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  1. Trent- curious what dimension is your room? (And are the dual 15's plenty to fill it to adequate SPl levels for HT?)
  2. Strange- my local dealer here has the new stuff in the showroom.... I bought their floor model RF7ii's so they could have room in their Klipsch room for the new stuff. (Awesome show room... Everything Klipsch on hand! They have la-scala on display, and k-horns! ) It's in Rockford, Illinois. Primetime audio & video. They've had the new rp-280 for about 2 weeks I think. And that camera picture looks like it has some fisheye distortion causing the center objects to appear larger.
  3. Hiss is solved..... So far ! I went into settings on the bluray player and it was set to download to stereo pcm. The receiver was then trying to up convert back to surround. Now- the settings are now changed to bitstream out of BDP and receiver set to Dolby surround. BOOM! No hiss at all!!! At least so far... While watching "the judge"
  4. MercedesBerater


    I have the R-115SW mated up with four 7ii's and a 64ii It blends beautifully when crossed at 80hz. It has plenty of slam like a set of 10's would... But still that beastly low rumble of a 15". I chose it because it matches my 7's and I like the effect at the price point. No it's not the greatest sub, buts it's a damn fine example of making power for cheap.
  5. I'm not in Chicago land- but not too far away. I'm just north of the Rockford area. (Roscoe, Illinois - just south of Beloit Wisconsin) Would be open to hosting something once the theatre build is done... Figure a year out... Doing it all myself.
  6. Good to know. 6" is reasonable. And $50-100 return is better than being stuck with a hissing amp. I would think that the hiss is coming from the source /transport and the amp is just reproducing whatever data it's fed. Well... I'm a ways off before I get amps. The wife says after the subwoofer purchase I have to finish the theatre room before any more toys get purchased. Which isn't a bad thing, I'll have the speakers in their final home with acoustic paneling vs the echo chamber the upstairs living room is. (Hardwood floors, brick fireplace, big windows behind couch, very little on walls.)
  7. Emo & RF7's Have hiss? Even with a good pre/pro signal path? Any suggestions other than emo? The price points on the emo are tough to pass up. What I'm nervous about is being ID - there is probably a lot of fanboy reviews, tough to screen those out.
  8. I think I oscillate quite a bit right now on what ill do for amps. I think the most logical is multiple UPA-200 Emotiva amps. At $299 a piece.... For a little more than a grand- the whole system can be done with stereo A/AB amps.
  9. Youthman - the towers are all toed in a bit (the pic with 4 in front was just to piss the wife off when she got home) they've since been moved front and rear- each with varying degrees of toe in, respectively. my Klipsch dealer said the 7ii's and 64ii are being discontinued in June, and production has stopped/stopping soon to eliminate any over stock. Maybe I was hoodwinked... But they gave me a killer deal- buy their two RF7ii floor models and get a brand new, in box 64ii for free. And I'm extremely happy I waited to purchase a sub a few months. I was going to get the sw115 but when I saw the R-115sw with its monster copper cone, SOLD. And the sub seems to perform better. Doesn't have as much flex compared to the SW. Box seems more robust, (the plastic sign holder they had on the SW used to vibrate about... The same sign holder on the top of the R115 barely moves. It seems like the box has less resonance based on the super technical, and highly structured plastic sign scooter test) The R-115SW has plenty of "slam" during say, master & commander cannon ball firing. It also is quite musical too, bass notes are actual notes, not just a deep muddy mess. The SW115 was no slouch either (at this price point) but I think the r115sw has just the right refinements to make it worth the extra $. And.... The matching copper ties it all together.
  10. Thoughts on using a handful of the Emotiva Xpa200 's ? Those are stereo, and 150wpc@8ohm should be sufficient. Or stick with the big boy Xpa-2 stereo? Not much price difference.... Thanks for the warm welcomes all. Hope to have some pics of the build progress by spring!
  11. The front stage will be 6" for sure... Just to give the "look" I won't finish the rear seating riser until I have my front row exactly where I want it & I'll measure based on that. Who knows- maybe the front row moves forward or backward 1-2 feet once I'm actually living in the room... Don't want my riser to be built already. Like said above... I'm trying to go slooooow - but, it's hard! I want it done so I can rock out! I'm hoping my double studded walls with 2 layers 5/8" inside AND outside can help contain some of the bass!
  12. Yes. I thought about doing a 7.2 system will all RF7ii's.. But now that the theatre is in process I can get measurements & feel out the room. I don't want to do a transparent screen in front of the center RF7ii So I opted for building a small stage up front and doing the RC64ii on a stand. I also think it looks better - more home theatre style... I think it looks odd to have the same speakers all around the room to an untrained eye/ear. Plus- I have some height limitations in basement build, I think having towers in each corner & a horizontal center in middle keeps my room from feeling too.... Claustrophobic
  13. The AVR will be long gone when I do an oppo and Amps. Do you think monoblocks are overkill? I was thinking dual UPA200 for rear & sides And the xpa1L monoblocks for the front three. Not crazy huge, but should be more than enough?
  14. home theatre isn't done yet.... so all these monsters are in the upstairs family room !! wife secretly won't admit she loves the sound quality. (other than my hiss ) got bored at work and made a rough drawing of room & placement. since this doodle, more lights have been added (none to ceiling - don't want to let bass leak out) and both subs will be up front, instead of front and rear. otherwise, pretty close depiction.
  15. Mercedes-Benz & Berater is German for advisor. I am a service advisor for Mercedes-Benz dealership.
  16. Trying to get pics to post from phone..... (Testing, testing..1,2,3.)
  17. To give an idea... I was planning on doing an Oppo straight to Emotiva mono blocks when the theatre build is done. Maybe I'm running such cheap equipment right now that is the issue?
  18. It's a pioneer cheap-O!! Its a VSX-823. The bluray is a Sony BDP S590 I know my receiver is a lowly piece. But I had to put my electronic purchases on the back burner and rush out and get a matching RC64 and rear RF7ii's since Klipsch decided to discontinue them. I thought picking up the subwoofer yesterday would help take a load off of the baby receiver and reduce hiss. I think it did, but I also think I'm in the first few days of feeling that big 15" sub.. So it's probably psychological at this point. My speaker wire to each speaker is 14gauge, BDP > AVR is HDMI, Even if I switch the AVR to a no input channel, it then has a hiss that will increase/decrease with volume knob. (Can pictures be posted on this forum when using iPhone?)
  19. Here's my set up... So far Four - cherry RF7ii's One - cherry RC64ii One - R115sw When listening to any source material- dvd, bluray, cd, appleTV The towers & center all exhibit a Hiss... Kind of like static that's being masked by whatever I'm listening to. I have not done seperate Amps yet... Waiting until I finish my basement theatre build before I plop down money on seperates. When I do amps- will they help with the hiss? I can hear it clear as day during quiet sections of music/movies at 13 feet away! Should I do mono blocks for each tower? Center? Or just mono blocks across front 3, and stereo Amps for rear RF7ii's and (eventual) RS62ii's ?? Any advice on people that have tamed the RF7ii hiss would be great!! (Just signed up to post this-- not sure how to add pics yet.)
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