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  1. Still have mine. Let me know if you are interested and if you want to discuss price. I could check to see what kind of deal I could get on shipping through our business account.
  2. Per the input from the forum above. Sounds like it is worth around $500 in premium shape but a dollar more. I would like to get around that amount out of it if possible and depending upon the buyer is located, we would need to work out shipping. On ebay I see them selling above $400 if they are in good shape and around $300 if they are damaged. There has been a lot of interest in it, but no one has committed and pulled the trigger yet, so I might be on the higher end. i
  3. Bumping this as these speakers are still for sale. Have been sitting in boxes since Jan. 2015 and have a baby on the way so would like to make room.
  4. Just getting back to selling this after Christmas. These are still for sale if interested. Going on craigslist today.
  5. If there are any interested parties, feel free to place an offer, else I will post on ebay. Regards, Adam
  6. Great point Rivernuggets. I did not know there was a difference as when I searched the Klipsch site, it only has specs for the RB 51ii's, hence I do not know the difference between the two. This said, I'll check on the 41's when I get home to make sure they are ii's.
  7. Thanks Ibiza. I can provide some for you this evening of the RC-7 and the 51's. Buyers will not be disappointed as the speakers are as described. Pictures are not needed for the 41's as they are still wrapped up. I can unwrap and take pictures for the buyer though if requested, however, they would be the same as what is on the klipsch site.
  8. I did some research on eBay, I know I know not always the most reliable, but thought I would start with the following: RC7:$500 Completed listings showed a few sold that had scratches and cone dings... This one is mint. RB41ii: $215 Open boxes seem to be trending at $225 RB51 Ref IV: $250 Seems to be the going rate for good condition used Thoughts?
  9. Following speakers for sale: RC-7 in maple that is immaculate and barely used. It as been in storage for the past 10 years. Flawless. Pair of RB41ii's for sale brand new in box. Only opened to verify contents. Pair of RB51 Ref IV's for sale minimal usage only in 2-channel light listening. Mostly classical music. Excellent condition. Light wear on the bottom of the speakers (light light scratches) from sitting on a bookshelf. These are available for pickup in the Los Angeles area or I can ship them at buyers expense. Message me if you are interested.
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