sale. Fully restored by Paul Hovenga (Many Moons Audio) in January 2017. Specs here: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/pioneer/sa-9500.shtml
  11. I tried to convince my wife that the Cornwalls would make great rear speakers. She said we don't have the room.
  12. They will be in Hope, AR from Thursday until Sunday. That's only about 200 miles from Dallas.
  13. Loading this up tomorrow to bring to Hope.
  14. Loading these up tomorrow to bring to Hope.
  15. You're welcome. My offer still stands for some future time, if you get something worked out.
  16. I'm headed to Hope Thursday AM. I'm afraid we've gotten a little short on time for relaying the La Scalas. @Ceptorman Are you still thinking you can get WillyBob's La Scalas to St. Louis? @MookieStl said he could get them to Lebanon, MO. That's a 3 hour one way trip for me. I don't mind doing that, but not sure I can work it in between now and Thursday morning. Also if you don't have someone lined up to get them across Texas, where would they go once they get to Hope?
  17. Let me know if you work something out.
  18. Yes, it is. If you know someone from your area headed to the Pilgrimage, they could bring them back for you.
  19. If not sold before May 16th, I will have the following items for sale at the Pilgrimage: 1978 Cornwalls - SOLD! Pioneer SA-9500 integrated amplifier - $1100
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