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  1. CF3 V1 owner here. The Epic line is everything these folks have said they are. They are truly remarkable speakers as they can play any musical genre you throw at them; and play it damn well. As previously stated, they are silky smooth and laid back - unlike any other Klipsch product ever produced. I feel this is why many in the Klipsch community detest their existence. On the flip side, they do have a strong following as well. I highly recommend that you at least give them a listen, you might discover you can't live without them. If they are V1's.....they are worth the asking price and worthy of your consideration IMO. So long as the drivers are in good shape, the cabinets could be rehabbed down the line. Roy Delgado captured lightning in a bottle with the CF3/4 V1 making them one of the best products to ever come out of Hope. As Moray has said many times - "If Roy Delgado touched it......you should be interested in it". There is much validity to his logic As klipschfancf4 has suggested, measure the ports. You want to see that they are longer than 2.5". If they end up being 2.5", all is not lost. You need to take a peek at the internal wiring and see if they are colored wires or translucent (like the first generation cable offered by Monster Cable). If it has the Monster type wiring, they are V2's and could easily be brought to V1 specs by simply changing the port length. A quick inspection of the serial number would give you an idea of which version they are as well. You want to see "49" in the 4th and 5th digit indicating they were built in 1994. They would at the very worst be V2's if this were so. The first 3 digits are supposed to represent the day of the year in which they were built. And to reemphasize what GPBusa said - CF3's would be a major upgrade over your KG4's
  2. Let me clarify. They haven't fallen off. The adhesive has let go in a couple of spots around the perimeter of the cap. As for the adhesive suggestion, I agree that seems like the simple fix. I didn't know if I would be able to get the surface under the lip clean enough and apply enough adhesive to ensure a good bond with the cap still on the cone. You can see the spots that need attention when you press down on the woofer (it just doesn't look like there is enough room to do the repair justice). I appreciate the suggestions and will update this thread when I decide which route I am going to pursue. When dealing with unobtainium, I tend to get a little apprehensive and nervous so I figured I would pick your brains. This forum is a wealth of knowledge and experience.....I am glad to be a part of it
  3. I have been lucky enough to score a couple thing thanks to Craig and his list SANSUI 5000A - $140 KLIPSCH KLF-10 NIB/NOS - $200 KLIPSCH EPIC CF-3 Version 1's - $500 And my unicorn......1983 15th Anniversary HURST/OLDS with T-Tops and Sand Drift Gray Interior for $8850. This has been my best purchase to date Lol.
  4. Greetings all. First post for a long time lurker. On the 29th of January, I purchased a set of V1 CF3's. I absolutely love the sound of these speakers. As many have stated, they truly do it all. After some spirited listening, I noticed an annoying rattle/vibration. Upon further inspection, I discovered that the adhesive has let go on 3 of the 4 dust caps. The previous owner was a smoker and I figure this contributed to their failure. Does anyone have a recommendation for a suitable replacement? I measure them to be just under 4 inches and the only vendor I find selling a 4" poly dust cap is PartsExpress. http://www.parts-express.com/4-poly-speaker-dust-cap--260-383 Can anyone confirm if this would be suitable? The picture doesnt look very appealing and the description states that it's primarily used on 12-15" woofers. Seeing how these are 10's, I am looking for a vote of confidence that this is the correct solution to my problem. As soon as I figure out how to post pics, I will showoff my newly acquired gems. Thank you in advance to any who reply
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