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  1. Thanks. I'm going to try slicing the present plug lengthwise to see if it'll tell me anything. If it doesn't reveal anything, I will try the battery method mentioned above. It has to be the plug because that is what bent when I put pressure on it from sitting. Twisting the plug on the jack is the only way to get both sides to play. Wiggling the wire does nothing.
  2. Thank you both very much for your reply.
  3. Hello all. First post on here. I own a pair of Klipsch Reference ONE Premium On-Ear Headphones. I love them! I want to replace the plug as I ruined it while it was connected to my phone. One side is always out unless I play with the plug. Anyway, I ordered a TRRS plug. My question is, does anyone know of a wiring diagram for these headphones? I, obviously, want to connect the channels and mic wires to the proper terminals on the plug. The wire jacket is transparent so a standard headphone wire color code, if one exists, probably wouldn't help. I appreciate any information or assistance with this issue.
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