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  1. I am not familiar with a lot of Subs but I've had an SVS 20-39 PC-Plus for about 10 years now & that thing still impresses me. IF I ever have to replace it... It will be another SVS.
  2. Thanks everyone for the welcome & helpful info! Really lovin' these Klipsch's...
  3. Thanks! Now, if I can only figure out on my Sony AVR which is the best "Sound Field Movie Mode Setting" of HD-D.C.S. or PLII Movie or Neo-6 Cinema... It's confusing to me being relatively new to HT setup of which is best for the immersive surround sound.
  4. After having run Energy Take Classics with my SVS 20-39 PC+ Sub for over a year now, I was wanting to upgrade. I was first wanting to upgrade my center to a larger more efficient speaker but was also researching some towers. Went to an audio shop to look at centers & they had just taken in as a trade-in, a pair of Klipsch RF-52II's that we're in perfect shape clear down to the plastic over the grills, all in boxes just like new. Got them home & ordered the RC-42II as it fit perfect in my center channel space in my tv stand & waited. Got the Center delivered yesterday & finally wired them all up & did the auto-calibration with my AVR. I love them! I hope to eventually upgrade my Rears to either the RB-41II or RS-41II's but really the Energy Rears don't sound half bad with them surprisingly. With being so happy with these RF-52II's, I can only imagine how well the larger of the series sound!
  5. I'm in the exact same boat. I just picked up a pair of RF-52's & they're still in the box until I upgrade my Center Speaker. I too have only room for the RC-42II in the "center" space of my tv stand. What Rears are you going to go with? I'm thinking either RB-41's or RS-41's.... Probably the RB-41's. How do you like your RF-52's? Mine are still in the box & I can't wait to get the Center to hook'em up.
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