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  1. selling a pair of lansing model 14's. in good to very good condition. the surrounds have been replaced and the crossovers recapped. grills are in very good condition as well. pics upon request. in Phoenix,az for pick up. $700
  2. how about 1400. I'm moving in a few weeks to Hawaii. don't want to ship these there. so they will sit in storage until I eventually move back.
  3. also to keep this klipsch related. I have run these amps with heresys and Cornwalls. both amazing.
  4. hey guys sorry for the lack of some info here. I'm in phoenix arizona. id be willing to ship. would be 2 separate boxes. they suckers are pretty heavy. also these were built by the owner of reimer speakers. completely professional and clean build
  5. selling a pair of welbourne labs tube mono blocks. the laurel iix with ultimate upgrade. 8 wpc. in great working and cosmetic condition. the power tubes are kr audio 302 tubes. $900 alone for the the tubes. they have about 400 hours on them rated at 5000 hours. also has the magnequest transformers which is part of the ultimate upgrade. $1800 obo
  6. there we go. its a bit hard to capture the front chrome plate with the reflection
  7. price lowered to 1500. cost about 2800 new
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