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  1. Unless all the cars on that road (GPS based logic) work as a team to navigate & know where each other are - then it wouldn't need you ever... The cars would work like a moving data network. That's cool to think about..
  2. Depends on how the system functions. If the system is optical - it must have road lines to base off of. If it's magnetic- then it doesn't need you. And same for seeing in front of you. Optical- needs you. PWMDR or infrared - doesn't need you.
  3. To further help paint the elegance of technology we have cars that an measure a broadside wind gust & alter suspension rebound rates as well as steering rate adjustments so the car continues straight through a wind gust. Also, keeping cars centered in the lines, the ability to maintain perfect trailing distance with cruise control- even panic stopping the car to zero mph. Or let's say you doze off and drift over the shoulder line... Your car vibrates the steering wheel, pulls you back into the lane and then makes some audible tones to wake you back up. These driver aides (plus a ridiculous many more) save lives, reduce accidents and (should) lower insurance rates. Our vehicles able of full autonomy still require a driver be present. What if you are going through a snow storm and the car can't see the lines or other cars through the white out- it still needs you.
  4. I'm sure there was the same pedestrian argument when EFI was introduced. But wtf man? The government is gonna control my fuel usage? I love rebuilding and tuning carbs! Guess what... Carbs are still out there. Just as manual drive vehicles will be - because guess what- autonomous capable cars are already around you. So sad that people live in a state of fear about technological advances.
  5. It was only a matter of time before someone went off the deep end & into the government controlling where we drive. This is why we can't have nice things.
  6. S-class alone has more industry firsts and patents than some manufacturers have! I think part of it is fear of losing control. We want to hold the wheel and push the pedals. Heck- I took a 222 for a long test drive for a guy with squeaky brake concern. I took an off-ramp and had a light grip on the wheel.. The car determined I was driving lazily and it started to correct my skip cornering on the ramp. Technology is there, it's proven, and it's wonderful. But so many are afraid. Sheesh- they're afraid of our Eco-mode start/stop feature. I've raced it- I can't get from brake pedal to gas pedal faster than the engine starts. But people are still afraid about - what if the engine doesn't re-start. Really? Do you not think we have fail safes on top of fail safes. I think a lot of it is ignorance & fear that slows down regulation and advancement.
  7. The W222 chassis (s-class) Mercedes-Benz can be fully autonomous for 11 seconds. It is fully capable of indefinite range, but regulations keep it at 11 seconds with no hand on wheel. The tech is already there, it's been there. Gov't just can't keep pace with the technology and know how to regulate and adopt it.
  8. Taken with iPhone5S on 4th of July, 2014 at about 25 feet away!!
  9. Sky rock. 9:00pm-ish, taken from large city- too much ambient light & handheld shot. Sigma 500mm on a D7000.
  10. That's so cool! I'll have to scour for a more dramatic and moody piece. So nice how the little boxes and colors help you focus on the music.
  11. Try this on for size.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WhLDse5R8dQ Definitely has great detail & the melody carries through beautifully. One of my favorites! Other than the insane Rach-3 with full orchestra. P.s. Go pick up 'Shine' Awesome music movie- based on a true story.
  12. I very much prefer Rachmaninov - I'll have to look for this type of bar graph with his work. I love the superfluous use of notes. With most composers it was about less is more. Rachmaninov seems to be- how many keys can I hit on my way to the one needed. Love the heavy left hand too!
  13. I'm curious to hear about the improvement- no idea where the closes Palladiums are to me to demo- not that I think I'd ever purchase. Just wonder what multiple of improvement they are over the RF7ii's ? They look exotic - so I'm sure they sound great. Looking forward to pics & review!
  14. For floors to ceiling acoustic wall sections I was looking into johns manville whispertone wall board 2" (49"x121"x2" to keep one continuous piece wrapped in cloth- don't want a pieced together lines under the cloth! Eek!)
