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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for your feedback. I hope Klipsch does release an update. While I like the rf-7 ii I do think the tweeter can use an update. It's a little harsh even for my taste. That being said it's still the best speaker I've heard and I auditioned lots of speakers. Thanks everyone, Prem
  2. Hi everyone, I've heard the RF-7 II and I think they are the best speakers currently available. However, it seems from Klipsch's release cycles that a new RF-7 III will be coming soon. Has anyone heard anything about this? I can wait for the new speakers to release. Thanks, Prem
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great weekend. I ordered another Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer and it has the exact same humming problem! The sub does not hum when it is turned on. However, the moment I connect an RCA cable to it, the hum comes back. The hum exists even if the cable is plugged into my receiver or not. This time I also ordered the WA-2 wireless connector from Klipsch and when I use it there is much less hum. It's just noticeable if you are right next to the subwoofer. With the wireless adapter the hum is acceptable; without it the hum is unbearable. Does using the Klipsch WA-2 wireless kit compress or diminish the subwoofer signal? My sub is about 5 feet away from the receiver. I believe I can hear the difference but I can't tell for sure because of the hum when the RCA cable is connected. Unless I received 2 defective subs which is unlikely, it appears the RCA connection is picking up interference from my house/power. How can I fix this so I can use the RCA connections? Thanks again everyone. Prem
  4. Hi. You're welcome. The Klipsch forum members have been very helpful to me so this is the least I could do for the community . The Ultra Tower Failed while we were playing some low frequency test tones. We were way below the power limits for the tower and my receiver. I was very surprised. The tweeter and midrange stopped outputting . SVS did take the tower back no questions asked and I could have ordered a new one. I was very tempted and I almost chose the SVS Ultra Tower despite the tower failure because of how incredible their tweeter is. However, given my loudness needs it did not make sense. Who knows, maybe the SVS is the one that got away . This audio stuff is tough! Thanks, Prem
  5. The ultra tower was a tough test for me. I had two issues with them: 1) Their sensitivity is rated at 88DB. Depending your room size and how loud you listen this can make it very difficult to drive them to loud levels without introducing distortion from your amplifier. Here is a page with their specs: http://www.svsound.com/speakers/ultra-series/ultra-tower 2) During testing one tower failed on me. To be fair, I've had issues with failing products from several manufacturers, which include: Definitive Technology (very buggy and I won't buy a definitive technology product), SVS, Golden Ear (even more buggy than definitive), and Klipsch (a new reference 15 subwoofer arrived defective ). In my opinion the best manufacturers in order of best to worst are: a) Martin Logan best Klipsch c) SVS d) Definitive Technology e) Golden Ear worst In regards to sensitiviy, if you are in a very large space you'll have to throw lots of power at them to get them to be loud. This poses a problem for amplifiers since the distortion increases as the power demands go up. This why Klipsch towers excel at loud volumes since they are not as clear as others at lower volumes but their high sensitivity allows them to be more clear at high volumes since the amplifier does not get stressed and introduce distortion. Here are the pros and cons of the Ultra Towers: Pros: 1) The most clear tweeter I have ever heard "up close". It is magnificent. However, that clarity is diminished since the speaker's sound stage which is a function of it's loudness/sensitivity is not very good. So by the time you are 20 feet away you're not hearing those fine details. 2) They look very nice 3) SVS's customer service and return policy are good Cons: 1) The tower failed on me during my evaluation 2) Sensitivity is very low. I consider anything less than 91DB to be inneficient. 3) The bass did not impress me. It's there at the lowest levels (< 30hz) but the RF-7 II at $1600, has much more bass. The logan 60XT has thunderous bass and is more efficient as well at 94DB. Now both the Logan and RF-7 are $600 more expensive. Or as a percentage, 60% more expensive. So that's not really fair to the SVS Ultra tower. So I'd say if you are in a smaller space and/or you have an outstanding amplifier and/or you don't listen that loud, then it may be great for you. I'll never forget how brilliant that tweeter was and that the tower failed on me . It was a tough test. Sometimes I think about trying them again since I probably got a bad tower and it is the best tweeer I've ever heard; however, after hearing highly sensitive speakers and given the room size I'm in it would not make sense for me. My room size is 30 feet by 30 feet with cathedral ceilings that opens up to a large open kitchen. So the space is really quite large and only the most efficient speakers will work for us. Thanks, Prem
  6. I had one rubber that fell off as well. I contacted Klipsch Parts and he sent me a new foot at no charge. Gotcha...the rubber pads under the screw-on feet of my 7ii's have not fallen off. Hi everyone, Yes I'm talking about the rubber pads on the front left and right of the speaker. I'll contact Klipsch or I'll just glue them back on. I'm using a Yamaha 3040 amplifier (150 watts per channel RMS). Below is a picture of the Martin Logan 60XT and the RF-7 II I was testing with. I kept them side by side and listened to each individually. Thanks again, Prem
