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  1. From the album: La Scala Industrial

    Klipsch LSI (La Scala Industrial) build on April 16, 1993: LSI-A-HF 106390361 and 106390362 LSI-A-LF 106390369 and 106390373 Tweeter: K-77-M Midrange: K-55-M Woofer: K-33 (during restoration I replaced one original K-43 and one non-original K-48 woofer by two K-33 woofers) Crossover: AL-3 15" Velodyne SPL-R subwoofer Bryston BP-20 Pre-map 2x Bryston 3B ST Power-amps + dbx 223 active crossover for Bi-Amping Neotech Silver interlinks MacBook Air + Audioquest Dragonfly DAC Loudspeaker placement: corner, 5.50 m (18 feet) apart, 45 degrees

    © Frank van Kasteren

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