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  1. http://www.radiocrafts.ca/klipsch-calgary-store.html 16th ave and 7th street, they are all setup when you go in. My understanding is they will not be sold at Futureshop.
  2. They have had the towers for a couple of weeks at my local dealer in Calgary.
  3. I saw the rp-280f at my local dealer yesterday although I didn't take the time to listen to them. The guy at the store thought they were a little bit warmer and the average person would like them more but for home theatre he still preferred the rf-82, or rf-62. He attributed the warmth to the higher crossover which he brought up not me.
  4. The main speakers will be on the 17' wall, which is really a 13' wall but there is a 4' hallway running along it. I will include a link. It is the Bonus Room and the tv and main speakers will be backing onto the Walk in closet and ensuite wall. http://www.excelhomes.ca/show-homes/leighton-hillcrest
  5. Hey Scrappy, I checked out your build thread a couple of weeks ago, very impressive. Honestly I don't really have a budget. I usually keep things for a long time so if I spend a little more than I plan it won't be a big deal. I was initially looking at a Monitor Audio BX5 home theatre setup just because that was what my builder offered. The BX5 setup was 1900.00 so I decided to shop around and found them locally for 1400.00. The shop with the 1400 MA's was steering me more towards Paradigm Monitor 7's for around 1500.00. I decided to do some research and found that a lot of people online recommend Klipsch. I checked out the rf-82's and rf-7's at my local klipsch dealer last month and liked the sound of them both, however the rf-7's would look much nicer in my living room. Regardless my home will not be done for a few months. I guess my concern is, are the rf-7's that much better than the rf-82's/rp-280f or is most of the cost the wood veneer (which is valid in a living room). As you can guess I am not much of an audiophile as I have been living with the Take 5's for about 15 years. These will be used for 80% tv, 15% movies and 5% music. Lets say my budget is between 1500-3000.
  6. Thanks, I was thinking there might be some deals on the rf-7 II's in a few months if they come out with a replacement. My local dealer just had the rf-82 II's on for 50% off last week. $739.00 Canadian which is $620 US, they still have the rf-62 II's on for $630 Can which is 530.00 US. Tempting but I want to hear how the Premiere line sound.
  7. Hey Everybody, I have been doing a fair bit of reading on speakers lately as I will be purchasing a new setup when I move to a new house in 4 or 5 months. Needless to say I have been drawn to Klipsch as they seem to be well regarded for home theatre. The new RP-280F floorstanders look like they may be the way to go. However one thing that I did read over at http://www.chuckhawks.com/klipsch_RF-7-II.htm is that with 2-way speakers you want as low a crossover as possible. I just noticed today that most of the Premiere line has about a 300 Hz higher crossover than it's Reference II speaker that it is replacing. Is this an issue that I should be concerned about. Also I was wondering if you can have speakers that are too large for a room. I see rf-52's listed as for a medium sized room and rf-82's for a large room. Can you put something like the rf-7 II's in a 14x17x8 foot room without over powering it. My receiver is a Denon 2311ci and I plan to keep it. I currently have had a Take 5.1 system for about 15 years so I am sure I will be pleased no matter what I decide to go with. I have been reading here and over at the AVS forum for a few months and have learned a great deal. Thanks
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