  7. Hi everyone, I have the RF-7 II towers from klipsch and I really like them. I've tested them vs many other speakers and while the RF-7 is not perfect it is the best speaker for us because: Pros: 1) It's really loud. Much louder than any other speaker we've heard and it manages to be loud without noticeable distortion. When testing them I played them so loud I had to take cover behind the couch sometimes! 2) The horn tweeter sends sound everywhere. I find it's soundstage to be massive. 3) While it does not have the most bass we've heard (Martin Logan 60XT had the most bass) it is the 2nd best and it manages to put out lots of bass cleanly at high volumes. 4) My wife calls it the "Party Speaker". I ask her what does she mean by that and she replies "If you want to have a party that's the speaker"... Ok, so she likes them. I like them too To be fair, here are the cons of the RF-7 II. Cons: 1) The plastic glued on feet have fallen off my new RF-7 II speakers! I can easily reglue them and this only happened since I was testing them and moving them around our carpetted room. 2) The high frequency tweeter while detailed, loud, and bright, does sound a little less refined and slightly "staticy" to me when I'm comparing it against other speakers e.g., Martin Logan 60XT and the SVS Ultra tower 3) It would have been nice to have a magnetic speaker grill That being said they're really good and I think they are great as Front speakers in a large room that needs volume. I'm wondering if other people have similar feedback on the RF-7 IIs? Is there a better speaker in the Klipsch lineup than the RF-7 II for a large home theater? Thanks so much everyone, Prem
  8. Hi everyone, Thanks for the kind welcome. I'll probably exchange it. I bought it from Amazon so they'll offer an exchange. The sub rocks, it's just got this odd hum . I'll give it one more go. Thanks everyone, Prem
  9. Very good for the Klipsch subwoofer reputation but I am very surprised that the PB13U(1st or 2nd generation) is falling a little short in the punch department. My SB13 Plus is all about punch an tightness. Bill I was surprised as well that the Klipsch was so much louder and more punchy. I haven't verified but I suspect the PB-13 will be much louder below 20HZ. The Klipsch is so powerful it slides across the floor when it fires! Perhaps I'll take a chance and order another one. I think it's a compelling value "if" it works. Still sad about this .
  10. Hi, I posted in the general subwoofer category. There's still not a single response over there. This is really a great community and forum. Please give me a recommendation for a fabulous subwoofer. I have a PB-13 and it's nice but I don't get the punch and tightness I get from the Klipsch subs. I do hope I can get the hum fixed and keep this sub but if not I'll have to try something else. Thanks again everyone. Prem.
  11. Hi everyone, So I called Radio Shack and asked them about the ground loop isolator. The rep said the sub is probably defective and that the isolator woudn't work! I give him credit for being honest with me. I am so sad. This sub absolutely rocks when it plays except for the hum noise. Thank you so much to the klipsch forum members. I posted this issue on AVSForums and did not get a single response. However, here the members have been so responsive and helpful. I am very greatful for all your help. Thanks, Prem
  12. Since I woke up to texts about this thread I am testing a couple of these out. I will say they will hum like a sumofabich if I have the wires connected to the sub but not the receiver and I'm sitting there holding the ends of the rca cables. I'm assuming you are doing this but I'm not sure. If I plug them in like you're supposed to they are totally silent. Using the wireless port is also complete silence. If that's not the case, I would try a different RCA cable. Simply plugging an RCA cable in should not be completing any circuits but if the wire was pinched it could very well do that. Somebody on this forum had that exact same problem a month or two ago. Swapped cables and they were fine. The only way plugging in an RCA cable into the sub is going to induce a hum is if you're completing a circuit or picking up interference like a magnetic field or some other source. Hi and thank you for your help. I do get hum when the subwoofer rca cable is connected to the receiver and the subwoofer. I also get hum if the rca cable is just connected to the subwoofer and not the receiver. I can make it hum louder by twisting the rca cable various ways when its not connected to the receiver. The only time there is no hum is when the sub is on and there is no cable connected to it. Once a cable is connected I get hum . I tried a different subwoofer cable and the sub still hummed. The SVS I have does not hum at all with the same subwoofer rca cable. I really like the Klipsch sub and I hope I can fix the hum issue. Thank you again for all your help.
  13. I bought mine brand new as well. How do I check the LFE and ground connections once I disconnect the amp? Thanks.
  14. Hi everyone, Thank you for your help. I'll check the connections and look into the ground loop isolator. I'll post back shortly. Thanks again, Prem.
  15. Hi everyone, I just purchased a Klipsch R-115SW subwoofer. I also have a SVS PB-13 ultra that I've kept right next to the Klipsch for testing. I ran some tests and the Klipsch sounded louder and more punchy, to my surprise. However, after a few tests I noticed the Klipsch was emanating a hum noise. After doing some experimenting here's what I know: 1) When the Klipsch is on and not connected to anything it does not hum 2) When the Klipsch is on and ANY audio connector is connected to it, it will hum, even if the audio connector is not connected to the receiver! 3) If I take the exact same audio connector and plug it into the SVS I have no hum from the SVS. The Klipsch's power plug only has 2 prongs and no ground level. The SVS cord has a ground level. It seems to me that the Klipsch's input ports are overly sensitive or defective. The hum is very loud at max volume and does get quieter as the sub's gain drops. However, the hum only vanishes once the sub's gain is 0. Please help, I really like this sub and I don't know how to fix it! Thanks, Prem
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