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  1. Any pre/pro That are must haves? Any pre/pros that are dreadful? My thought process says I should stay with the same company for a few reasons- designed to work together, looks, and maybe troubleshooting issues. I know in practice it's not important- Just looking for pretty, quiet, and powerful. Oh wait... I'm looking for a perfect setup? Haha
  2. And I suppose I don't NEED the xpr5.. It just think it would have the "curb appeal" I'm also taking into account.
  3. Ohhh I do see out of stock... Hmm I wonder if its production issues or if it'll be replaced with something else. Interesting.
  4. I had not found that online about the surround sound processor xmc1. Hmm... I'm looking for a very low notice floor - I am to embarrassed about the my current receiver to even mention its model number. But anything I play basically has a hiss that's distracting at 12 feet. It's like watching a bluray movie that has all audio gone through phono I was originally looking at parasound HALO, but that's about double the cost.
  5. I am starting to get to the point in my HT build that I'm nitpicking electronics purchases. I have decided on my PJ and an oppo105D. So video is done. For the rack- I'm leaning heavily towards Emotiva XMC1 with the XPR5. I like the look, and it's higher build quality within my price range.... However- I have no idea what the thoughts are on these products with my setup. Reviewers seem to rave about the xmc & xpr. In the communities opinion- are these top performers for the dollar? Or should I steer clear. With a fully treated room (acoustic solutions) 4 RF7ii's (front and rear) 1 RF64ii (center) Dual 15's Room is 16x25
  6. Wow! Thanks. Had my head in the sand due to work- but now I have a reason to be on the roof tonight with the tripod and super-telephoto
  7. The obese ladies were kept well fed to have nourishing breast milk for immortal Joe dude and his cohorts. No cows? How about lady milk? That's how I perceived it. Or they have to breed the new immortal war boys somehow- maybe that's how he also feeds his giant 'army' - keep them stronger than the peasants below that get a taste of water here and there. He had that huge hydroponic / greenhouse setup - hoard the veggies, Hoard the lady milk, hoard the water, Total power over the people.
  8. So far, I think I purchased two tools. A second drill so I don't have to swap bits all the time. I use one for pre-drilling wood & drywall counter sink bit and the second more powerful drill for spade bit boring, driving screws, hammer drill function, etc. it's so nice to have one drill to pre-drill and th second ready to go to sink a screw ----- The interior walls will be 40 sheets of drywall total, and the ceiling 32 sheets (if I double- haven't decided yet. I'll do one layer and see how it sounds upstairs..) I used one full tube of GG per drywall sheet. And I'm not upset at all that I didn't use two. One tube I found myself at the last few squirts from the tube looking for places to apply to the sheet to keep it even. Two tubes would have been so thick!!! Keep in mind according to GG themselves; one tube is 70% effective as two tubes. I can't justify doubling the GG budget for a small increase.
  9. Well, the only reason I did not hang the ceiling first - or after the first wall layer was really a matter of conveinace - for two reasons... Well- maybe one and a half. 1) I wanted to leave the ceiling open and live in the room for a while and make sure I don't want to run any extra wires or move something - let's say, stage lights out 8" or forward 6". Or maybe add two more lights. 2) if drywall wall to wall & ceiling to wall are not supposed to touch for vibration reasons in a HT build- I assumed it shouldn't matter. (Had this been a contractor & a normal room- I'm sure ceiling first because the wall helps hold up the outer edge?? Although I don't buy into that thinking either- if 20 screws in a sheet of drywall can't hold it- what really is the 1/4" edge overlap going to do??) So really it was a matter of making sure I had easy access later on, before I "finalize" the room & put up the ceiling.
  10. 16 feet wide Deepest portion of stage is 48" (center)
  11. So the template tool worked great. Now some after cutting pics! It looks great!! The curve is so much nicer now that I can see it without all the excess OSB hanging off the sides.
  12. For anyone who's building a stage- I thought this might come in handy. I wanted a 1.5" overhang for my stage "lip". I thought maybe I could use the tape measure under the OSB and measure how deep it was, then subtract 1.5" and trace the top. This seemed very tedious... And too prone for math error and I do t want to worry about subtracting from 8 & 15/16"... So I built a very easy scrap wood tool. I screwed three board together withhold & bottom boards having a perfect 'factory' edge. The top board is affixed 1.5" shy of the bottom board. Slip tool under/over the OSB and no matter where you measure, it's always an exact 1.5" lip.
