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    Awesome Crosley

    I wouldn't play my records on that.
  2. I'm not crazy about the Center Channel since most of them don't sound good as the mains. My System sounds fine without a Center and the Speakers Place everything, including Dialogue, where it should be. That being said, I use Two Center Channel Speakers.
  3. I like Denon or Marantz. Most Brands are OK. Oh, Don't take my word for it.
  4. Ship them in a Separate Box. Problem Solved. NO, You cannot get away without sending them...Whatsamatteru?
  5. My PrimaLuna has HT Bypass. At least 3 of the PL's have this. I use it in my HT with my Marantz.
  6. Just got this in the mail today. Our Thanksgiving Movie.
  7. Rolled in a month ago or so. All My Tubes come From Upscale Audio. Most of them, Kevin's Stash & Cryogenically Treated.
  8. Get a Pre-Listen of the sound you're talking about. If you're going to ditch the sub, go ahead and turn it off and listen to what your system sounds like. Give it a week or 2 then you'll know if you need to buy anything. Listen without the sub.
  9. rebuy


    Get The AVR first and use it. You might not need another amp. As far as speaker hook up, refer to owners manual.
  10. When I had my TV on my speaker I used those round Carpet Protectors like you use for couches and other furniture. Just place under the legs of TV Brackets and this works perfectly. I think it also helps reduce sound vibrations going to the TV from the box.
  11. Well, I'm not an Expert. I run all my amps through my Marantz AVR. It has a Built in EQ and I'm Not Shy about using it. I just remember some guy on here giving everyone hell about Linear Amps and it doesn't make any difference what you buy as long as it's Linear. It was Pretty Funny.
  12. I remember someone here saying as long as the amps are linear they will all be the same. So just buy those types and You'll be happy.
  13. I haven't done it but thought about it. I have enough speakers to pull it off But I already have 6 Towers in the room. My sound is OK for now.
  14. I had The Hum. It was in my Suddenlink Cable. Went to Parts Express, Bought an Inline Filter, Hum Gone. Filter was about 50 Bucks.
  15. From the Limited Time I've had them on, Very Neutral. Very Natural Sounding. If my RF82 II's Sounded this good I wouldn't have upgraded.
  16. It's been 3 Months since I ordered my Pendragons. They got here Today. I ordered the 7 tweeter Mid/Tweeter Array. The Upgraded Crossover and Silver Half Dollar Color. Been Listening to Woodsongs on PBS and now Songs of The Mountains. Here's what they look like.
  17. He wasn't Murdered. He was responsible for His Own Life.
  18. I haven't tried disconnecting the Coax Cable, only the HDMI and that stops the buzz. I do not get a popping sound when I switch to HT on the PL. I use High Quality 4K Cables. I'm getting some New Speakers and would like to fix this before they get here. It's a Brain Drain.....
  19. I have the EVO 300 and a Low Level Buzz when trying to use HT with my Marantz. The Buzz goes away when I unplug my HDMI Cable from the Cable Box. That leaves me without Cable. So my Buzz is with the cable system and I have The best TIVO Box. I have the TIVO Edge. I'm going to recable and move the Tivo Box from the rack and away from the other equipment to see if that works.
  20. The Denon has a Great Menu Choice for The Dialogue Channel. You just have to learn how to use it.
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