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    Panasonic p65vt60 65 inch plasma
    Epic CF-4's for music
    KPT-456's Main L/R, MWM double stacks/402's in near future
    KV-4 center for now, Jubscala in near future
    KPT-200's side surrounds-2
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  1. Nice! I'd definitely pick them up since I go to Chicago often to see family.
  2. boricua2480

    Can’t sleep

    I wish I could function on this amount of sleep. I forget everything and am on autopilot. Always exhausted is a bad way to be. I know some people who do function with such little sleep, but I'm not one of those people. I make it work as best I can though.
  3. boricua2480

    Can’t sleep

    Yeah, by a couple years
  4. boricua2480

    Can’t sleep

    Love them but doesn't work for me for this specific issue, they do get used however lol From what I understand, mine is an extreme form since physical and mental exhaustion have no bearing on keeping me asleep. Not to mention I quit my corporate job so ALLLL that nonsense stress is gone and no change in sleep pattern. Its a real head scratcher...also worth noting I'm in good shape, otherwise good health insomnia omitted, no kids, no problems, no drama, no real money issues, no student loans, enough audio gear to choke a donkey, so theres not much else left to cross off the list at this point. Aside from insomnia life is good. Makes no sense.
  5. I know I know, I'm fully aware, long shot but worth a try. I've seen them for sale before here and there and shoulda coulda woulda. I dont need them necessarily since I've got some KPT-904 LF's I'll use if none pop up, but would love to pair them with 402's. Unfortunately the MWM double stacks won't fit down the cellar door otherwise I'd really be all set.
  6. boricua2480

    Can’t sleep

    I'll put it this way, once insomnia really takes hold and you're beyond desperate to sleep, you try literally every RX, OTC med, and supplement you can take. Then when that doesn't help, you resort to trying things that you know won't work, but you try anyway, like tea's, not using the phone after bedtime, meditation, sleep apps, etc. When all that fails, you just accept that this is how it is, because by this point, you've spent thousands to try to fix it but have no positive results to show for it. The messed up thing is the only thing that seems to work is Oxycodone. After my last 2 surgeries I slept great afterward until the pills ran out, so I had a definitive timeline where I know something worked. Obviously I can't be taking this every day to sleep though, so that sucks. I have no clue what else I could do at this point.
  7. boricua2480

    Can’t sleep

    Dude, I've had insomnia for around 6 years now. I sleep an average of 2-4 hours a night. All RX's and OTC supplements have failed to help.. I'm a walking, talking zombie. Its absolutely miserable. Thats all I can say about it.
  8. Thats actually the exact answer I needed. Thanks for all the info man, I'll be in touch once its all hooked up and ready for your assistance. Great info!
  9. Interesting, so you'd recommend the XP-4080 over the XD-4080 for the LCR and subs? I would've guessed I'd need an XD model like the XD-8080.
  10. Dude, you're the man Chris. That's better info than their website offers. Last question about this for the time being...based on the setup below, which XD model would you recommend? Pre/Pro - Lexicon MC-10 Amps - two Bryston 8B-ST's + Lexicon DD-8 Front L/R - Klipsch KPT-942's Center - Klipsch KPT-942 Side & Back Surrounds - Klipsch KPT-200's Atmos - Klipsch R-1650-C's Subwoofers - 2 JTR Captivator 4000-ULF Conditioner - Panamax MR5100
  11. Question 1...is the XP4080 the best choice for my setup and for the best sound? What about their XD or Neutrino lines? Why the XP 4080 vs other options? I genuinely am confused on these and pros/cons on one vs the other. Question 2...does Xilica come with EQ also? Couldn't find that info on their site.
  12. Ok just making sure lol. I love it. Its very bare bones as far as features, GUI, etc, but music and movies sound SO MUCH better than the Integra DTR-60.6 and Onkyo RZ820 I was using. Plus I got a deal on it so I am happy with it. Once I get the Xilica and once my 402's get delivered I think it'll be magic.
  13. Can you elaborate? The MC-10 is my pre-pro, so I kinda need it.
  14. Ok thats what i was thinking,, and those types of jobs don't exist here so I'd have a hard time finding anyone that has the expertise you have.. I've already got a umik-1 that I used with Dirac Live so I guess all I'd need to get is a Xilica and a mini DSP and run the measurements and then contact you at that point?
  15. Gotcha, misunderstood your post in another thread. Is there a type of title for someone who can do what you do with tuning so I could look if anyone local has the skills, highly doubtful, but worth a try. Even the local home theater dealer doesn't do that sort of thing nor do they have "a guy" for that either and it seems super involved and time is an issue for me.
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