  13. 2,500 lbs of dry play sand hauled... Filled. Caulked edges... Two layers of OSB glued and screwed. This think is a rock! Feels like walking on concrete, but jumping it has no vibration. Kind of a weird feeling. Wood subfloor you expect the flex & noise... Very much worth the effort. Working way around to back of room still slowly hanging second layer of 5/8" drywall with green-glue. The front wall has been hung for at least a month.. (Cure time) when knocking on wall it's so solid! Very cool to knock on one layer of 5/8" and then move a few feet down to the doubled up 5/8" and feel how solid it is, and how knocking on it decays so fast.
  14. It's been about 3 months since I've logged in. Had quite a few other projects to complete first. Staining a fence. Building an office in basement Building a spare bedroom in basement And some other small odds and ends. But- I'm back. Got some green glue shipped and 14 sheets of drywall carried into basement! Working on my second layer of 5/8" with green glue! Still planning on doing the ceiling last - keep it open for wiring runs / changes, PJ location changes.... Etc. Got about 7 sheets up today, then had to go mow the yard. I'll finish off the rest of drywall and green glue next weekend.. Then it'll be another month til I get another case and 12 more sheets of drywall. Slowly but surely! We're getting there!!
  15. sinking vessels. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0MUsVcYhERY
  16. Well- branching off to do the office & bedroom- I'm perfecting some wiring techniques & drywall things that I've gotten rusty on. Which will make the HT faster & a better build in the end. Practice makes perfect. Also- checked with a local electrican I know and he said daisy chain "looping" the white/black wires is great- cleaner install, but more time consuming to do/undo. Which I don't mind - I like the idea of an unbroken wire The ground can NOT be looped- it MUST be pigtailed. Which I did. So I'm up to code. Sweet!
  17. I'll ask an electrician I know in the area- I just thought it was brilliant- the wire is never broken along the whole circuit. You'd think that'd be the most correct way to wire instead of dozens of wire nuts per room. Looks hella pro - but hey, what do I know
  18. Ok... So I'm still pretty new to home electric. (My knowledge base is all automotive) But I'm pretty sure this is the most efficient & best way to wire outlets in series. I looped the same wire around each screw so the wire never has a break in it- same with ground. Only needed to use one wire nut to daisy chain in the power feed from panel- and then daisy chain every outlet after that. Is this pure genius? Or is this the norm?? Fits amazing into the 4gang box. - I was going to do 6 total outlets here but opted for 8 - always seem to need that one extra at a computer desk..
  19. ALL outlets in basement are 20amp outlets with 12 gauge wire. So I should be good on power draw. Just seemed easier to do 12/2 for everything and not have to worry then run 14/2 and wish I had more capacity later on down the road.
  20. Office has outlets on rear wall, small wall, and the biggest pet peeve I have with computer set ups is never having enough outlets and using "surge protectors" as your expansion option. So I have a 4 gang (8 outlets) right below where my desk will be, with a 2 gang Ethernet outlet. I'll run dual cat 6 for redundancy in case of line failure or need later on for a second Ethernet port. Once I get the Ethernet cables I'll route those in wall & be able to close off the whole wall & start on ceiling lights, and then jump over to the spare bedroom. I'll do all ceilings at once, all lights at once, and all floors at once. Just seems easier that way. Also allows the ceiling to stay bare for longer in case I need to re-route something or I want to add something - easier while it's open.
  21. None yet... Well. Actually yes. I'm not sure if I can do laminate flooring. The basement floor isn't perfectly level like I've read it needs to be for flooring. I'd like to not do carpet (area rugs yes) but no carpet in the office or bedrooms... I like wood flooring with area rugs- theater will be thick pad & carpet. So... Not sure if I should spend the time to use self leveling concrete and try that- or if I should do tile (cold) or just suck it up and do carpet. That is so far my biggest dilemma. The rest is pretty well planned out in stages to work with a budget. & my work schedule. Since this is a one man show.
  22. Well.... Still working on Non H/T things.. Office is coming along nicely.. The small stud wall on the left will be the bookcase for music & movies - keep them out of the theater to eliminate rattles.
  23. Spotted this little fella - no clue what it is- thoughts??
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