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  1. Willing to sell the XF-48's and XB-10's for $400 for anyone local to 33913 - just need the room back in my garage - as mentioned they would be over $150 to ship
  2. I still think the Icon X series is the best looking speaker. The current setup is 3 Xl-23's, a pair of XL-12's on the stands you sold me, and a XW-500D sub. Planning on changing out my receive again over the holidays - it still doesn't sound as good as it did with my old Sony receiver from 8 years ago. If the XF-48's don't sell I will put them in storage for our next house.
  3. Up for sale is a set of XF-48 speakers in excellent condition. These are amplified speakers that can be used with or without a stereo receiver. The speakers will be shipped in their original boxes and packaging. We moved and the system was too much for the room. Also include are a set of bookshelf XB-10 speakers in good condition. However, they are missing the original mounting brackets, as I had them on my end tables. Please see below for manufactures specs: The XF48 Speakers listed new for $1299 each and the XB-10's were $399 for the set Asking $500 plus $150 for shipping - these way a ton I'm not able to upload photos but if interested shoot me a PM and I will send them directly
  4. Bump - still for sale and would be willing to ship. Just watched a moving on them last night and they sound great
  5. I had the XW-300D before the hurricane and it was awesome. I went with the 500 because it came as part of the package. Overall, I like it about the same as the 300d - the room I have it in won't let me take advantage of its full potential
  6. I guess these aren't that popular of a speaker
  7. Thanks Billybob - this is pretty much the same setup as I had before hurricane Irma destroyed the ones I had. I tried going with XF-48's up front but they were too much for the room If I don't sell them I will box them for the next house and do a 7.1 surround
  8. Where did you get the picture of the 1st ones - I know they are 1/4 inch by 1/2 inch
  9. Thank Willand... You aren't to far from me - I am in Fort Myers. I ended up going to lowes again today and buying some big head screws and washers - I am hoping they do the trick. I will definitely check out the picture you just sent as I would prefer to have them mounted properly
  10. I tried doing that last week and they couldn't match it.. Also tried homedepot and lowes and came up empty
  11. What do you guys feel is a reasonable price for a set of XF-48's in excellent condition
  12. Here are some pictures of what I need. They are used on the XL-23, XL-12, and XB-10 speakers to mount to the wall bracket. The are tapered so the fist part slide through the bracket and the next section holds them securely in place
  13. bump - just got another speaker and it is missing the bolts
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