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  1. Yes. The rack opens up to this long hallway. And I'll do a rack fan just to be safe. Here are two views of the rack. Here is from am adjacent room that looks down the length of hallway, lots of cold air there. Second is from the hallway looking at the space I've granted to have for hook ups and whatnot behind the rack.
  2. A/V rack is bolted inside wall all 2x6 to support the weight of any possible future amps.
  3. You are probably Dyslexic with a high IQ. Have you ever been tested for Dyslexia??Roger Never been tested. My spelling is pretty good. Wouldn't dyslexia cause jumbled spelling when composing sentences?
  4. Maybe they're cancelling because the ports are at either end. I suppose both ports should be in middle or at one end.
  5. And the where... Is your house soon. Man I'm good!
  6. Instead of dub step- this has more bass, and the low rumble visceral stuff: Pete Belasco - Deeper
  7. I hated school. I graduated BOTTOM of my class. Yet, I'm the most successful person from my class, can problem solve, and if pitted against any of them today- I'd most likely trump them. I went on to being accepted into a Mercedes-Benz engineering school, and the instructors hated me because I never once opened a book, or SEEMED like I was paying attention. Strangely I just absorb information. I talked to an instructor after class one day and told him, you may quiz / test me at any time and if I can't keep up, I'll change my tactics. But I know what works for me. And there- when allowed to learn MY way. I graduated TOP of my class.
  8. I don't care at all for McIntosh looks. I prefer industrial looking Krell. But can't/wont spend that kind of money. I'm fine with Emotiva & hope when I make a purchase I hear a difference. If not, the 'look' of the amps in a built in AV rack will still be money well spent for me
  9. I am running 30amp to the a/v rack. And the lights I added today are very much temporary. It will provide me enough light to continue working in a room with no windows. Once I finish drywalling and adding wood colums I will hire a real deal licensed electrician to balance the primary panel and check all wiring circuits. For now I was just happy I could make the temporary 3 lights along one wall function via switch so I can finish the room
  10. Update: The A/V rack came in today. It's HEAVY. Well much heavier than I thought it would be. Went together very easy. Will be mounting inside wall in the upcoming week. Need to build a sturdy shelf for it to sit on and bolt to. AND got tired of waiting for an electrician so I could see and keep working, so I added my own breaker and hooked up some wires! And it worked. And I didn't die!! Did I mention I'm terrified of main 200amp panels!?!? Now I can keep plugging along!
  11. Maybe not do a dual crossover then- just have four woofers then. That would be crazy. Although the center shouldn't have a need for that much air movement?
  12. The wife and I watched 'The Imitation Game' last night. If you enjoy history- that's a fantastic movie!
  13. I tried to watch john wick. I turned it off after about 25 minutes I think. I couldn't get into it. Haven't heard a bad thing about it yet- other than from me! Lol.
  14. If there's a will, there's a way.
  15. You could make a copy with four 10"s and do the dual cross over point like the RC64ii has. That could be cool.
  16. Front wall has first layer up. Got the subwoofer cables all run, faceplates on. They look pretty nice for a buck-fifty. Tomorrow I'll run the wire for rear speakers and lights. Also the wires for Dolby atmos Really need an electrican to come out soon.
  17. It's not just small companies. I ordered a windshield for a client's 2015 S550. $1500 plus tax and install !! That was 3 weeks ago. Still hasn't shipped yet. And he's cruising with a cracked windshield, which IS illegal.
  18. I'll say it. I'll take any of the V.S. Angels bodies. I'd turn up the speaker volume and never need to leave my house.
  19. I think the real question is whose body would you choose?
  20. I'm all for it if possible. It could be the fountain of youth- or double lifespans: Body fails, upgrade to a new one. Eventually the brain dies. But the body is just an input/output for the brain- your brain is who you are.
  21. 4 foot tall A/v rack ordered. Wall plates ordered, more subwoofer cable ordered. Almost out of drywall....again. Sucks to buy 6 sheets at a time and haul in a van.
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