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  1. As most of you know I have sold the speakers, Ill miss them but really feel they will be appreciated. I delivered them to him down south in Houston (what a drive)...lol. It was a smooth easy transaction. Thanks alot MXR Dad. Hope you enjoy them:)
  2. Uncertain about the A B stock thing guys, All I know is I picked them up through an authorized dealer I worked for. Also wanted to let everyone know I will be making trips between KC and Dallas and could arrange a personal delivery If anyone is between here and there.
  3. Yes Scrappydue, I am the one who had them up for best offer, Are you the one who recommended me to the forum to post these? If so thanks, Hope I get someone who knows what these things are on here. The 100 dollar offers were bumming me out. I had a few decent offers but they never went through with it. I am really uncertain what a fair price is on these since they are used but I think I am in a fair ballpark figure. Thanks!
  4. Hello This is the first time posting for sale on the forum as CL has been no luck. Up for sale I have a pair of black RF7ii in pristine condition and a RC64ii in the same condition. I worked for a dealer that went out of business after 16 years and I picked this pair up from them. These are 100 percent A stock units with sequential serial numbers. I have only had these in use since March 2014. I unfortunately got rid of the boxes these came in as I never anticipated letting them go but a new job out of state has priority and they will not fit in the new place. I also have a definitive technologies reference suoercube piano gloss black 1800 watt subwoofer that compliments these very well, it too came from the store and has only been used since March 2014. And I do have the box on that one as it weighs in at over 110 pounds. I will include a really nice bello metal center channel stand with the center as well. I have been running the speakers with an Onkyo TX-SR806 THX plus 2 AV Receiver.Also For sale is my Mozaex Player2 3D Blue Ray Server. I will be trying to get the pictures up of all of this stuff as soon as i can figure out how to pull them off of my iphone. I would prefer pickup but may pack and ship via freight depending on location and distance. (I could pack well but I would hate to have the shipping company damage these beauties) Prices are as follows Klipsch RF7II and RC64II With stand $2200.00 OBO Definitive Technologies Reference SUPERCUBE Subwoofer $1100.00 OBO Onkyo TX-SR 806 THX 130 WPC AV Receiver $450.00 OBO Mozaez Player 2 Video server $2500.00 All of this equipment is in like Brand New Condition Thanks for Looking, I am Located In The Kansas City Missouri Area For Local Pickup I tried uploading and my pictures are too big, Email me and I can send you pics while I am getting these resized.
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