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  1. Good news - either way it won't be wrong. I own the original RF7's and recently snagged a set of KLF-30's for my brother in law. Didn't get to A/B them side by side, but have listened to the RF7s for 20 plus years now, so very familiar with them. Spent some time with the KLF 30's recently. They are more rock and roll, very up front sound stage top to bottom - they are incredible! RF7s are a bit more laid back, not by much. Probably more versatile with HT. I would get the KLF 30's since they are hard to find. Give them a spin. You can always let them go and get the RF7 IIIs.
  2. Not feeling good about the gentleman selling the 299c, think I may have to change direction and look at the 222d. Are the differences that noticeable?
  3. Really appreciate all the replies and insight. The tuner section is not important, and agree could add extra issues. I was leaning towards the 299C, as it had big production numbers and always highly rated. Parts and tubes being available is a plus. May go grab it this weekend, I'll update this pose if/when. Thanks! I added the CL link just in case the seller is a member, or others may view the post and see something I may have missed. https://madison.craigslist.org/ele/d/pewaukee-hh-scott-stereomaster-type/7450604075.html
  4. I currently like the 70's Pioneer SX series. Mainly use a SX-1010 with my 72 K-Horns Thinking about getting into the tube game Some local offerings on CL are as follows HH Scott - 299C - $1,400 fully restored HH Scott - 222D - $900 fully restored Fisher 500C -$1,100 fully restored Fisher X-100 - $850 same guy as the 500C Any suggestions on how these units compare and thoughts on the asking prices would be greatly appreciated.
  5. 74 Pioneer SX-1010 76 Pioneer PLD12 72 K-Horns
  6. Final update Brother-in-law used the accessories for less link provided above and got a great deal on the Yamaha A-S301. He could not be happier - thanks Klipsch Forum!
  7. This saga won’t end. 2nd Denon amp was swapped in today and the white noise in both tweeters is back. Inexpensive Onkyo 8220 doesn’t sound as good, but no white noise. Going to try a Yamaha next. Any thoughts on why the Denon would do this?
  8. Problem solved - it was the amp. He has a new one on they way. Thanks for all the suggestions and helpful hints. He is definitely enjoying his 1st set of Klipsch speakers.
  9. Alexander - LOL on the captain obvious. He is going to Best Buy to pick up another amp off the shelf so he can test another source. Funny that he only has the one, he is new to this game. Also going to have him swap out the speaker wire, he is using what came with the KLF 30s. Probably not the issue, but a cheap deduction anyway. I assume this is a XO issue - may have to order some Crites. Will post an update.
  10. Need some help! So my brother-in-law finally got this together. KLF 30's paired with the Denon PMA 600NE. This is his first time ever setting up a stereo. He is telling me he has static in the tweeters on both channels. I asked him if this is without any audio. I also asked him if he let the Denon get to room temperature before starting up (lives in NW Indiana, it's cold outside). I also asked him to record the sound. Any other helpful hits or troubleshooting ideas for the moment would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Really appreciate the response’s I did recommend the Denon PMA-600NE. Was surprised to see a high current design at this price point. 45 WPC will blow him out of the room. Will update once his rig is set up.
  12. Just scored a minty set of KLF 30s for my brother-in-law. Need help picking out an integrated amp. He is not really in to audio gear, but was taken with my Klipsch set up and wanted in. He would like to keep is simple, 2 channel, Bluetooth, Tone controls, $500.00 budget My first thought is the Yamaha R-N303, but now that I know what speakers he is getting, I thought some additional opinions would be great. Appreciate and suggestions Thanks
  13. Really appreciate the replies. Thank You
  14. I have a pair of original series RF 7s and would like to know when they were manufactured. I can easily decode the Heritage series, thanks to this fantastic forum, but can't seem to find info on these. RF7CH- -01360476. Thanks
  15. Received the unit today. Very good build quality, very good wireless range - and sounds great for bluetooth.
  16. Any recommendations for a bluetooth adapter? Replacing an aged apple tv unit. I currently have the apple tv running through an Emotiva DAC via optical, then to an analog input on the older receiver. It sounds OK, but the range is bad, and it requires my TV input to be set to the apple tv to mirror my phone or ipad. Would like to keep the DAC in place so a digital output is needed. Budget is between $60 to $120, Thanks
  17. I think these are from 1972, but maybe they still worked there during your tenure.
  18. Trying to keep it simple, as this will remain unfinished and probably just used in my garage. Feels like without collar would be the easiest route to take. Again, I have all the parts just need to build a sturdy top hat.
  19. Does anyone have plans that show how to make a K-Horn top hat? I have an unfinished base bin, and all the the parts to complete a single K- Horn.
  20. Moit

    Yamaha RX Z1

    Okay - now I have a shot at a Yamaha Aventage RX- A1020. Same question - any thoughts on this unit? Asking $325. Thanks
  21. Moit

    Yamaha RX Z1

    If I got it, I would have to give it a run on the k-horns, but my guess is it would end up running the RF7s. I didn't see the e-bay one, any chance of sending the link? Thanks for the response, felt like this was over priced.
  22. Moit

    Yamaha RX Z1

    Anyone have any experience or thoughts on the Yamaha RX Z1? One just came up for sale in my home town, asking $450.00. Does this seem like a decent price? Are there any known issues with this model, that I should look out for? I have two options in regards where to place it. I have a simple 3.1 set up with RF7's (original series). Mostly used for 2 channel stereo during the day, and 3.1 for TV. I also have a 5.1 set up with K-Horns, academy center, and CDT 5650's in the ceiling. I currently only have the K-Horns running 2 channel via a vintage Pioneer SX 1010. I use a soundbar for TV sound. Not heavy into watching movies, but enjoy having more than just 2 channel or soundbar effects Appreciate any feedback.
  23. Happen to own K-horns, and both Lexus 350 and 460. Rent the minivan! Solves for space and potential bad weather.
  24. For what it is worth - I purchases a few other items from BeFuddledinMN and the transactions was perfect. Fair prices and a ton of care placed into the packaging and shipping.
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