  15. I was thinking of making floor to ceiling cloth wall sections with absorptive material behind- and frame it out like a picture frame. That way it looks more architectural & aesthetically pleasing / upscale Vs some panels hung everywhere. Better WAF And for diffusion I'm planning on front and rear wall similar to WakeJunkies stone walls. With stone wall columns In between the acoustic floor/ceiling panels. I think the stone should give enough irregularity for diffusion & the added benefit of more mass for bass management not leaking through walls. But before I start stonework I was hoping to get an idea of where everything needs to go. Building the room & getting speakers was easy! The acoustics is what's boggling my mind.
  16. A/c is being isolated as much as possible. Ok- measurements now to see where to put $ first... Then run REW again to see if it's diminishing returns & if $ permits going further. I still don't comprehend how a REW graph will help me decide where to place panels? Or is it almost always at 1st reflection points?
  17. Room dimensions are 16'W x 26'L x 7'8"H Follow up question- I'm doing double 5/8" drywall with GG for walls, ceiling has 1 layer of 5/8" glued & screwed to subfloor I between floor joists then furring strips perp to floor joists with double 5/8" drywall with GG. Walls are staggered stud construction with top and bottom plate 2x6 only common joint. Will the measurements be adversely affected (or negligibly) if I do the REW before finishing the exterior of the staggered stud walls? I planned on finishing the interior & leaving exterior of walls naked for some time in case I need to pull more wire or add outlets easy.
  18. I am building a home theatre. I am trying to decide when to REW. I am wondering if I should go forward with my own acoustic panels at all first reflection points and bass traps in corners THEN perform a REW diagnosis on the room and where I need further help (minor tweaks, hopefully) OR- should I do REW first and treat based on those results? (Disclaimer- I am researching how to read and interpret these REW graphs - I'm getting ideas on what they mean, but it doesn't help me decide location of panels- is that still a guessing game?) Any advice would be great. Room will be 75:25 home theatre:music Second subwoofer added when room is complete & prior to any panels & REW. Construction is moving along and I'm getting into the color planning & treatments stage
  19. I work for Mercedes-Benz dealer- ordered a windshield for a client last week. Glass company delivered it in a huge cardboard box... Boxes are usually rectangular or squares. This one was round- and really wrinkly... Opened it up with the parts guys. There was surely glass inside... But not a windshield anymore! Thousands of pieces! Usually the 3rd windshield on each order is not broken! And these are professional glass companies. Can't imagine what other shipping horror pics are out there!
  20. Did the price come down considerably because they're the "old" model? ($200 off is what I found quick with a Google search- doesn't seem $200 off is enough to pull the trigger yet)
  21. The color change could be kinda neat... Spin it off like a chameleon paint job
  22. I do have the new reference 15" sitting amongst four RF7ii's in cherry. I think the vinyl black with the record album texture to it looks nice next to the cherry. It lets you know it's a subwoofer box with class. But you're right- next to the black rf7ii's it would look a bit... Off. How would the new reference surrounds pair for side wall mounted surrounds with rf7 front and rear? Good blend sonically? Or is the new tweeter design going to sound silly for the dispersion side surrounds? Can't decide if I get the RS62ii or get the new side surrounds.
  23. If they're coming out with these new premier speakers are they not replacing the 7ii's? The new reference & reference premier & reference ii's all at once is a bit confusing. A nice structured hiarchy would be nice. (I still swear I heard that they're coming out with a replacement for all reference2 lineup. At least that's what my dealer said- hence them selling all old models. No more 7's on display. ) I hope they either keep the 7ii's or replace and not eliminate. It will be sad to see the big dual 10" drivers be a thing of the past. Although maybe the thought is smaller drivers = lower cost = more affordable = more sales? VS- go big or go home
  24. I demoed at my dealer- I'll stick with the 7ii's. I think the sound is better- and the cherry cabinets are more refined & the wood pays homage to the heritage series.
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