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  1. Yes - we have already moved. So the speakers are in NC if interested
  2. Yeah - it kills me but the wife refuse to let me drill into the mantel.. I also have to have someone come out and fix the mess the last owner did of running cables through the wall - the HDMI and power cord are still on top of the gas fireplace venting - don't feel real safe with that
  3. I am getting ready to list these on ebay. I attempted to install yesterday and the room just isn't setup for it. The mantel on the TV is 5 feet high - with a 65" tv there is no room underneath for a speaker unless I want the TV touching the ceiling. This stinks because it took me forever to get the right setup for my last house. So I will be listing 3 XL-23's, 2 XL-12's, X500WD Subwoofer and 1 pair of XFS stands
  4. Thanks for your feedback guys... These looked and sounded awesome in my old house. The problem is the new house has speaker mounts in the ceiling for rear speakers and the XL12's are too big. Also there isn't enough space under the TV or over the fire place for the XL 23. If anyone is interested shoot me a message. I prefer someone in the NC areas as these would cost a fortune to ship
  5. I love this setup - just no place in the new house
  6. Thanks Billybob - Everything is in great condition. However, I am missing the stands for the XL-23's - I had them wall mounted. Everything else looks new
  7. We are in the process of moving from Fort Myers Florida to Raleigh NC. I just took down my surround system which consisted of 3 XL-23's, 2 XL-12's, X500WD Subwoofer and 1 pair of XFS stands. Unfortunately the new house isn't wired for surround and there is no where to install it. Just curious what a good selling price would be
  8. Willing to sell the XF-48's and XB-10's for $400 for anyone local to 33913 - just need the room back in my garage - as mentioned they would be over $150 to ship
  9. I still think the Icon X series is the best looking speaker. The current setup is 3 Xl-23's, a pair of XL-12's on the stands you sold me, and a XW-500D sub. Planning on changing out my receive again over the holidays - it still doesn't sound as good as it did with my old Sony receiver from 8 years ago. If the XF-48's don't sell I will put them in storage for our next house.
  10. Up for sale is a set of XF-48 speakers in excellent condition. These are amplified speakers that can be used with or without a stereo receiver. The speakers will be shipped in their original boxes and packaging. We moved and the system was too much for the room. Also include are a set of bookshelf XB-10 speakers in good condition. However, they are missing the original mounting brackets, as I had them on my end tables. Please see below for manufactures specs: The XF48 Speakers listed new for $1299 each and the XB-10's were $399 for the set Asking $500 plus $150 for shipping - these way a ton I'm not able to upload photos but if interested shoot me a PM and I will send them directly
  11. Bump - still for sale and would be willing to ship. Just watched a moving on them last night and they sound great
  12. I had the XW-300D before the hurricane and it was awesome. I went with the 500 because it came as part of the package. Overall, I like it about the same as the 300d - the room I have it in won't let me take advantage of its full potential
  13. I guess these aren't that popular of a speaker
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