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  1. More Good times from Miami with Tony:
  2. With 5.2.4 I always prefer/enjoy the Atmos Track. Often double-dip on older disc just tho get the Atmos Track with 4K. Even older catalog titles like Coppola's (1992) Bram Stroker's Dracula benefit from an Atmos Track. (example) An outdoor garden scene had birds chipping above me overhead... yet I have no speakers "overhead". Roger Water The Wall 2015 Concert disc is outstanding in Atmos.
  3. Nismo


    Atmos Upgrades I've had 2-Pairs of the original RP-140SA's in place for 4 years & always enjoyed them in my HT (2 Front & 2 Rear): This summer I upgraded to the 500's. 1st grabbed 1-pair for the front, then added a second pair for the rear. Very happy with the upgrade... might try & incorporate a pair of the 140's in the future. Comparison shots: ----------- Also upgraded my Denon 4100 to the AVR-X4500H (7-ch to now 9-ch. plus HDR etc.) Original RP-140 link:
  4. The Cure - 40 Live Curaetion 25 + Anniversary What a Great time !! Hard to believe this is 40 years in the making. Robert Smith's voice is just as remarkable today as it was in 1978. An Anniversary set celebrating 40 Years of The Cure. Includes 2 Discs & features 2 Concerts from 2018 in London (one, a small intimate indoor venue, the other a large outdoor venue). The impressive DTS-HD audio track is outstanding, (my set up DTS-HD + Dolby Surround 5.4.2). Fantastic Stuff. PCM track is also available. Video is equally exceptional (1080p)... if someone told me it was 4K... it would be believable, its that good. Crisp, detailed, vivid. Highly recommended !! Disc 1: CURAETION-25 Features 28 Tracks (from each of their albums over the past 40 years) at London's Royal Festival Hall / 2hrs 24mins Disc 2: Live in Hyde Park London Features 29 Tracks in front of 65,000 fans at a large outdoor venue / 2hrs 15 mins
  5. Good Stuff - Hope they sound as good as they look !! Really tempting with the built-in 6-1/2" upward firing Atmos. Hmmmm... Been holding out for a new Dual 10" (Main/Towers) with Built-in with 6-1/2" upward firing Atmos. Congrats !!
  6. Dude.. that's awesome. My copy will be waiting for me when I get home Nice Rug !! Haaa
  7. @garyrc: I just watched BARAKA recently for my ZEN moment(s).... that one will put derrick into a deep calming sleep. Great imagery. Been a few years since I watched it. Standard Def, but 1st time with the Oppo, 60Hz, 18Gbps cables, etc. Also looking forward to the 4K release of 2001.Coming October 30th... day one purchase.Can't wait.
  8. The vast majority of my movie purchases are blind buys. I don't read reviews, don't watch trailers, don't go to the theater & even prefer to "not" know/learn of the full cast prior to watching, because its always fun to have a particular actor appear that I didn't know was in the film. Basically Spoiler Alert extreme is the best approach for me. A few years back, I picked up I ORIGINS. It was a film I knew nothing about, there were no big name actors, no car chases or explosions, wasn't a super hero CGI-fest & certainly not a box office success by any means... but somehow it caught my attention. Wow, rather unique point of view & made you think. It was/is a nice diversion from the norm & found myself genuinely curious to see where this story was going. Interesting, unconventional, profound premise & one to remember. Plus, it introduced me Astrid Berges Frisbey, who was totally captivating & I look forward to her future projects. If you haven't seen "I Origins" yet, just watch it blind & let it unfold.
  9. Nismo


    @Ersch30: For comparison... here are my original RP-140's (they also come with keyhole for wall mount) :
  10. Nismo


    Hey Esch30 - - Correct, all of the upward firing add-on modules are effective for either Atmos applications or traditional rear surrounds. The earlier RP-140 versions (from 2015) have a fixed crossover, while the new RP-500's benefit from a switchable crossover. However, both will work for your situation. I always try to buy the "best" option my budget allows (best often being subjective & can vary based on your particular space). If your budget allows.. I'd go with the new (5-1/2") 500's. Relatively small investment (compared to the 140's) & saves you from an "upgrade" later. Plus, the switchable crossover makes them truly multi-purpose & provides a future option down the road. I plan to grab 2 pairs of the new 500's soon. If the 500's are not in the cards... you might want to consider the 4" R-41SA (same retail price as the original 4" 140's). The cabinet construction is nicer, the grill is also nicer (more traditional - not the "L" shape grill as on the 140's). Best I can tell, the New slightly longer R-41SA (7" x 5.75" x 13") is the 2018 version of the original R-140SA (7" x 6" x 11.25"). Here is the R-14SA... good luck.
  11. This begs a general question... has anyone experienced playback, stutter, freeze issues with other 4K discs? I myself have not, but read quite a few accounts of this happening.
  12. I wanted to post a follow up to my Ready Player One review. This weekend I noticed some on-line chatter about disc freezing-stutter (all reports seem to indicate it froze-jumped at the same segment). Theory's discussed include everything from the usual suspects of dirt, debris, 4K production of some discs having a cloudy layer or film that needs to be cleaned (both unlikely since all report the same chapter & sequence); internal storage used for disc data on some players being too small; media/authoring issues with BD-100 disc having problems during the third layer switch IIRC. Or to me (at least initially) the obvious player/firmware update issues, but then I've seen posts reporting the issue with my exact player(s). I've watched "Ready Player One" about 5-or-6 times now both on the Oppo 203 & the LG UP870... and neither player had an issue. I also watched with both Atmos & DTS tracks & had no issue. Strange that there is no universal player or cause troubleshooting the glitch. Makes me wonder is there was an issue (defect) with a specific production run or pressing? If you pick up this disc, don't sit on it (past an exchange-return date). Check it out right away so you don't miss an exchange window.
  13. Furious 7 More fun stuff for tonight (have 6 -7 & 8 on 4K). PW R.I.P. A bunch of the originals launched this week on 4K (1-thru-4) looking forward to adding them soon.
  14. Have yet to grab 1 & 2 with Sicario. Might have to grab them both. Ouch... popped the switch. Gun battle comes to life.
  15. I've owned Denon for 20+ years & only had 1 warranty issue (lockup during firmware update). They were very good & provided a local Authorized Repair facility. In my instance, only took about 5-to-7 days for turnaround. Hope that solves your issue, best of luck.
  16. Nismo


