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  1. Appreciate that you guys..can you give me a link to his website? Thanx! Regards Steve PS--DISREGARD- I googled him and found his website..already talked to him. Thank you!!
  2. Trying to contact Al Klappenberger but see he hasn't visited here in over a year. Anyone know how to contact him? I have a question for him regarding the KHorn crossover networks he built for me years ago. Please PM me if you have an email for him..thanx Steve
  3. steve

    single Belle

    I will negotiate with forum members..I know it seems a little high, but I'm asking 50% of what I paid. That's a pretty good loss. Of course, I'd be interested in buying a single if someone has a matching speaker.
  4. steve

    single Belle

    I have one of the last Belle Klipsch made..I wanted walnut when I had it built to match my KHorns , but they only had oak material left. I bought it for a center mono channel. I either want to sell it as a single, or buy another single to make it a pair to put in my shop. I'm asking 1500.00 for it, it's a 10, no damage at all, and that's half of what I paid. I have it in Spokane WA if anyone is interested and nearby, or let me know if you have one for sale. I'm going back to 2 channel in my new music room. Steve
  5. It took me long enough to sign in to the new forum! Wow! Hardly enough energy left to post a reply! That said.. What with all the (greatly appreciated) postings, has anyone set up their KHorns to the proper specs before trying anythig else i.e. long wall measurment X .618 equals short wall measument as stated in the Klipschorn manual? That's the instructions I got with my 1982 KHorns...I certainly understand and appreciate all the info here, but I think PWK's starting points should be adhered to first! Regards Steve
  6. check out his performance on Gov't Mule's "The deepest end" album when they had guest bass players after Woody's death. Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy is a great song! Claypool does a great vocal ..and of course, Haynes and Abts are always in great form!
  7. As much as I love this forum, I only visit sporadically, as I have work, and other things keeping me busy. For some strange reason, I decided to take a gander tonight..and came across this thread!! Craig sold me a Scott amp years ago, and was helpful whenever I had a problem or needed advice. That said, you get whet you give. I hope Becky is doing well, and things continue to look up. Thanx for starting this post Dean, glad to see you're still posting even if it's under another name. Paypal sent Craig..hope it helps. I'm sure you haven't seen the last of people helping!
  8. for F**** Sakes, would someone that lives close to this guy go help him out? Obviously, he's not strong enough to carry the Bose to the dumpster, and has been planning this move for some time! Anyone got a pair of Visoniks behind their El Camino seats??
  9. I went the route of having a two channel tube amp run the KHorns, and another tube amp (same amp, but wired in mono) run the center, which is a Belle..which I also believe does a better job as a center, since the specs match the KHorns. My tube preamp has two syereo outputs, so output A goes to the stereo amp, and output B goes to a mini stereo to mono box (homebuilt by forum member Tom Mobley) and then to the mono amp. The mini box has a built in attenuator so I can control the signal level to the center, which I have set to about 5db less than the KHorns. It's there, but it doesn't announce it's prescence. Like a properly set subwoofer. I used to own a Scott preamp that had a built in mono output, which was less hassle, but I enjoy this set up more. There is a diagram on this forum how to build the minibox, if you're interested.
  10. You guys in CA and FL have it so easy. Tell me about it! You guys in America have it easy!!
  11. Unfortunately, I only get on this forum sporadically, sometimes going a year or two without posting. Life gets in the way. But when I got on the other night, and started reading posts, I realized OB wasn't there and did a search. Came up with all the bad news..took a couple of hours tonight to take it all in. He always liked the Hendrix tapestry I had in my music room pictures, and I told him I should get him one. Now I kick myself because I didn't. As everyone here stated, he will be sorely missed. I always got a charge from reading his posts. He may have come on strong, but I got the feeling that he was a "softie" inside. And I mean that with the greatest respect. Harry O, thank you for all your go betweening. (is that a word??) and Jeff, thank you for sharing some insight about your father, and the pictures. This forum will always be grateful for his participation. God Bless. Regards Steve
  12. Cream, at the Royal Albert Hall in 2005 is one of the best in my book! And all the ones listed above are excellent too! The second Crossroads is a keeper too.
  13. Wuzzzer, your customer could have been me if he had a Belle center! Bought my KHorns new in 83, have all tube gear. If you're ever in my neighborhood, feel free to drop by for an audition! Steve
  14. geez Thebes I thought you were gonna pick Let It Bleed..
  15. That is unbelieveable! How can the DVD player read the discs with all that vibration??
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