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  1. not really. i sold my 7-350 and dont miss it one bit. yep!! i honesty dont think they would thump any harder than what his marantz is capable of. come on lets talk him into to what we know will really help. he watches movies. that is all that needs to be said. a subwoofer would benefit him ten fold over what an amp would benefit him. You people already have shifted my focus to subs..... Thanks for the replies.....the point that a sub may take out the load on the avr so that it can concentrate on mids was something that didnt knock my mind and now it lead me to subs Meanwhile while doing some research found many posts saying that the SVS subs may be a good match for these klipsch..... I am looking for more suggestions like how many watts and what size(10, 12 or 15) sub may be suitable as my budget remains the same Amp upgrade will be on my mind but will be moved to 2nd priority for now....it may come into picture when i change house in 2 months where my listening room is bigger than the one in the current home Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the offer i will keep in mind and i will pm you soon regarding this..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I am located in tallahassee, FL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. ok if I was buying a powered sub which one would be a best match for this set of speakers...........................I know there is nothing wrong with my system now and probably i do not need an amp. But has $500 in my pocekt and thought amp may be the way to go as I am satisfied with the bass these speakers are emitting. But seeing at your reply if adding a powered sub may take out the load on AVR and it can provide more power to midrange than I may look out for a sub.....I am just confused what to upgrade in an audio system...
  5. To start with please do not kill me.......... I know there is as ton of information regarding this topic. As I am still unable to decide on an amp and thus this topic I have Klipsch RF 82 paired with Marantz SR5008 AVR and strictly a 2.0 system at least for an year. I am fine with the Bass these speakers are emitting so no sub for now which deviates my itch to an amp. I have been on this set up since 7 months and was happy till I was cleaning my speakers and avr the other day where my eyes were stuck on to the pre out label on the avr and thus the "ITCH" for the power amp. I know I had an AVR with pre outs but never thought of upgrading until my eyes saw that section somewhat like when u see a babe with bikini on the street and your pants tell you to visit a strib club. Now to be brief on my listening preferences. It is 50% music and 50% movies in a 17x10 ft room. I use appletv for netflix and youtube. Macbook with toslink for music. sony bluray player for movies Budget: $500 max By reading previous topics i narrowed down some amps 1) Emotive XPA-200 2) parasound 2125(new classic) 3) parasound zamp 4) Emotiva XPA - 2 (little bit out of my range but will wait for july 4th to see if Emotiva starts any secret sale) But I would like like to add some more options to my list. Any advice will be appreciated. Note: I like the warm sound of that the marantz avr puts out. I tried an yamaha and denon before settling for marantz. Yamaha was to bright and denon was bright in some passages in movies. The above mentioned options seem like they output warm sound from what i have read.
  6. I use the sr6008 with my Klipsch Rf82II and it sounds great. I have tried the yamaha and pioneer before buying the Marantz and I am glad that I have done so. The Marantz gives out a little warmer sound and Klipsch being bright the combo will sound great. You can buy the SR6008 and save some money for an ext amp in future like the Emotiva's.
  7. If interested this discussion is being continued in another thread. Thanks for all the help https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/154186-stereo-receiver-vs-integrated-amp-vs-avr-for-rf-82/
  8. Just been home for lunch and I have tweaked some treble settings a little bit and it sounds good now and also figured out that FLAC is less harsh than the MP3. I will try my frnds Yamaha once he gets in town tomorrow. he has been been out of town for whole week and is cmin back tomm. Thanks for the help. And one more thing, can i connect the Denon X2000(if I am keeping it) to an External amp for a 2.0 setup??. It has only Zone 2 preouts so can i use Zone 2 with Amp with my 2.0 instead of main zone Do you have hardwood floors? They make anything sound harsh without decent treatment. At least get a nice thick area rug if so. You can get ultra smooth silk dome tweet and go from carpet to hardwood and it is instantly awful. I've done it. Carpeted floors.
  9. I figured out that I will using this room as audio room and shifted out my mattress to the other room. I had a recliner in the living room which i dragged into this room for testing purposes and made sure I am sitting at level with the tweeters and set up the audessey. It sounded much more different than before and there was a significant improvement, but there is still a kind of shrill or brightness in the sound. I know i did not mention this in the other thread as I was confused on what i would buy next if i am returning the Denon X2000. I know the Denon X2000 is a good one and should sound good but as it being a refurbished one may be there is something wrong with it in the internal circuitry or something which may not be a concern to the shop. I can exchange it for another Denon but usually my thinking is like once I am unsatisfied with any product I do not tend towards it again even a new one is offered, it is just that feeling in my head that even the new one may sound the same and I have to go through the return process again. Instead of that I am asking people around who have experience in listening to different setups, that what kind of set up would be needed to bring down the shrill or brightness of the RF82's and also make them sound full. I figured out some of the setups Option 1: Marantz NR1403 with Main Zone Preout and Emotiva XPA-200 or Emotiva UPA-200 (something around $600 for avr and amp) Option 2: Marantz SR5008 or Marantz SR5009 or Marantz SR6008 Option 3: Any Stereo receiver with 100 W/Ch rating(Not sure the stereo receivers give out the watts they specify)
  10. Is it true that even if AVR's are rated like 100 watts/ch they give out only 30 or 40 watts and for stereo or integrated Amp if the rating is 100 watts/ch they output 100 Watts. I have read this in few threads.
