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  1. we were only supposed to get 2-3 inches but we're already at about 4-5 inches now, and several hours to go before it stops. I hope my snow blower doesn't die on me again tomorrow
  2. yeah I'm pretty much done with this nonsense 😐. Even my snow blower has stopped working on occasion, I think it wants a break
  3. Meanwhile my Jets are shi...err pooping the bed on a regular basis 😡. It's gonna be a long 5 weeks until the end of the season...
  4. I'm not sure it does much, unless your attic is not well sealed/insulated. I sometimes rake a good chunk of snow off my roof (the parts I can get to anyway) to help prevent ice dams in the valleys...that's assuming it ever gets warm enough to melt here
  5. Looks pretty open to me Crazy wind and snow here yesterday. Almost had a Suburban wipe out in front of me on the backroad right as I was getting home from the airport. Back to subzero temps as wuzzzer mentioned above...not looking like a pleasant March ahead for us
  6. yep, the wind and several feet of fine dry snow has made for some wild weather lately
  7. I'm going to have to talk to oldtimer and jimjimbo once pepper growing season starts :). I'd like to grow my own here but I don't know if I'm able to, given our short growing season. It got up to 32 here today, so there was a bit of melting. However, we also got another 4" overnight, and there's more to come tonight as well 😐
  8. hmm, sounds like I need to make some new friends
  9. yah no big deal for her, but not much for me either since we've been visiting her family all these years. I did have to buy a bigger jacket once we moved here, along with a few snow shovels and a snow blower so what's this I read up above about a pepper crop? I've got a couple ferments going now but could use some more supplies this year. Is that oldtimer and JohnJ?
  10. You definitely got lucky then. I think we were on the edge of the heavy stuff; they actually shut down MSP for part of the day. You almost never see that.
  11. Nope, just a socal native married to a Canadian :). She put up with the west coast for 17 years, so it was time to give this place a shot.
  12. we got a good 9" here I think. I had to run the snow blower twice that day 😮 I'm hoping that this weekend's storm misses us, I don't have anywhere else to put this stuff!
  13. Ah cool, so you're a watercooled guy as well? I've seen the Rabbit that he and his wife built, it was pretty cool. I've been an E30 person for the last few years but I like the VW's too, just don't have the room for another car. Got to park next to them at the 80's show last summer though:
  14. Not sure if this was for me, but I decided to leave the cabinets as-is. Once I get new motorboards and the CS1 drivers/crossovers, I can at least get them back together and see how they sound. Maybe have some fun with interesting stain colors since WAF is not an issue anymore.
  15. hah, you know everyone don't you I only know Kris because we're both Porsche nuts, and I keep meaning to listen to his podcasts.
  16. Can't claim `no affiliation` since these belong to an acquaintance, but figured it was worth posting here: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/ele/d/minneapolis-klipsch-klf-10/6824096180.html he's also looking for KLF-20's or KLF-30's if anyone local knows of something for sale.
  17. I dunno, I hear he's a bit of a shady character
  18. Nice score! I liked my KLF-10's but never got a chance to move up to the big boys. I highly recommend the KLF-C7 as well...I had a KV3 for a while and it was pretty underwhelming. Even though I'm back to using Epics, I still prefer my C7 over any other center.
  19. Bump from the dead! Had to buy a new washer/dryer this week, so a little extra cash would be nice...
  20. I was thinking the same thing. These look fantastic, and I'm glad they aren't anywhere near me
  21. at least they are in a nicer set of cabs now . happy to see they went to a good home, and now I can dig into my CS1 project with the old cabs. Just need to see if @MookieStl is still willing to cut me some new motorboards...
  22. Glad it worked out, and it was great to meet you. Hopefully our paths cross again soon for some more serious listening
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