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  1. I've considered a false wall at a few locations, I don't know if I could make it seamless enough to look correct or if it would look like a fabric covered portion. Or even where to get fabric wide enough. I also though about keeping two floor joist cavities open down both sides of the ceiling and filling with Roxul the whole length and doing essentially a "reverse soffit trap" Wouldn't look as bad compared to the wall that people (kids) may touch/poke
  2. Yes. I want to shoot for sound containment & interior acoustic superiority. I have so far isolated the ductwork that does not open to the room- so that should be good. My only room outlet for ac/heat is off of the main ac/heat trunk running through the whole house. I haven't determined how to isolate that yet. I've thought about capping that and adding a new branch and using the bendy furnace tubes... Since I haven't figured out what to do with ac/heat access I stopped the ac/heat trunk boxing on both sides of where I may need to access to add a fresh run, and cap off the old.
  3. Yeah I was hoping it would help with vibration which could transfer to the rest of house. And four layers of 5/8" drywall (2 on each side of wall) I'm thinking about doing bass traps at ceiling/wall corners to keep the eye level areas of room prettier looking.
  4. ^ also should mention- this movie starts out very dark. Great for testing black levels... The movie gradually gets lighter as the story progresses. It's more like an art project of the producer than a movie.
  5. Does the balance of the room also mean I will require less in bass trapping? Would you recommend 4 15" subs or just stick with the two 15"s in front. I'm glad to hear from someone that the room is a good size! I tried to base it off of the golden room dimension formulas within the space I had for maximum width.
  6. Love this movie. I find you need to watch it at least twice to pick up on all the nuance of the story. Also the music score is great. Lots of mood type music.
  7. I think the OP knows that, which is why deals are to be had on the RF2 line. Discounts just make the music sound sweeter
  8. Hahaha I did the same thing with my second pair! I snuck them in while she was at work and set them up as rears seeing how long until she noticed. The look on her face when she saw them. Priceless.
  9. Ohh I wanna play! Sorry the the poor iPhone pics.
  10. I agree. I have no use for monoblocks. I just like the idea of the impressive look it would have in the equipment rack. But I do still enjoy having a few digits remaining in my bank account.
  11. Not sure that I'd need monoblocks for the 7's? It'd be super cool, don't get me wrong! Having four big monoblocks for the towers.. Hell maybe even a monoblock for the center 64ii ! But that's just a lot of money to spend, and I think after the XPA2 it's diminishing returns.
  12. Awesome. I've been worried about hiss issues. I did see some reviews with hiss mentioned, but it didn't specify if it was Gen1 or Gen2. For sure toe in the 7ii's, Makes a big difference. I have all four of mine pointed at center listening position. There's a noticeable difference in clarity and whatnot when they're angled juuust right.
  13. I have the rf7ii for both from and rear, 64ii is my center. That's correct. Right now I use a cheapie AVR... Once my build is done I'll have XPA2 for front, XPA2 for rears, and XPA3 for center and sides.
  14. I found mine like room to breathe in all directions. Best was about 18" from back and side walls, but I moves to 12" side and back walls to conserve space in family room. Once I finish HT build, they'll move out in open more. Let me know how the XPA5 you're getting works with the 7ii's. I'm still mulling over xpa2 for my rf7 fronts and another for my rears. Never heard an Emo set up... But always read great reviews! Will stay tuned for your thoughts!
  15. I do the normal preset 80Hz. But mostly because I don't have seperate amps yet, so I'm trying to reduce the load on the AVR. I have great results with a 80Hz x/over
  16. Also, why does that graph only show a few different Hz? Or are those the ones that are the most affected? Basically my prime listening position should be somewhere either 10.5 or 13.5 feet from front? If I'm reading that correctly that kind of minimizes the Nulls?
  17. Hmmm..... Turn up the volume and the sound waves will deflect slobber. Although... Might deflect the wife too. Scratch that idea.
  18. Run underground electric dog fence underneath your plywood subfloor- I think that might work? We all have to make sacrifices. No reason the pups can't give up a little territory so the dual 10" woofers can hang out and show off!
  19. Congrats! I have nothing awesome things to say about the Rf7ii's and RC64ii. Great setup!
  20. Soooooo that's almost all of my first row seating is in a 70, 72, 89, 215 Hz null zone? The first three frequencies are pretty powerful bass frequencies in movies, correct? Or is that more down in the 50-60range? Would quad subs make a better choice? Each a foot from rear/side walls? Duals? One front / one rear? Both front? Both rear? Single? Or will the XMC-1 be able to correct for room imperfections down into that freq.? See.... The scientific stuff is where I get all kinds of lost.
  21. 50 foot subwoofer cables are here to run from rear A/V rack to front wall (dual subs) Pre-wiring rear wall for dual subs as well. Just for options! Never know how my low Hz modes/nodes will be.
  22. Oh.. And seating position and second row riser will NOT be added until video is up and running - don't want to be too far forward or back. So I plan on playing musical chairs first & then when I'm happy with seating placement I'll add the rear riser. (Plus risers should be built after all drywall is up- keeps the riser inside the "sound envelope" don't want sound to leak through my riser and lose SPL.)
  23. I think 120" is my maximum I can do to keep the screen nicely straddled by the rf7ii's. What I plan on is setting up ALL audio and doing video free music & blu-Ray demo's to make sure my speaker placement is perfect. If I can do a larger screen I will. (Go big or go home) but with zero windows this room will be crazy dark when in full movie mode. I believe the darkness will lend a more immersive movie experience.
  24. My chalk skills are a bit lacking. Your 4yr old would be the one to post their art! Although, I did color code all my outlines. Pink for video, white for audio, blue for walls. *brushes shoulder off*
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