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  1. I always seem to forget sarcasm and tone of voice don't translate thru text. It sounds good in my head. Then I reread it and realize you all don't know me so you wouldn't know how to read it. My bad.
  2. FFS guys, forget my situation, my room, my equipment, because thats not my question, nor will knowing that info help you answer what was YOUR favorite setup (hence why YOUR is in capital letters). I'm not interested in anyone giving me ideas on what they think might work in my setup, the question I asked is what was a game changer for YOU...what do YOU like. The question is not about me and my room. I wanna know what setup or amp or preamp lifted the veil on your music to the point that you had to have it. Thats what I'm looking for guys. Thanks for the replies with info thus far! Gives me things to research.
  3. I'll be getting into the tube rabbithole soon and before I go researching this to death like I always do with big purchases, what are YOUR favorite tube apps and/or tube preamps you've used or listened to that were game changers for your music? What did it for you about the amp or preamp? What speakers were you using with it? If I can get some opinions on whats been used that sound fantastic, I'll have a good starting point. I've got like a hundred tabs open of tube manufacturers products but I'm looking for YOUR opinions. I don't care about the subjectivity of this question, just what you tried and ended up loving. My current speakers I'm using are CF-4 v1's and I've got some KPT-456's sitting idle and 402's pending, so I'll have plenty of options for stereo playback.
  4. I haven't been able to get out of the house to check for a box that'll work due to a surgery last week. Since I'm laid up for a month, I figured I'd try the forum to see if I can locate an oem one which would be best. I've been trying to reach Klipsch customer service/sales for at least a month and they're not taking calls.
  5. Yeah, they're not small. I'd rather use an oem box if possible unless I can find a box big enough.
  6. I've tried twice now to get pricing from a known dealer on here with no response to 2 attempts and I just refuse to do business with someone who can't do their job and Klipsch hasn't been taking calls for weeks now. So I'm to the point I'd rather pay a person vs an entity, so who's got some for sale? I'm paypal ready. I gotta get these off the ground and onto the walls finally.
  7. If anyone who has a k402 cardboard box that no longer needs it or if there are any dealers on here who have access to one, I need just one ASAP. I'm PayPal ready. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks guys.
  8. Pretty sure $2k was msrp for this amp or close to it. I bought it about 6 years ago and the guy packaged that beast poorly and it ended up in pieces but I paid $800 and was mint prior to shipping. And its not serviceable by ATI either, which I found out when I tried to see if they can repair it. They advised they don't carry any of the parts anymore. So thats another ding off the asking price imo.
  9. Goddamn it. This is always the case. I'm in the middle of going through a small business loan process otherwise I'd have already paid you. I won't be able to spend money like this for another 6 months give or take. These are my bucket list amps for my MWM'S and/or for my CF-4's.
  10. You could always sell me the 402's and start a new project. 😁
  11. Idk man but regardless, there’s a reason I’ve held onto these for 20 years. I’ve put these up against Heresy’s, RP-280f’s, KLF-30’s, Forte’s, Cornwall’s, and other high(er) end speakers and there’s just no comparison. I prefer these over everything I’ve heard so far. HOWEVER, I haven’t even been able to listen to my KP-456’s yet so I’m not sure what I’m working with yet with those.
  12. The story on these is that the lady has had them since given to her from someone high up at Klipsch. She used to live in Hope and babysat for someone that worked there and they gave these to her as a thank you for helping out. She said she knew the Klipsch’s and I think she said was taught French by Mrs Klipsch? I was trying to listen to her tell the story while I was setting them up for audition before I bought em so I missed part of the story. Pretty cool either way.
  13. Are these things solid birch? I’d like to sand them down and completely refinish to make them look new again.
  14. I had checked that section to find out more info but the weird thing is, it doesn’t reference this model, the H-WB. And the .pdf of the speaker shows the color options, but WB isn’t the initials for any of the color options listed.
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