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  1. Why yes I would like two of these, how'd you know haha.
  2. It sounds great when it's working, and definitely louder than the single 18" I had. Unfortunately, one of the passive radiators is defective and PE is going to exchange it. I am curious about the SA1000's actual output as well. I would like to test it at some point soon and see what its really delivering. The driver is 800 rms and the amp is stated to be 1000rms. If it's not anywhere close, I may go with the original plan and pick up a Crown drivecore.
  3. It must be, it was not there when I was ordering stuff for this build less than two weeks ago. Must be coming into stock for the first time in about two weeks. Should be a pretty nice kit though for anyone who wants a smaller cabinet and a higher output.
  4. I do like the sound and look of the reference ho series as well. My previous 18 was a reference. During modelling the Ultimax just a much higher output compared to the 15" reference so I decided to give it a try.
  5. 18"s would be fun. Would have barely fit on the sides, but would have been pretty cool.
  6. That's correct. I took some 13 ply 3/4" baltic birch and some 11 ply 1/2" and laminated them together. Then laminated on the walnut veneer which is about 1/4" and mdf backed. Works out to being just shy of 1 1/2" thick.
  7. Nope, I built and designed my own, similar though.
  8. I had an iNuke on a previous build and did not like it, had a lot of trouble getting the signal strength bumped up from to something the pro amp wanted. I like the Dayton SA1000 and the crown amps better. Not a lot of room left for bracing, 3 of the sides are taken up mostly by the drivers. The entire box is 1.5" thick though so that helps quite a bit. I'll be using the SA1000 on this one.
  9. Time for a new DIY build, My old 18" box was just a bit too big for my new space, so I decided to sell it and do a new build. This should have a higher output in a smaller box (according to the speaker design programs anyways). I'll be using the Dayton SA1000. It worked well on my last build and I found a good price on an open box parts express had. Drivers used are the 15" ultimax and two of the 15" passive radiators. New Drivers Dry fitting the box Sealed nice and tight with PL Premium Can't have too many clamps Some better final photos coming soon.
  10. It is with deep regret I am selling my complete Klipsch Ultra2 setup. It hasn't been used in a couple years due to not having enough space for everything. I recently moved again and still don't have space so its time to let it go. This system was roughly 13k new. All the speakers are in excellent condition, though a couple of the larger ones have some scratches on the bottoms of the cabinets from being moved around. Everything is fully functional and sounds amazing. Would like to sell as a complete set, but may consider selling separately if there is enough interest in each set. Actual photos coming soon. Sold Includes: KL-650-THX LCRs (3) KL-525-THX LCRs (2) KS-525-THX surrounds (2) KW-120-THX subwoofers (2) KA-1000-THX subwoofer amplifier
  11. Not affiliated but a great deal. Happy to inspect for someone if need be. https://boise.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-klf-30-tower-speakers/6262743525.html
  12. I'd be interested in Lie to Me and the Lone Ranger if they're still available. I'll send PM as well.
  13. Fizik

    FS: RSW-12

    You'd be correct.
  14. Fizik

    FS: RSW-12

    Selling my RSW-12. It is in excellent condition overall with only a few minor wear spots on the box. No dents or dings in the drivers or cabinet. The grill is in great shape but is missing one of the 4 pegs, the other three hold it on just fine. The amplifier was repaired by Edwards electronics in August, so you'll have peace of mind for many years to come. I have only put about 10 hours on it since it was repaired. Since I'm not really using it I decided it was time for someone else to enjoy. One of the most musical subwoofers you can buy and digs down great for movies. The grill will ship separately from the subwoofer to avoid damage. Asking $640 plus shipping.
  15. Thanks! I can't speak for the second gen RF-7 as I've never heard them in person, but they do sound quite a bit better than the first generation 7's
  16. I had the 4 woofers available too. Guy in Texas bought them and the cabinets. This is what I did with the rest of the parts: Link
  17. Yea, there big and heavy so not much I can do about that. If a forum member wanted them I'd knock the price down a little however.
  18. The KLF-20 woofer really is a great driver. I'm sure there a slight acoustic differences (different materials, etc), but not drastic enough for me to notice. The driver switch for me was mainly for cosmetics. The tweeter and crossover upgrade were a much more noticeable difference for me. Also they did fit into the recess, the screw holes were just a bit further out on the rf-7 driver.
  19. If Klipsch had made a three way RF-7 with a limited edition Peruvian walnut veneer, they might have looked something like these. I had previously done a few upgrade to my KLF-20's, the titanium tweeter and upgraded crossover from Bob Crites. They really helped improve the sound. The one thing I still missed was the copper drivers my previous RF-5's had. So I found a set of 4 RF-7ii drivers and started a project. My cabinets weren't bad or failing like some of klf speakers can have, but decided to rebuild them anyways. I kept the width and depth the same and increased the height closer to the rf-7ii. I left the ports on the rear the same, this dropped the factory tuning frequency by only 3 hertz or so due to the increased volume inside the cabinet. I've seen some people change the tuning closer to 30 hz but since the speakers are usually crossed over at 70-80hz it was easier to just reuse the stock klf-20 ports. The cabinets are made from a combination of Baltic birch plywood and Peruvian walnut. The walnut and plywood were bonded before being cut into the panels for the new cabinets since the walnut is not a thin veneer. No dyes or stains were used on the walnut, just a tung oil based finish. In the first photo I was testing the fitment to see if i could use the dimension from the stock cabinets. The drivers were fortunately the same size which made things a little easier. The only different really was where the screw holes are.
  20. I'll Pm you about a demo.
  21. I agree with this also. It is an excellent sub line. I have it in the 18" and its fantastic for both music and movies. If you're leaning towards music I would consider it over the ultimax, the ultimax is a great sub as well, the HO line is just slightly more musical. I have mine paired with the Dayton Audio SA1000, and highly recommend the amplifier. It's easier to connect in a home system, less adapters etc. Also has plenty of power if you decided to upgrade to a larger subwoofer down the line. http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-sa1000-subwoofer-amplifier-rack-mountable--300-811
  22. Still available, small price drop etc,
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