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  1. You have to be smart about this. Take precautions. I've got cabin fever badly, and missing the pilgrimage, but, its smart. "Hoping" on less than 8 weeks. I feel bad for my students. They are missing out on the fun end of the year stuff.
  2. Donated today in honor and memory of my Dad, Boxx.
  3. Maccagirl83 (Boxx's Daughter) and Will are attending! Can't wait!
  4. Thank you all for remembering today. Enjoying a bottle of champagne this evening right now in his honor.
  5. Saw Jeff Lynne's ELO last night. Fantastic concert. Just as I would have expected. Awesome lighting, string section, and an almost unaged Jeff Lynne. Lots of ELO, and a Traveling Wilburys song ("Handle with Care"). What a treat! Even a floating spaceship-done through graphics, and movers.
  6. Thank you to all who remembered him.
  7. Toss up... Honestly, Gaucho, or Can't Buy a Thrill. But, do enjoy Aja as well.
  8. You can still make a donation to Hurricane Harvey Relief through QVC, they match your donation.
  9. Very sad. Steely Dan was one of my favorites, and was hoping to get the chance to see them in concert. Damn...
  10. Watching the live stream, in Dallas. But, playing "Dark Side" today in my classroom to set the mood.
  11. Awesome thread Thebes. I am a little late to the game. Y'all still doing this?
  12. Interestintg documentary!
  13. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Piper at the Gates of Dawn...
  14. Thanks...I am glad I am here, and I miss him too. But, I appreciate y'all still speaking so kindly of Dad.
  15. Thanks! I appreciate that!
  16. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I feel honored to have my own thread today!
  17. Another member of the Beatle Mafia dead today, Beatles Press Officer from 1962-1968 Tony Barrow dead at age 80. Coined the phrase "The Fab Four," and was the last surviving writer of the Beatles inner-circle of professionals. Rest in peace.
  18. Thanks to you all... He was and still is the most interesting man in the world to me.
  19. Maccagirl83

    George Martin

    Very sad to hear of the passing of Producer George Martin. Truly a visionary, and the man with a golden ear. Took The Beatles to new heights- especially for a man who started with classical and comedy records and didn't understand the rock'n'roll sound. From the instrumentation on Sgt. Pepper to the lovely piano bridge in "In My Life," and Cirque's Love..such talent and impact. Rest in peace.
  20. Those are the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon with "nothing to do." Love the insider info. Thanks!
  21. We lose a great one all the time...
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