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  1. Does anyone know if Paul Hovenga is still actively working on audio gear? I have sent an email to the address listed on his website, and called the phone number on his website. No response to the email in over a week, and there was no answer at the phone number. The call went to a voicemail that had not been customized; it just said "you have reached the voicemail box of...." and gave the phone number. I posted an inquiry about this here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/164924-looking-for-vintage-gear-technician-recommendations/ but have not gotten any responses (other than a 'welcome' from one forum member). Thanks, Opus
  2. I really like the sound of my Pioneer SX 850. I'm hoping to like my Pioneer SA 9500 as much, or more, once I get some issues with it resolved. Maybe some day I'll get the chance to hear a Pioneer SX 1250. Yeah, I like the vintage Pioneers.
  3. Thanks for the welcome dwilawyer. From what I have seen, there are some good folks here.
  4. Hi. I have been a lurker here for quite some time, and have learned quite a bit from the members here. Thanks! Maybe some day I will have the knowledge and experience to contribute something that helps others here. I have a Pioneer SA-9500 that needs some work, but I don't know of anyone in my area (Northwest Arkansas) that works on vintage audio gear. I searched the forums and found some good comments regarding a member here that is close to me; Paul Hovenga (Many Moons Audio). I looked at his website (http://www.manymoonsaudio.com/) and found an email address for him. I sent him an email about a week ago, but have not heard anything from him. Does anybody know if Paul is still active here? And, is he still working on vintage audio gear? Or, does anyone have other recommendations for someone else in my area that works on vintage audio gear? Thanks, Opus
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