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  1. I'm enjoying your jam thanks. never heard of none of them.
  2. Update. Installed new Crites woofers CW1526 Sunday. Jam is back in service. Now I discovered a blown tweeter. Looking at full replacement of both or maybe a rebuild kit.
  3. My thought is if this one blown, then the other might not be far behind, so I might as well replace both then I know they have matching specifications. I have not looked at the other one yet but it does still work. I'll keep it for a spare or maybe do a sub with it.
  4. Thanks Bruce you have been very helpful. The number does match with what eminence used for identification and this speaker is a 1985 model. I think I will contact Crites and get a pair of replacements. I want to check all speakers before I order to make sure this is the only bad one.
  5. I finally got the woofer out of my LaScala clones after hooking up my output straight to the speaker terminal and get no sound at all. I need a replacement. Can anybody identify this speaker. the picture shows the only marking I have found. I can replace with anything I guess as long as it matches the other .
  6. Thanks a million. I feel a lot better now when I tackle this job. Then I will know for sure what speaker I have and try to find a replacement.
  7. Thanks everyone. I did hook up the woofer directly to the speaker wires and nothing, that's why I think the woofer is blown, I will check the terminal blocks that are mounted for the woofer that is not with the crossover. I did look on the bottom of the cabs and it has a 1" thick board (I assume) attached to the bottom but its covered in carpet. Before I start cutting all the carpet off to hopefully uncover screws I wanted to make sure it would give me access to the woofer. When I bought these several years ago the seller said it has EV speakers, but never confirmed. I had a true audio guy that has listen to them and he was impressed and said they sound just as good as his Klipsch set up. They get used a lot.
  8. I bought some LaScala look alike. I don't know they may be real just redone. One woofer will not play now, I hooked it directly to the speaker wires still no noise. (my way of checking the crossover) I'm guessing I need to replace it but not sure how to do that. No screws are visible anywhere. My guess is to remove the bottom, will that give me access to replace the woofer. picture is the back of course. Any suggestions on replacing woofer or do I need to do any more testing to make sure it is bad.
  9. I just want to be your neighbor, looks good.
  10. Hey I daily drive my 4 door jeep I ordered it new with the dana locker 410 gearing etc. Last week I pulled a 18' flat bed trailer with a side x side T-rex and a 4x4 4 wheeler to the deer lease and back 250 miles. The jeep is in the parking lot right now at work with the back seats folding down because I got to pick up a load a lumber on the way home. I do have a 3/4 ram for hauling heavy stuff if needed. Buy what you like and enjoy life.
  11. Great i don't feel so bad, I was going to come here and make a confession, but you made it easy. I have never seen more that a few minutes of any of them. I think I watched the first one didn't interest me enough to watch any sequels after that. I like movies just not these types
  12. My neighbors know when it is OK to come over when they see my shop lights are on and the La scalas are jamming. I put on a block new year party every year and at least one or two in the summer and just about every neighbor shows up. I'm in the country but the few neighbors that I do have love to come over and jam and that could be any weekend. I tend to BBQ way more then we need because I know guest will be by. I don't always listen to Led zeppelin but when I do so does my neighbors.
  13. Just ran across this flash after reading through this poll Autonomous traffic school, anyone? Tesla can boast what's likely the most advanced autonomous-driving features with its widespread software 7.0 release last week. Still, the system couldn't stop the folks at Drag Times from getting in a little bit of trouble in Florida, according Inside EVs. Yes, folks, the "autopilot" features did a little bit of everything, including guiding the Model S electric vehicle through some construction zones. The system apparently has a bit of a proverbial lead foot, though, as the Model S got popped by the Florida Highway Patrol for doing 75 miles per hour in a 60-mph zone. The drivers weren't properly insured either, though you can hardly blame Elon Musk for that one.
  14. mudhog

    Texas Beef Brisket

    Brisket looks darn good. Wish I read this when it started. I'm cooking in a BBQ cook off this weekend. Small town and they cut the entries off after 120 teams and they have a waiting list to enter. Top price is for the brisket competition. I have 3 pits and the largest one will smoke about 45 briskets (12-16lbs each) at once. we put our briskets on late Friday night to be judged by 3:00 Saturday. After that we give it out for everybody to eat. Competition is brisket, ribs, fajitas, chicken.
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