    Status Update.: Looks like they "Officially" launched. Klipsch website now has them available.
  17. John Wick 2 Haaa.. needed some real fun tonight. Absolutely love the 1st one. Love JW2. Can't wait for JW3. Good Stuff not too mention A++ PQ & AQ. Time for some Gun-Fu !
  18. Good to learn the HDR display doesn't adversely effect (exaggerate) the grain in terms of PQ. I agree... it's the best version of Predator available. Audio highlights include the teams "first all out jungle assault" (the whir of the Gatling Gun was impressive) and the "rebel camp" attack a few chapters earlier.
  19. Have 4 in place.... soon to be 6. But non are from the Architectural series. Very happy with the set-up.
  20. I have the new 3 movie box set & no doubt the 1st installment has experienced a real mixed bag of releases over the years. Everything from excessive grain to the complete opposite with excessive DNR versions. Granted with a non HDR display... I was pleasantly surprised the 1st installment. Grain yes, but (at least with my display) nothing that was excessive or distracting. Somewhat dark & soft at times, but that has always been the case. Overall this version is the best PQ I can ever recall seeing & was better than I was expecting, often colorful & detailed. Anyone with HDR might have a different experience. Biggest disappointment for me was lack of upgraded audio of any kind. No Atmos. No DTS: X. Just the old 5.1 track from previous releases.
  21. Lot of good comments already with speaker "break-in" & potential Audyssey self correction (over correction) issues. If you have one, grab your (Radio Shack) old school analog SPL meter & run straight up manual set up using that approach for a quick comparison. That said, rather hard pressed (or rare) to have a Klipsch speakers suffer on the high end.
  22. @Thaddeous: Cool. Figured you & Schu had that covered, just throwing it out as an option (troubleshoot) for the less experienced. I have 60Hz 18Gbps hdmi in place ($7 from Monoprice)... & just noticed that new 48Gbps cables are becoming available. Even though 18Gbps is certified & standard for 4K UHD... some have been reporting issues with 18Gbps cables connecting/getting a signal with Apple TV 4K (UHD) and some other devises, etc. Upgrading to 48 Gbps cables solved their issues. So... in a couple months I get to drop $$$$ on a new HDR display & get more grain. (lol ) Great, always something.
  23. King Arthur Legend of the Sword Probably not a lot of grey area with Guy Richie's take on this one. It actually bombed at the box office & most are either gonna love it or hate it. Fortunately I enjoy Guy Richie's distinct point of view. His early films "******", "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" (both written & directed by him) are personal favorites of mine. Nice cast, fun dialog & a fresh fantasy-adventure approach to the traditional story that's been told a 1000 times. Charlie Hunnam carried the film well & I enjoyed it for a fun 2 hour escape.
  24. Awesome Schu...design brother from another mother. Rubylith, overlays, crescent board, constantly clogging Rapidographs & (sadly the now discontinued) DESiGN Markers were all the required tools of the day. Good stuff ! - - - - - - HDR capable display might be the contributing factor to the pervasive grain (or lack thereof with non HRD displays). I was planning to upgrade my (non HRD) 4K Display in a couple months. Hmmmm. The only other thing I can think of is how recently have you updated your hdmi cable? I recall when I switched to 3D... my picture was terrible. My 8 year old hdmi cable was not capable to handle the signal. I switched to a high speed, higher bandwidth cable & issue solved: PQ was great. Pretty sure that you have a (minimum) 60Hz, 18Gbps cable in place. Just throwing that out there in case. I'll update my review when my new display arrives.
  25. Don't doubt you guys at all & what you are observing. I find the responses Interesting. Just for point of reference, I'm Art Director/ Creative Director/ Photographer & I've performed image & graphics editing before Photoshop even existed. As a result, (when dialing in PQ & AQ)... my "eye" is often more discerning than my "ear" & grain (even subtle grain) would be readily apparent with PQ of any disc. Not really sure why the variances in grain exist with The Matrix 4K release. From my experience in offering up a review (with pro/cons) or simply recommending to a friend... grain is such a non-factor, I wouldn't even mention it .If I were to grade grain on a scale of 1-to-10 with The Matrix 4K (& 10 being the worst)... I'd rate it about: 2
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