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  1. Need complete K-79s and lenses or K-792s with lenses for rebuild of four KP-250s. I also need all the port tubes for all four speakers, so a total of eight.
  2. So are you ready to take the plunge at home?
  3. I have 4 of the KP250's and I have been reading up on these but I need some clarification. I know that the tweeters should be the k79k but if I am purchasing all new tweeters and lens's will they all fit, or rather is there only 1 size lens that would come on a k79? I was planning on looking on ebay for these. I also need a diaphragm for one of the mid ranges. I have read that these came with titanium diaphrams but I wasn't sure about that. The last question for now is the ports where removed to put in dual tweets. What length ports are these and where can I source them or should I just build them. thanks for any help in advance, and forgive me since I'm new to this.
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