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  1. Loved Ruby Jean and Billie Lee.
  2. Sad to hear. He would always ask me about my decision to eat a the Carolina Reaper at my first pilgrimage. RIP.
  3. So sad to hear this. He was such a nice guy.
  4. I am sure he was. But, ever since then, if people ask me "is it hot" -they can't trust me. I enjoy the heat and the spice. So, at least I am enjoying more foods! Just don't ask me, it all tastes good and sane to me. Ha.
  5. Ghost Pepper. Anyone who remembers my adventure at the Pilgrimage in 2015 knows what I am talking about. Seriously though, good flavor, and now, I love them.
  6. RIP Ron Chapman. For those in Texas (specifically North Texas), we lost a radio giant today. Truly a pioneer in radio announcing, Morning DJ in Dallas for over 35 years.
  7. Anyone know if a Pilgrimage event to Hope is in the works? Missing it!
  8. Yes, he liked Yes and Rick Wakeman. Beautiful song, thanks 💜 @BigStewMan
  9. Thanks for your kind words. He always wanted to include everyone and was very generous in that way. Gone, but, never forgotten.
  10. Yes, he is. Thinking of my Dad, Boxx, today. Hard to believe its been 6 years. Listening to one of his playlists today, and will cheers to him this evening.
  11. Damn, what a year. RIP Mr. Davis.
  12. Thought you all might enjoy seeing this... I did this for my Mom as a tribute to Boxx at the start of the college football season. My dad loved the Longhorns.
  13. Any Sunday morning brunch with Mimosas. Something about preparing Brunch for the household is relaxing and then jamming out with a mimosa or two after.
  14. You have to be smart about this. Take precautions. I've got cabin fever badly, and missing the pilgrimage, but, its smart. "Hoping" on less than 8 weeks. I feel bad for my students. They are missing out on the fun end of the year stuff.
  15. Thank you all for remembering today. Enjoying a bottle of champagne this evening right now in his honor.
  16. Saw Jeff Lynne's ELO last night. Fantastic concert. Just as I would have expected. Awesome lighting, string section, and an almost unaged Jeff Lynne. Lots of ELO, and a Traveling Wilburys song ("Handle with Care"). What a treat! Even a floating spaceship-done through graphics, and movers.
  17. Thank you to all who remembered him.
  18. Toss up... Honestly, Gaucho, or Can't Buy a Thrill. But, do enjoy Aja as well.
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