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  1. Idk man but regardless, there’s a reason I’ve held onto these for 20 years. I’ve put these up against Heresy’s, RP-280f’s, KLF-30’s, Forte’s, Cornwall’s, and other high(er) end speakers and there’s just no comparison. I prefer these over everything I’ve heard so far. HOWEVER, I haven’t even been able to listen to my KP-456’s yet so I’m not sure what I’m working with yet with those.
  2. The story on these is that the lady has had them since given to her from someone high up at Klipsch. She used to live in Hope and babysat for someone that worked there and they gave these to her as a thank you for helping out. She said she knew the Klipsch’s and I think she said was taught French by Mrs Klipsch? I was trying to listen to her tell the story while I was setting them up for audition before I bought em so I missed part of the story. Pretty cool either way.
  3. Are these things solid birch? I’d like to sand them down and completely refinish to make them look new again.
  4. I had checked that section to find out more info but the weird thing is, it doesn’t reference this model, the H-WB. And the .pdf of the speaker shows the color options, but WB isn’t the initials for any of the color options listed.
  5. I’m always curious when I hear people say the Epics bass will thump you in the chest. Mine are now fed by a Bryston 8B-ST bridged at 400 watts (if memory serves for total watts). They’ve never sounded better but they definitely don’t thump, kick, or anything similar. All I get (which is great as far as I’m concerned) is fantastic clarity, imaging like no other, and great midrange. But no thump really at all. I didn’t think the 12’s in the cf-4’s were anything but really large midrange speakers. Does anyone’s cf-4’s really bang like this? I’ve had mine on many receivers over the years and never blown my skirt up. Trust me, I’ve tried!
  6. Hey I just got a pair of Heresy H-WB’s and there’s some water spots and a scratch on top of one of the speakers so I’m wondering if these are veneered or if they’re birch or similar. I’d like to refinish both when I get around to refinishing the MWM’s so I can get it all done at once. Also does anyone know what black stain would be similar to the factory finish? Thanks for the help
  7. Did everyone gloss over the description that said they’re beryllium diaphragms? 😂 I almost bid but decided I can wait since I don’t even have my 402’s yet. Order of importance took precedent. But it would’ve been cool to have em and once I find the horns, I’d be good to go. Oh well.
  8. boricua2480


    If shipping was an option, I would’ve grabbed em a year ago. I was waiting for that option to become avail. Damn!
  9. Boom! The Denon has All Ch Stereo. Prob solved! AND I can run up to 7 speakers if I so choose, and in time, I SOOO choose! 🤘🏽
  10. Never thought of that option. I’ll have to see if any of them have the All Channel Stereo option. If they do then that would be my best bet.
  11. Interesting Emile. How do you connect 2 receivers together to play the same music source?
  12. Btw, a lot of the music I’d be playing would be through apps through Alexa or Chromecast.
  13. Hey, I’ve got 4 Klipsch speakers I’ll be running outdoors. One pair will be in the elements (ca-800t’s outdoor speakers) and the other pair will be protected from the elements with the exception of heat, humidity, and the cold (KI-172’s). I’ve got 3 receivers that I’ve kept over the years that aren’t being used but they’re surround sound receivers, for instance I’ve got an Integra DTR 7.2, Denon 3311ci, Harman Kardon HK3480, and an old 1996 Denon receiver that I can’t remember the model but I’m thinking a surround sound receiver may not be the best way to go. Anyway, what’s the best way to run 4 speakers at once playing the same music and not burn out the electronics or speakers? 4 channel amp with a pre? 4 ch integrated? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks for your help. I’ll be starting to get it wired in the next week or 2 so I want everything ready to go.
  14. These are more common than you think. I see TAD’s come up a few times a year at least. For example: TAD 4002 Top Incl Adapter. the best tweeter ever build https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332709635607
  15. I thought about the cutout being used but it would’ve been in the way. The upper deck that’s going to be built on top of the container will be for people who don’t want to get splashed and just want to be in the sun and enjoy the day. The lower deck is for those who want to jump in the pond and swim. The upper deck will cantilever over the lower deck and allow shade for those that want to get out of the sun. The container will be for those that need alcohol refills, I.e. it’ll have a bar inside, storage, a couple hammocks, and KP-172’s mounted inside and ca-800’s mounted outside so everyone can hear the music. I’m excited to get this project done so I can relax for a bit before the next project.
  16. Here’s the current progress. Bringing the deck all the way in the container so it’s seamless and going to be framing the inside for walls and painting the outside. Next up is the deck up top. It’s gonna be an awesome place to hang out once it’s done.
  17. No you’re right, as far as I know, I don’t think the 402’s have mumps, not even the current version but what I meant was I was looking at the set of both but decided against it. And I believe they were an both older version of each horn but the price was close to msrp so it was a no go for me.
  18. I asked because I have no idea what a super MWM is, and I was curious. My plans were MWM/402 2 way system unless I decided 3 way or 4 way would be necessary, I doubt 3 or 4 way system would be necessary, but cool factor sometimes gets me interested in things I don’t need.
  19. I was close to buying a pair but when I found out what the brand new pricing was, I decided to wait since he was asking damn near what it costs for a new pair, and they’re the older versions with no mumps. Also...what are your plans for this “super MWM”?
  20. boricua2480


    Anyone have a spec sheet for the 305’s? I can’t find it anywhere. Curious why these aren’t used more with 510’s on top as a 3 way with MWM’s instead of using the MWM’s, 305’s, 402’s, AND 510’s in the 4-way design? Does their frequency response roll off before the midrange frequencies?
  21. Thanks for responding. That makes me feel better about putting my receiver inside the shipping container turned into a cabana. It’ll be hot and humid inside here in the summers even with the fans on.
  22. If anyone lives in say the Midwest or down south where and runs an outside setup where it’s humid, does or has the weather affected your receiver or integrated, or even separates for that matter? Mine will be in its own cabinet covered from the rain but I’m wondering about humidity during the summer. Any issues?
  23. 😂🤣I can’t stop won’t stop until my vision is a reality. I expect to be front row in my living room to every concert I’ve ever missed. Unfortunately some of my favorite artists keep OD’ing off fentanyl and/or committing suicide so my house is the closest I’ll get to a live performance for some of my favorites.
  24. Yeah I mean I ended up with different gear every several years to get the newest surround sound format. I wouldn’t buy just to buy and test unless you’ve got money to spend. Ultimately I’d love to try some VRD’s or similar tube setup on my MWM’s and 402 or 402/510 setup. That would be my ultimate setup as long as the sound suited my taste. I imagine I’ll end up with the speakers I want and amp roll until I find what works best. I’ll have the MWM/402’s setup for 2 channel music and the KP-456’s and KPT-200’s and KI-102’s for surround sound. And then the CF-4’s for 2 ch music also. My goal has always been to have my setup to transport me to the front row in any concert I’d ever want to be at. The 1st time I heard a pair of Klipsch speakers was at my buddies brothers house when I was 8 and he was playing my favorite band Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall on K-horns and the rest was history. Obsession set in from that point on.
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