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  1. Just because an impact gun was able to remove a bolt does not mean it has the power to out it back: 1) Impact guns are designed for BREAK AWAY TORQUE 2) Impact guns are NOT CALIBRATED TORQUE APPLICATION TOOLS 3) You can use a torque wrench and a torque multiplier to get to 300-400ft/lbs However, I'm a nerd for specs. Got drilled in while I was in the Benz schools. Dash screws? 7in/lbs Lug studs? 91ft/lbs Everything was also so darn precise. What was wrong with 1) Guhtentite? 2) tighten all the way till bolt spins freely, then back off a half a turn
  2. Working on the office & downstairs spare bedroom... Here's a good idea of how the av rack is set in & the rough opening for my hidden bookcase-door. I know I don't have the header or cripple studs in.. I just opened it up. But you can see the long 29 foot hallway that allows all its cold air to access the A/V rack for passive cooling. Think it's enough???
  3. Is there a second part to this photo? LolHere's some "other" porn...
  4. Oh for sure. I'll gladly knock out two more rooms if it means I can keep spending on the HT ! I'd even consider learning to do laundry
  5. Slowly but surely... I know it's not tooo awful exciting. We are slowly approaching the exciting parts!
  6. $200 in lumber $200 in drywall $2-300 in electrics Then flooring.... Probably laminate wood Then back to the theater!!!
  7. I've been derailed! The wife wants me to finish a bedroom & office in basement before I plunk down $1200 on green glue! Here's a pic of the empty space - theater corner wall is just barely visible in bottom right of picture. Bedroom will go in far corner Office will go in closer corner (using half height wall by patio door & only a small wall by jack-post to keep traffic flow open & lots of natural light open and airy feel.
  8. Mud on first layer. I would assume I should be mudding my first layer to "seal" up the screw holes and the panel joints? Not really much extra work... About 15-20minutes because I didn't want or make pretty because there will be a second layer going on top. Anybody have any other tidbits as I go.... Feel free to chime in
  9. Left wall mostly done... I think I'm going to leave this little notch out for a while -- easier to sneak back there to do wiring for rack.... I'm still working on electric as I go.. Never mind- you can't see it in this pic. (Basically I have a 16" gap between the corner and the end of my last sheets of drywall...
  10. Back wall has first layer of 5/8. Front wall has first layer of 5/8. After dinner onto the left wall first layer.. Then order some green glue in a few weeks.
  11. 8 more sheets of 5/8 carried around the house into basement. Once my hands are a little rested I'll start hanging. Man, such a slow process only having a few hours a week to fit this build into my schedule. But not spending any money on labor or supplies markup is awesome!
  12. Just watched the mark wahlberg movie 'the gambler' I would buy this movie just for the john goodman life advice in the middle of the movie. Movie was 7/10. John goodman. 10/10. John goodman scene: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=013rp5Z-5x0
  13. I very much recommend looking at a used Jetta TDI around 2010 or newer. The passats are the better car so Jetta diesel ranked in value. I get 50+ mpg on highway on my diesel. Super low cost of ownership. Nice car- love it.
  14. Stay AWAY from smart cars. Daimler owns them and they are garbage. We have them in the states to bring our economy numbers in check - balanced against our hot rod AMG's. They're expensive to repair because it's Benz parts... They're clunky, handle terribly, no power, and they'll blow away when you storm chase
  15. Also forgot. Your trade in value is also negotiable. However- this gets very touchy because now the dealer is in control and you're trying to hold gross profit on the sale of your car. Feels a little different when the roles change. Also- this is the one last bastion where dealers can keep their profit. They guesstimate- I'll sell new ford X to him for $750 over what I owe on the car - plus what we owe service for getting it detailed and repaired to lot ready... So I'll buy used ford Z from him at $5,000 knowing it needs a bearing and brake repair and probably $500 more to have it "safety" ready for the lot. So I'll sell it for $7500, get haggled down again:.. And make $750 on this. Now if you start cutting into his quick sale model of what he might sell it for and how popular it'll be etc etc-- you'll get push back. Again- they are there to operate a business and turn a profit. In service. I don't haggle. Ever. This is the price. And if people try and bully me into matching a "competitor" that's 1.5 hours away... I tell them, here's our complimentary refreshments area- looks like you have a 1.5 hour drive to make. Sales will do anything. They'll also promise stuff from service like free oil changes and whatever. If this happens (awful idea- service will get screwed on that deal- sales doesn't- so service will try and make that money back somehow. Hopefully ethically) Make sure you know how to receive said free oil changes. What if management changes? Will it just be a word of mouth? A punch card? Etc.
