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  1. Probably not that common in the US ( and I think not currently in production) but my DNM pre/power (27w) partner CW IIIs perfectly. http://www.dnm.co.uk
  2. Can you explain what the Pioneer is and why you would be connecting the output of your DAC to it with a digital coaxial cable. I'm not familiar with your kit, but that doesn't make sense to me ( maybe a mistake?) surely you should connect the analogue outputs of you DAC using a pair of normal interconnects into a line level input on the preamp? If for example it's because you're just using the W4S as a USB>spdif converter (if it allows that) then I'm fairly sure your not getting the best possible sound out of your equipment.
  3. I do think JRiver sounds best playing files at their native format & resolution. But if you are looking for highest SQ, interested in best execution of DSD conversion and PCM up sampling and prepared to spend some more money and sacrifice some convenience (ie no remote app), I would recommend HQ Player from Signalyst. They offer a 30 day free evaluation copy for Windows. I have licenses for both, and to my ears HQP clearly betters JR on SQ.
  4. One other option (and please don't take this the wrong way). The Surface is a tablet isn't it? If you are using your Surface as the source rather than just the control point, (I.e. your USB cable goes from Surface to DAC), then it may simply be that a tablet is not the best source for computer audio. With an integral screen etc I imagine that all kinds of "noise" is being generated and USB connection will be prone to pass this on. If an option, you could try an optical connection instead or simply another computer. However as Jriver offers all kinds of speaker /channel/room correction options, which might cause what you describe if used inappropriately, I'd start by making sure all DSP studio options are unchecked. What you describe doesn't 't sound right. I'm running Jriver on a £200 mini PC connected by USB to a Chord Hugo and the sound quality is way better than my Oppo 105
  5. "the end signal is flat, compressed and lacks any dimension between components... very well resolved and smooth, but flat none the less." Could you be getting mono or sound out of just one speaker maybe? Happened to me with Jriver years ago with an incorrectly installed driver. I use linux version now but from what I remember of Windows version: In Player options: Check correct driver and output type (Wasapi?) selected. Also in device options open device for exclusive access. I think you also select max volume here (only if you have hardware volume control). Where listed make sure recommended options are in place (I.e buffer size, Bitstreaming off etc) For now, turn off all options under DSP studio (uncheck all options in left hand box). Then compare your Jriver without any upsampling etc with the original CD. Personally I don't like the sound of JRiver when upsampling/transcoding -prefer HQ Player for this. Finally, how much time have you listened to Jriver for? It could just be that you aren't used to it yet - in my experience what proves to be good longer-term can sometimes sound a bit "restrained" (ie in reality more neutral and accurate) compared to what you're used to on first hearing.
  6. Because the Heritage line are such a different approach to the current speaker mainstream, it's difficult to make like for like comparisons, but I'm fairly confident that nothing else available in the UK will do what my Cornwall's do for the same money. It's worth noting for example that the top end of the Tannoy Prestige line sells for double the price of KHorns even at UK "£ for $" prices, not an unfair comparison I think.
  7. I bought brand new Cornwalls in January. Even at UK prices, each model in the Heritage range looks very good value to me vs.comparable western-made high end brands, Tannoy for example.
  8. I'm in SW London and you are welcome to come and listen to my 3 month old Cornwall IIIs. I'm not interested in swapping out amps etc though, so it would have to be "as is" with the rest of my system. Send me a PM if this suits.
  9. First of all, can you try using an LP that hasn't been washed? I've used vinyl very happily for the last 18 years and I've never used a disc washer. If problem is still there, then vta, downforce or cartridge alignment could be out. if I remember correctly screechiness might suggest that tone arm base needs to be raised slightly in its adjustment
  10. Rivervalleymgb - I'll be curious to hear the result of the A/B testing when you do get the 802D's. Keep us all posted! I was using B&W 805 Signatures (similar to the current 805 D). Very sweet & dynamic stand mounts, the CWs are obviously dramatically better on LF stuff but on reflection I think the B&Ws are a bit more transparent at the top end?. I imagine the 802s would be a huge upgrade on my B&Ws.
  11. Thanks. I've bought the MLP CD box sets (a third set is out soon I think?) and about 25 individual RCA Living Stereo SACDs at great prices from Amazon UK, but most of the MLP SACDs have crazy high asking prices on Amazon. Anyone know if they are out of production in the States? Seems surprising if they are as I cant think of a better application for SACD.
  12. Thanks again for more great welcomes and all the feedback. Whatever their other plusses and minuses, what the Cornwalls are giving me is a real sense of having the musicians right there in the room with you, rather than just listening to a (good) hi fi. So I'm pretty happy with them (for now at least). I think though that the Heritage range could benefit from being better marketed and understood in the UK as a premium speaker brand, they're pretty hard to track down here.
  13. Thanks for the great welcome! To answer some questions, I'm based in London and listen pretty much exclusively to Orchestral Classical. Vinyl source is a Michell Gyrodec; digital sources include a Bryston BDP2 into a Chord Hugo and also an Oppo 105. My pre/power amps are from DNM, quirky UK/Swiss perspex boxes putting out 23 s/s watts, but with fantastic resolution and dynamics. I have used and enjoyed B&W 805 signatures for 12 years, but finally decided this year to replace them with something more efficient,to better match my amps, and with more bass. I'm just addicted to the (Walnut) Cornwalls, there is just so much more of everything there compared to the B&Ws. At the moment I'm really enjoying Mercury Living Presence and RCA Living Stereo CD and SACD reissues, they seem a natural combination with the Cornwalls, which I guess is no accident given what PWK might have listed to in the Late 50's?
  14. Just wanted to say hello as a new member. I live in the UK and have recently joined the Klipsch user community for the first time after replacing my B&W speakers with Cornwall IIIs. I notice that forum members don't seem to rate them quite as highly as other Heritage models, which worries me slightly, but to be honest I'm absolutely delighted by them. Maybe I'm just making up for 12 bass-starved years...but they seem to be a very good match with my low power DNM s/s amps. I also suspect that Cornscalas might feature in my system one day - although with zero DIY skills I imagine the individual shipping costs of a pre-built pair to the UK might be prohibitive..
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