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  1. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

    I want to replace the XF-48's I bought with XL-23's. I already have 2 Xl-23's and just need one more to complete the set and then will be posting the XF-48's - too much for the room they are in
  2. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

    Bump - I need one more XL-23 to complete my 7.1 system
  3. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

    Still trying to find one more XL-23 to complete my setup
  4. XF-48 Surround Setup

    RoboKlipsch Thanks for the response. I am finding that the format of the concert DVD's play a huge role in my problem. With my old receiver they all had voice on the center channel and now only certain ones do. I watched David Gillmour last night and it sounded amazing. However Santa Super Natural sounded goods during certain parts but other parts the center channel got lost
  5. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

    Bump - I am trying to find one more XL-23 so I can change out the XF-48's I just bought. The XF-48's work great but are way too much for the room and there is too much boom
  6. XF-48 Surround Setup

    I spent another two hours last night and can't get the system dialed in. For some reason music DVD's sound like complete crap - too much bass and no voice from the center channel. I could have sworn using the concert setting on my old receiver produced voice from the center speaker. The only way to get the voice is to use PLII MS or Multi ST on the receiver and even then it doesn't wow me. When playing concert DVD's do most receivers produce sound from the center channel. I am beginning to think the new receiver I bought just doesn't have the sound fields I am use to. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. XF-48 Surround Setup

    Willland - thanks for the response - I am still playing around with it - I am getting close but still not thrilled
  8. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

    Still looking for one XL-23 and the mounting screws for the other two I already have
  9. XF-48 Surround Setup

    bump - I am still trying to figure this out. I have tried moving the front speakers further apart (10 feet now) and it still sounds bad. My olds system had 3 of the XL-23's up front and I thought the XF-48's would be a good replacement but I am second guessing buying them. I might try swapping out the receiver with my brothers older sony to see if it makes a difference. This is what I hate about changing all components at once. And for those wondering how I got the speakers to turn off, I bought a smart power strip with individual master slave outlets. So when the receiver is off it will turn off the speakers and subwoofer.
  10. XF-48 Surround Setup

    I finally got my XF-48's, XL-23, XB-10's, and XW-500D wired with my new receiver. The trouble I am having now is the XF-48's seem to be over powering the entire system and giving off way too much base and the XL-23 can barely be heard. I have them set to low frequency, they are connected through 16 gauge speaker wire, and the receiver and sub are both set at 80 for the cross over. When I calibrate the Sony receiver the sound is a mess. The front speaker levels show as 0 and the center is set at 3. The only way to get it to sound normal is to drop the front speaker levels to -5. Does anyone have any tips for setting this combination up. I tried watching a music DVD earlier (Eagles) and the center channel wouldn't even play. Then I threw in Matchbox 20 and the voice was good on the center channel but the front speakers were over powering. I always seem to remember voice from music coming from the center speaker with my old receiver but with this one it is hit or miss depending on the DVD Thanks JD
  11. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

    I feel bad for the guy who shipped it... We agreed at $1250 shipped and it cost him $385 to ship. I just finished wiring it up last weekend and I think the XF-48's will be too much for the room, so I might sell them and try to pick up another XL-23
  12. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

  13. WTB Mounting Bolts for XL-23, XL-12, and XB-10 Speakers

    I sent Klipsch an email but they no longer have the bolts. Any out there that may have some please let me know
  14. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

  15. WTB - XL-23 and XL-12 Speakers

    Funny - this is the system I just bought - cost a fortune to have it shipped. I am still amazed at the condition - everything looks brand new