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  1. It works for now..... That's their temporary home. 12' x 14' New home (when done) 16x25
  2. Made an addition today.... Output from left (new) sub seems much weaker than right. Guess it really does need some break in time? Set both to exact same 'gain' and the older one (maybe 6 months old?) has more excursion & so more more power! Just used a normal 'Y' splitter. Plugged them both into LFE on back of sub. Think it's break in? Or should I change something? Edit: Spread a little wider... Try and max out the width of this temporary room...
  3. I am doing the cdt5800 With Klipsch in ceiling steel boxes. It's not a big bump in cost- and why take the risk of having too small a speaker of the sound overhead is massive.
  4. True... I've found Victorian white has a more relaxed... Classic sound.
  5. Room size 25x15(living room for now) Ceiling 8ft high & has flat surface made of wood painted white. Hmmm..... What shade of white?
  6. I tried running my 7's as full range / large With no sub & with the sub helping .... I just couldnt get it to sound right. The receiver can't do it. And eight 10" woofers still just don't have the impact as the sub! When I have amps- yes, I'll try it again. Just for fun. But I think still Small with an 80hz XO is best.
  7. 007 - at low listening levels the receiver sounds plenty fine. The speakers just ask for too much when those big woofers start moving when listening level is turned up & movies have action sequences. If I switch the receiver to pure direct Stereo - it does fine.... But THAT still has its limits even when XO to subwoofer at 80hz It's almost like the sound clarity falls apart & it's just noise with a rhythm instead of crystal clear, pronounced, and controlled music.
  8. Scrappy is right. I have four RF7ii's And an RC64ii --- with 8" ceilings being added, and when I can find nice pre-owned RS62's they'll be added on the side.. Even now-- My poor receiver is huffing and puffing trying to get to a moderate level.
  9. I found it funny. One guy holding drywall and screwing to ceiling while a wife and her mom hold the other end! Comical. I told them everyone who helps gets free admission when it's all done
  10. I thought about renting- but I now have to wait for the Klipsch ceiling boxes for the 8" atmos woofers. So I'd end up renting multiple times and.... I'm cheap like that. And my wife's mom is young and active so she's a great helper!!
  11. Got 4 sheets hung on ceiling. Couple gaps larger than I'd wished for -- but free help from the wife & mother-in-law holding 5/8 over their heads... While I hold and screw.... I can't complain. Nothing some GreenGlue caulk & mud/tape won't fix.
  12. I have no idea- I thought I remembered reading about adjustable feet when I bought it... But never looks at bottom of rc64ii or inside box to check for adjustable parts to attach. If it's just stick on rubbers... Ugh. Time to rethink.. Maybe I can use different Harry Potter books depending on angle to prop the front up. Guess I'll have to make a stand to keep it that low. Can't find any for a reasonable price point that are 12" or shorter
  13. Both.... I love projects. I'm looking forward to being done and enjoying the room & also moving on to the next project.
  14. In between the recessed lights along side walls- approx 6 feet, 12 feet along walls. Lights are between at 9 feet and 3 feet. Will make myself. Will have outlets at bottom of each column. And wall sconces at top.
  15. Thanks. I like it too, makes it have a little extra pizzaz. Like a real construction company helped build. Alas, it's all DIY. I hope the columns turn out how I envision them when I get to that point!!!
  16. Picture above is with a slight dim to the lights... This one is 100% lights on. The two square holes in ceiling are for Atmos. Will be using the Klipsch ceiling enclosure & the cd5800cii The smaller 6.5" would be more than enough.... But trying to match the big 10"'s of the rf7 and the 15" subs up front. Trying to stick with the 'go big or go home' look
  17. Got insulation done in ceiling... Working on strapping now to affix drywall to. Was going to do resilient channel... But I think a second layer of drywall & GG is the better trade off for the price. Here's the front half of room with stage, drywall done.. Insulation in. & screen size sharpie marker on wall for reference. 110" Diag screen. That leaves me 20" from bottom of screen frame to stage for center channel. Center is 8.75" tall (iirc) and 36" wide. So I'll either have to set on stage and use the built in feet to angle up- or make a custom 8-10" speaker stand. (Which I'll worry about after the room is done... That's a minor detail for now)
  18. Never. He's a talking head for fox "faux" "news". I'd prefer to get my information from journalists.
  19. No, not a reach at all. Reagan cut funding to mental health in this country- and after, homelessness and mental health became an issue in daily public life. http://www.salon.com/2013/09/29/ronald_reagans_shameful_legacy_violence_the_homeless_mental_illness/
  20. they shot his *** as soon as they could or more would have died. Thank god the good guys had gunsthis is ludicrous- gun nuts still skip over the point. I thought good guys with guns on site would prevent the shootings?I thought gun free zones were the problem?! Here "good guys with guns" were there and it did NOT prevent anything. Whatever the hell that is? Show me two guys with guns... Who's the good guy? Have you ever served in the military? I'm guessing not as there are standing orders on separate storage of arms and ammunition at military bases. You will not see people serving there carrying around loaded rifles, etc.. According to the current US President the mass-murder that occurred on that horrific day at that base was merely 'workplace violence'. Again--- it was workplace violence... The shooting was a place of significance to the shooter. Guns Being present on a military base did not sway his decision.
  21. That's also wrong.... DoD members actively engaged in security and law enforcement ShALL BE ARMED. Walk up to a military installation and tell me they don't carry guns... See... We aren't working with the facts here.
  22. Clearly a large portion of our members here and the public at large are completely unable to have a debate about something that is statistically fact. Gun free zones don't cause murders- if you guys can't continue a logical debate... By reading and seeing that mass murderers don't pick their targets / location because of the location or absense of guns. They pick the location/people as targets because it has significance to them. Their old school, their workplace, A religion they hate, Girls that wouldn't date them, bullies, etc. I can't continue to argue with people who are too dense to even listen. I asked for any statistics or cases where a good guy with a gun stopped a mass murder... I did however provide multiple articles that show that isn't possible.. Because they do not exist. Guns, by trained professionals to respond were the saving grace in each instance. So.... I'm bowing out of this "debate" Because it's making my eyeball get a headache from stupidity, arrogance, and the inability for factual dialogue to take place.
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