  11. Hi Folks, I have a pair of Klisch RF-82 which I bought few weeks ago and Denon X2000 for driving them. But It seems the sound is too bright for my ears and I am looking at returning the Denon and Buying a Marantz SR5008 or SR5009 as few folks suggested that Marantz warms down the Klipsch a bit and the overall sound will be good. I have tried everything with Denon with the help of some folks and it still sounds bright to me, So I am done with it and will be returning it. Please do not blame the speakers as I have listened to them several times at variable locations and they sounded warm and full but do not remember what were they paired with. One was at my frnds place with 2.0 setup 82's with Yamaha Rx-v475 , even though yamaha is branded to be too bright with Klipsch it sounded warm and full bashing that rumour. But going through different forums I am not able to decide whether to go with an AVR or Integrated Amp or Stereo Receiver Or Separates(Xpa 200 for sure and some budget receiver with pre out). It gets more complex as i read the forums. To make it easy let me specify details Set Up: Strictly 2.0 atleast for few years Inputs: Any input wired or wireless. Apple airplay is hardly preferred but if I have to compromise on sound quality then I am ok without airplay. I do not use tv. Main input sources will be my Macbook, Iphone and Ipad for movies and music. Desired Sound: Warm and Full Room: 14X14X12 Budget: $600 (is separates the Emotiva XPA 200 is around $300 and I will be left with $300 for pre amp or some budget avr with main zone preout)
  12. I am using a mattress that is 1 feet from the carpeted floor and I will be leaning on the back wall laying on the mattress to listen to music or movies so my ears will be close to back wall and at 2 feet high from the floor. Just wanted a relaxing setup. So If I am using a tripod i should place it atleast 1 or 2 feet from the back wall right to allow the reflections to mix in????
  13. Do that first. Next see if you can borrow the Yamaha you like, then go from there. Right now i have reset the receiver and left it as is(skipped audessey) and it is sounding little bit better(like neutral not bright not warm) than before. I will try the suggested audessey setup once i get hold of the tri pod tommorrow and will see how it sounds. Thanks for all the help you people are providing . Now my hope has bumped up in achieving the sound i desire. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I really hate to say it but if you are using stereo and you have a good caliber receiver and a reasonable room, you should not need or use Audyssey with the RF82s. If you are trying sync distances, modify frequency responses due to locals in a room between a multi-channel setup or different speakers (large in front, small surrounds and non-fullrange center), then turn on Audyssey. For stereo you should be in good shape from the get go with good speakers and good amplification. A small amount of bass is typically all that is needed at moderate volumes with Klipsch. I have downsized in some sense to KLF-30s or my home built speakers run by a Pioneer SC-1222. No real need for any FR help at all. Running direct. Yeah I am only into a 2.0 setup right now and will not be upgrading anytime soon. I am running them without Audessey right now and it sounds ok but not what i desired. Will try setting up the audessey with the tripod or mic boom and see if it improves. If it doesnt I will exchange the Denon for Yamaha or Marantz. I have asked my frnd to lend me his Yamaha V-475 for the weekend and he agreed to it and for Marantz SR5008 I dont have an option unless I buy it to listen to it. If even Yamaha does not sound good in my room i will exchange the Denon for Marantz Sr5008 or Sr5009 And to make sure the Marantz Sr5008 or Sr5009 are good right??these are the only ones in my price range if i buy it in Accessories4Less. The Sr5008 saves me more as it is only $400(factory Refurbished) in AC4L.
  14. Do that first. Next see if you can borrow the Yamaha you like, then go from there. Right now i have reset the receiver and left it as is(skipped audessey) and it is sounding little bit better(like neutral not bright not warm) than before. I will try the suggested audessey setup once i get hold of the tri pod tommorrow and will see how it sounds. Thanks for all the help you people are providing . Now my hope has bumped up in achieving the sound i desire. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Which Denon AVR? For the record, it is my understanding that Denon and Marantz use the same amps and topography given they are owned by the same company and are made in the same plants. I am using Denon x2000. Helpful folks in AvsForum suggested that mic should not be placed on a flat surface during the Audessey set up which i was doing the whole time. I will try setting up by placing the mic on tripod and see if that solves the issue. And as you have tried both Denon and Marantz. Do the Marantz sound warmer than Denon??
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