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  1. Hi I am looking to buy 1 or 2 RSW-10D subwoofers. I live in NH. Thank you!
  2. Up for sale is a pair of RSW-15 subwoofers for $1100. One is Black and one is cherry. I have owned nearly all of the Klipsch subs including the Palladium and about 30+others and these are very hard to best for anywhere near the$.There are various cosmetic blemishes but are still presentable.They are both in use and can be tested before purchasing. One has an issue with the power switch/control panel. It will work 100% of the time if you leave it on auto on/off but if you switch the power on/off it can take various attempts before turning back on.I have been using it for 3 years but have always left the manual power switch on. The black RSW-15 active and passive have no dings or dents.The cherry RSW-15 has 1 or 2 micro dings.I am willing to meet part way for pick up. I am located in Chocorua,NH 03817. There is currently no grill on the cherry RSW-15 but I do have a new in the box grill that I would include to a member at my asking price.Please let me know if you have any questions. I will have to figure out how to attach low res pictures.I do have these listed on c.l. with pics.
  3. I have a friend who is interested in selling his pair of Klipsch KW-120-THX subwoofers and KA-1000-THX amplifier for $2250.They are in very good condition and include the original boxes. He is a longtime seller on Audiogon,US Audio Mart AVS Forum and Ebay. He will take pictures of them asap to be posted.As a long time Klipsch fan I thought it would be best to post it here first.He is located in Conway,NH. I would be willing to meet part way to help facilitate delivery etc. He also has a pair of rare Snell ICS-SUB24 mk3's in Very good condition with original boxes that he may part with.They can also be shipped for an additional cost. You can contact Eric directly at his email /cell phone audioman@roadrunner.com 603-662-7234 As well as reply to this ad.
  4. Hi Let me know if you would be willing to ship these ! Thank you
  5. I have used them for 2 amp repairs.If you decide to sell it let me know!
  6. Hi Bill I have owned 25+ subwoofers including ones that by sheer output alone can best the PB-13Ultra.I have done a few diy builds with TC Sounds LMS 5400 Ultra,Aura NS18,Ultima 18 and TC Sounds LMS-R15's.For me I just enjoy testing/owning different subs.I am just looking to go a different route right now as long as I do not lose anything on the back end. Thank you! Myles
  7. I am looking to buy 1 or 2 Klipsch RT-12D subwoofers in any condition.I would also buy an RSW-15 or RSW-12.I live in NH and would meet for a pick up or would pay for shipping.I have an SVS PB-13ULTRA in rosewood with the 1k sledge amp that I would consider trading +/- $ depending on the deal.I would also pay cash or Paypal. Thank you
  8. Good morning I have 2 RSW-15 grills.One has never been used and is still in the original box the other is the one that is in current use.The used one has a hole in the grill cloth and 2 pegs that have been repaired but all 4 are intact.If you are interested send me an offer on 1 and I will consider it. Thank you Myles
  9. I am looking for 1 or 2 Klipsch RT-12D subwoofers in any reasonable condition. I live in NH but would be willing to drive to meet or pay for shipping. Thank you!


    Are you open to shipping ? Thank you
  11. I will buy these if the previous deals fall through. Thank you
  12. Hi, I would be Very appreciative if a member could pass along the subcommander software to me. Thank You
  13. Hi guys I was wondering if any of you have the software etc for the Klipsch RT-10D /RT-12D amplifiers? I have previously spoken with Klipsch but they said they no longer have it to send to me. From what I understand some parameters etc may be able to be altered. Thank You!
  14. I had Edwards Electronics repair my RSW-10D amplifier. The turn around time was around 2-3 weeks. Communication was fair but not stellar. The amp repair has had no issues etc.
  15. Hi guys You should find the attached manual here. RSW12 SERVICE MAUUAL.pdf
  16. Hi, I recently purchased 2 replacement amp kits off of Ebay from ronco/soundseller. He had them listed for $499 obo and I picked them up for far less. They came with the amplifier,control panel and ddi. If youguys need any pictures etc let me know. By chance do any of you have the RT-10D/RT12D software on these subs?
  17. I owned a P-312W and can confirm that something was either wrong with the setup or subwoofer. Regarding music It is on par with the Martin Logan Descent I that I own and hit a bit harder for movies. If you were referencing a KSW-10 that would make a bit more sense.
  18. Hi Do you know the mfr date? I own the 7500 which is a great amp.
  19. If they were close by I would have bought them and given them a listen! Good Deal
  20. The Ultra is a top performer with a Beast of a driver.
  21. I have owned the RSW-15 and P-312W both of which are Excellent subwoofers. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and review.
  22. Hi The box took some abuse but the subwoofer is 100%.Klipsch did an excellent job with the packing of the P-312W.
  23. These are Stellar speakers! I can confirm what his opinions are regarding the P-312W subwoofer. I also own an Espresso P-312W as well as a Klipsch RSW-10D,RSW-15 and SVS PB13-ULTRA along with a few others and have the same findings in my room. It is one of the best balanced subwoofers on the market. $1900 is a Great deal!
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