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  1. Gotta get some more done... Unless you'z guys want more picture of bare lumber and my cool sidewalk chalk outlines when I planned it all out haha
  2. I need 64 more sheets of 5/8 drywall for walls and ceiling. $576 plus tax 3 cases of green glue. $577.50 plus tax Roxul safe-n-sound $360 plus tax Peace and quiet while enjoying enough bass to lower your sperm count..... Priceless
  3. We have a radon mitigation system (that's all the grey caulk stuff on the floor- they seal any tiny cracks that radon gas can get through) The basement is 100% dry. On the top of a hill with dual sump systems! We were going to get some kind of epoxy water proofing stuff, don't remember the brand name, and seal each floor room by room. Then just lay carpet. Also read to caulk everyplace wood meets floor & ceiling to "seal" the room for sound escaping. Have to do that still.
  4. After doing the first two wall with double studs (staggered) I decided the next sections to go up I would do the interior studs and toenail in the exterior studs when I'm done with interior drywall. That way I can get the insulation to fit. Didn't want to wrestle weaving in and out of 8" opening. Plus I can finish the inside faster & if I decide to add electrical outlets after I live in the room for a while it'll be soooo much easier to cut out a box hole and run wire - again not squeezing between 8" opening between studs. Room for a rack... Started to build shelves & decided against built in bookcase style & will do a floor to ceiling equipment rack and drywall and frame around the slots I don't use/need (then hidden expansion if I need it in the future, just cut and re-trim around!) Started boxing out the A/C trunk. Will stuff with more Roxul. Now walls are ready for drywall. Just need to save up again for drywall & then have it delivered. And green glue... And Roxul... And and and.. That's where I stand as of last night. More electrical to run, and order A/V rack. Thoughts? Suggestions? Here's my rough idea drawing when I started... Things have changed- but still gives a decent idea!
  5. Here are some updates on the home theatre build. Started about two months ago. I'm doing all of the work myself, all work is pretty much limited to Sunday's so it's slow going!! Room is 16'Wx25'Lx 7.75'H All walls are 2x6 with staggered 2x3"s Drywall is double 5/8" on both sides with green glue Ceiling is one layer of 5/8" glued and screwed to subfloor inbetween floor joists to dampen footfall noise Then furring strips perpendicular to joists and then double 5/8" with green glue All walls and ceiling will have Roxul Safe-n-Sound Speaks : Front wall: Klipsch RF-7ii, R115SW, RC64ii, R115SW, RF-7ii (cherry) Side wall: Klipsch RS62ii Rear wall: Klipsch RF-7ii, R115SW, R115SW, RF-7ii (cherry) 120" screen & projector (to be determined) Xpa2 (x2) Xpa3 (x1) XMC-1 Oppo BDP103
  6. Well not that it has to BE like the Palladiums... Just some trickle down, maybe just the shape, or a 3-way design. So the reference flagship feels like they have a piece of palladium technology - same as synergy & icon feel they get some reference technology.
  7. Maybe it'll be more of a Palladium type design!
  8. My local dealer sold me a second pair (floor model) rf7ii's because they had to make room for the new replacement. I can't seem to find anything about what may be to come... Other than I got a wicked deal on the 7ii's so he could make room. I'm curious too! But will not replace, no matter how cool. I have to keep telling myself that!
  9. I agree with the 7ii's And the 64ii. Talk to your local dealer, they're great prices right now. I got my RC64ii for free with the purchase of my second pair of 7ii's. You may not be too far away from your $2k. Get a big front stage now- add rear when your finances recover.
  10. Doesn't 62ii and the new RP stuff have different horn throat? I would guess that front stage would not be Timbre matched. I agree with Scrappy on the 450. Especially when your center channel is the backbone of surround formats. If you were primarily music- I'd say go small. But alas, you have 5.1 so.. Center channel needs to have some nuts. My vote is on 450. NOT the 62ii
  11. http://www.cnet.com/news/engineering-students-extinguish-fire-with-sound/
  12. Closed that tab after 6 words into song... Nothing special.
  13. Which Emotiva pre? What price for the pre- and both the XPA2 & xpa5 ?
  14. Recommend planting natives for hummingbird and butterfly attraction. Brazilian verbena is my favorite perennial - same year it was planted had butterflies I've never seen before and hummingbirds! Tall and wispy- fills in anywhere. And about $2.00 online for a bag of 50 seeds! Just can't beat it.
  15. It's clearly your utility provider hacking your home to increase their bottom line
  16. Walls are done. Yes room within a room. Drywall is underway now. Doing it all myself... Slowly but surely. 70 hr work weeks don't leave much time
  17. I do think that is good advice. It helps alleviate my concern that I'm just not "getting it". I couldn't wrap my head around how a waterfall plot could help me position a panel correctly. Every article I read seemed to gloss over that important part. Basically it's trial and error with measurements showing what changed to determine if it had a good/bad effect. Very much appreciate that post DrWho!
  18. Thanks for input. I have a client that has a recording studio who offered to come take room measurements with his exotic studio toys. Can't hurt to let him work some magic. But I'd still like to not be too far off - so his measurements can really perfect the room.
  19. How much room would be required to have 7ii's as side AND rear surround, that would need to be an enormous room to keep the towers all spaced from the wall. Or would you put the sides against the wall? My front and rears are all 18" away from side and rear walls. Sounds like wasted space with sides?
  20. Not quite to pite's set up... But so far quad 7ii's with a 64ii center. Yes- love the 7ii's as surrounds. I like when people look over their shoulder and the 7ii's behind them are kinda looming in the back... "Yup, that's me you heard" It also has a big wow factor to see that kind of hardware around the room.
  21. I'm referring to current road going vehicles.. Productions cars. The ones I deal with don't use all systems simultaneously- they don't use gps with other vehicles, which is why I say the driver still needs to be present & aware. I don't know a ton about what's out there as prototype right now.
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