  16. I'm all service based- but what I don't know about nitwit salesmen is they will do everything to hold gross. Biggest tactic they will use is talking about monthly payment price- don't do this. I can alter months on loan, interest rates etc to get you a nice shiny number like $289 a month. Which I "forgot to tell" you is 182748 months. Do your own numbers and focus on the bottom line that gets you that price. Also, everything is up for negotiation- and keep in mind the salesmen will still get paid even if the car is sold $0.01 over what the dealer owns the car for. It's called a "mini" it's the dealer paying the salesmen $100-300 typically for the sale men's time spent moving that unit. If they make enough gross profit to earn more than a mini- well, that's how they get paid more. As far as fixing the ford- ask for a breakdown of pricing, what labor time guide they're using, and get a second opinion. Here in Illinois its illegal to fix a leaking brake line using compression fittings, you must replace the entire line as the manufacturer designed. If that means front to rear - then so be it. If it's a serviceable line that's 12" long, great. But you can't cut and splice willy-nilly. Also, find out what parts warranty is. 12month/unlimited mileage? Sweet, if the car is generally in great shape but needs a repair here and there..... Calculate the cost to not have car payments but instead to fix this one. Also- keep in mind. The sales department will do anything to sell you a car as long as they make some money. It is a business after all- no need to give cars away. (Do you haggle this hard over a stove, mittens, shoes, lawn mower?) They will find a bank that works. They will find a car that works. Sometimes it may not be the color you want- if a car has been in inventory longer- it's an easier one to deal on. So sometimes the it's ok to let the salesmen steer you to a few choices. They know what cars they can knock price down to help get the deal and move on to the next person and hope to make some $$.
  17. Chipotle's use Klipsch. I think the Klipsch website even has an article about it.
  18. I went back to look at my post to see if I really typed that! My heart stopped for a minute, like oh snap! I'm having a brain episode?
  19. Everything is posted from my iPhone. Haven't figured out why it keeps rotating pics.
  20. I have no intention in going back to college. I did regular college and found it boring. You never are allowed to ask why in school. I hate that. When I went to the Benz engineering school you better love to ask why! I'm exceptional at what I do, and can't dream of making a change. -- short story-- Best teacher I ever had was in high school. First day he handed out the brand new text books and said sign your name in the cover and turn these back in. We all handed the books forward and he put them back in his cabinet. He let the class try and figure out why he did this... And after a long pause he said, those books are full of lies and half-truths, written by the victors of history. What we'll be doing is looking at all of the story. He then instructed all of us to get out our notebooks and write on the front covers, "think", and he told us If I ask you a question, no matter how obscure or unrelated to what we're discussing in class, you had better have some kind of opinion AND be able to think and defend it (even if the opinion changed as we learned more) This teacher was the assistant football coach and shredded beyond belief. All the guys wanted to be him, all the girls wanted to sleep with him. You know who always struggled in his class? The athletes and A+ students who can memorize but can't think. The kids that excelled in his courses were the kids who skipped school and didn't pay attention from boredom....we at this $hit up !!
  21. Hahah I don't think I'll have THAT much heat. Emotiva XPA5 Emotiva XPA2 Emotiva XMC1 Oppo BDP103D Xbox One Rack fan
  22. Decided to change a/c ducts to the insulated bendy stuff !
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