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  1. In Feb 2015 I bought my first pair of Klipsch Heritage loudspeakers. I had to restore these loudspeakers because they were in a bad condition. During the restoration I made a lot of photos. All these photos, provided by comment, will be uploaded in this album. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed restoring and listening to my astonishing good sounding La Scala Industrial speakers! :-)
  2. From the album: Restoration La Scala Industrial (part 1)

    The AL-3 crossover is in a very good shape, but not completely original. The Polyswitch tweeter protection is replaced by an electronic tweeter protection with… a light bulp!

    © Frank van Kasteren

  3. From the album: Restoration La Scala Industrial (part 1)

    <p>The previous owner replaced the original banana binding posts by a professional XLR connector, so he had to drill a big hole.</p>

    © Frank van Kasteren

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