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  1. Oh? What version of the Omens? And were they the Dirty Weekends?
  2. I played the trumpet ( a horn) as a teenager. I heard of this cupping idea. I related the cupped hands trick to putting a mute in my trumpet. The sound was the same. Without the mute the horn opened up in all of its majesty, as do these horns. Just remember to not cup your hands over your Cornwall’s horns and you’ll be fine.
  3. JoeDirt

    Pork Rib rub

    I’ve tried many rubs for pork. The one my friends and family like the most is Cookies Flavor Enhancer. No real flavor peaks or valleys, just solid porky goodness. I ran out of rub one time while smoking 40lbs of riblets, so I grabbed this stuff for the last 10lbs and the crowd voted them best. I now use it constantly.
  4. If you find a replacement, I’d buy your defective one.
  5. Yes to the voice coil. Hes pretty thorough.
  6. There’s a guy named Tom in Ft Wayne who has repaired a few for me. Nice guy, does good work. He is at Speaker Repair. Ps. I am also looking for CF3 woofer. The guy who had mine before me replaced a bad woofer with a non stock. Aaaaarrrggghh!
  7. I fully agree with the video’s point. I have been listening to music at my desk for years. In the early 90s I had a CD player on my pc and learned how to play cds at work, so I borrowed and listened to entire albums of music daily. The music was inclusive of the 60’s thru the 90’s and mostly of rock, blues and r&b. The next decade introduced me to Napster, iPod, and MP3 players. I became more selective on the exact musical tracks I liked, and could easily shuffle thru them. So my desk became a jukebox of my singles playlists. The same thing I did while making a cassette of “traveling music” for roadies 20 years earlier. Then came Pandora, Sirius, Spotify, and other web music. Since we are always plugged in, we can select whatever we want whenever we want. My brother works for a large firm as their IT manager. Years ago his employees kept asking him to rip their cds to mp3 so they could have their music portably. So fo a period of one year he asked their 600 employees to bring in anything they wanted ripped and he’d do it for them. After that, no more. So people brought him their cds of Mozart, Bananarama, Travis Tritt, Bon Jovi, Beatles, Madonna, Prince, Pearl Jam, etc... he ripped all of them and filled 2 terrabits of space. I have one copy of all of this. So for the first years I continued to make “ cool playlists” of my favorite music from this bounty. In the last year I’ve started listening to the entire albums of each of my favorite bands on this hard drive again. It is fantastic. All those b sides and lost tracks I used to like so much. I have rediscovered old favorites and found new ones hidden deep within those folders. Yes it’s still mp3. No it’s not vinyl. No it’s not through a $20k system with a “head in a vice” sweet spot. I am sitting at my desk ENJOYING the art of all of Neil Young, not just Heart Of Gold. And I am in learning-loving mode again. That is what I got out of that video. Do do you remember the term One Hit Wonder?
  8. Sold to forum member.
  9. Hey richieb - that sounds like either a country song or a Christmas carrol in the making. Just needs 2 cans of Lone Star and an F100 on blocks in the front yard.
  10. Correct. These were Richieb’s. I’ve owned them for a couple years in a pet free, kid free , smoke free home.
  11. My wife.... HATED the horn color. One night an artsy friend of hers came over and convinced her that the color brought about a higher factor of cool and artistry. Now she likes them. She doesn't understand why I need them, but she doesn't hate them any more. Plus - I started this post with "I must be crazy..."
  12. I must be crazy. I am considering selling this set which is 1 of 1. Here's an article on them: https://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-kpt-904-speakers-frankenstein-edition You now have a chance to own these and admire them as I have. Like so many of us, I need to move some items to continue my hobby. There is nothing wrong with them, just moving on and hoping they can scratch someone else's itch. Asking $2,000.00 firm. I am in Omaha, but can possibly assist with delivery if needed.
  13. JoeDirt


    There's a guy in Indy who does a fine job of re-coning woofers..... I know, I've sent him a few.
  14. Heart doesn't seem to get the respect they deserve. Great songs, great arrangements, and oh.... that voice. Saw the Love Mongers on tv once, that typifies Heart. They are Love Mongers.
  15. I have a pair of RF7iis in cherry - That's the color as well as the condition. I've bee considering moving them lately... Chicago is 7 hours from Omaha tho. PM Me if you want pix.
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