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  1. I have Klipsch cf3's. I listened to classical large orchestral. I am wondering if this amp can produce the dynamics oflarge orchestral. Does the amp have any of the upgrades listed on Bottleheads page? Thanks Bob
  2. I would lean toward true SET using 45's, 2A3's, or 300B's. They should work well with K-horns
  3. My CF-3's are serial #'s 241599265 & 241599266, I assume they are the 241 week of 1995, correct? Making them version 3?
  4. Sorry, Klipsch CF-3, version 3, I believe
  5. At some point do crossovers require rebuilding? If so how do you know.....judge by sound?
  6. Hi everyone, been reading this post ...... very interesting, brings to mind some questions. I currently have CF-3's that I have owned since I bought them new. I have been looking at the 'little brother' to the TORII MK4, the TORII JR, from what I read on the Decware site very similar "The JR is using the same proven if not legendary circuit used in the TORII MK4 but stripped of all non-essential features" (from the Decware site). Could I face the same potential issues with the CF's? I was not aware that Klipsch used autoformers, are they the same as the Paul Speltz products? Given the age of my speakers is a crossover upgrade/rebuild necessary?
  7. I have CF-3 version 3's in walnut that I bought new. I let my daughter use them for a while and now have them back. Have not personally heard version 1's, the opinion I have heard on this forum is the 1's are better but by how much I don't know. I do know that they were a variation from the typical Klipsch design at that time.
  8. how much difference can be heard between the versions, especially between versions 1 and 3? Thanks Bob
  9. Shiva, What are class T amps?
  10. Moray, Interesting, I have asked a few people about the CF's efficiency and most said they felt it was slightly overrated for instance CF-3 more like 95 as opposed to 100 as stated. The other lines such as Heritage I believe may be as you say, but this is just what I have read. WVU80, Have listen to a tube amp, some people prefer the sound......I do, but everyone has different taste Bob
  11. I am guessing I am border line for using a SET, if I find a inexpensive used piece I will try it or if there is dealer by(which I don't know of) that I can demo one otherwise I will most likely demo a Prima Luna integrated (I know there is a dealer by me) . The Prima Luna is interesting as you can switch between ultra-linear and triode mode, it is also auto bias
  12. I should have also said my listening room is about 12'x20' and I listen to classical especially large orchestral. I am guessing <10w may be ok for chamber but would need >10w for the larger orchestral
  13. I have CF-3's, according to Klipsch they are stated as being "sensitivity 100db SPL @ 1 Watt/Meter". I read somewhere this may be a little overstated actually being a bit lower. The reason I ask is I looking for a new amp and if it is actually lower it would most likely rule SET. Thanks Bob
  14. Anyone have experience with Prima Luna? I am thinking about one of their integrated 's fro my CF-3's, the adaptive auto bias seems like a positive feature. I am also considering a true SET say 45,2a3,300b. I know the power difference is huge, would the SET work with the CF-3? Thanks Bob
  15. OK, thanks, the reason I posted here is because I would be using the amp with CF-3 version 3. Have any amp suggestions. I have a 12'x20' listening room and am about 15' from the speakers Bob
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