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  1. I will be in touch shortly, possibly interested! Tim
  2. I wish I was closer. They would blend great with my KP-201's and KP-250's Tim
  3. https://www.buya.com/Item/Details/Klipsch-La-Scala-Vintage-1989-Pair-of-Speakers/ffcb522e5b53488d8fd114d91cc0affe Seems like a nice kept pair, although the price is high.
  4. I would think they would go great with the 904's Dave.
  5. I didn't modify them at all. I am using them as heights and rear surrounds with a pair of dual KP-201 as a center and a pair of KP-250 II mains.
  6. I own four of the KPT-200 speakers and they are amazing. By far the best wall mount surround speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to. Interested to see your pricing and if you are willing to ship. Tim
  7. Those are Cory's. He is an authorized Klipsch dealer and can get you great deals on all your Klipsch needs, including B Stock rarities!
  8. teaman

    Quartet single

    That's awesome, glad you got the speaker!
  9. Sorry for not updating, I sold these a long time ago.
  10. teaman

    Quartet single

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Kilpsch-Quartet-Floor-Speaker-Beautiful/143367614228?hash=item2161602f14:g:di8AAOSwbYddZynd This would make a great center. Misspelled Kilpsch saves you money! Buy it now for only $124 sounds like a deal too
  11. The Chipotle are raw unfinished wood on the top, bottom and sides with black facings and rears. There was also a B-Stock type H III that came in complete Duratex black on the entirety of the cabinet. I can't tell for sure from the pictures, but it looks to be one or the other. They both sell for pretty much the same money.
  12. I agree, these look like the unfinished Chipotle H III's that sell for $1075 and ship free through an Ebay retailer. Tim
  13. The temptation is killing me. Any idea on the shipping rates through those carriers? I have never used either. Thanks Tim
  14. Hard to believe these are still sitting. Amazing sounding speakers. Tim
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