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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I guess there are lots of ways to skin a cat. The klf30s can overpower most anything, but at a reasonable volume (read: not ear bleeding) I would think some smaller surrounds could keep up and add a lot of depth. Anyone have experience with rs-42II or rs-52II that would aggree/disagree?
  2. Hi all- First post here. I've got a pair of klf 30s and matching c 7 that I purchased new. Running them with a Denon 2803 and Paradyme PW 2200 sub in a music room roughly 14'W x 18'D. We recently purchased a projector so the family could use the music room as a movie room. I'm looking for surrounds from what klipsch currently offers hoping there's something that will do the job, pair nicely, and not break the bank. Would a pair of RS-42IIs or RS-52IIs be a good choice? I am starting to see some deals on them. Also, would it make sense to add a third speaker of either of these for a surround back? I do not have room for more than a single in the back. Thoughts?
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