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  1. My System Denon 3312ci F-30 Mains S-10 WDST C-10 Center BIC America F-12
  2. Since I have ran my surround sound speakers to a proper position I have been able to hear them finally, I originally had them set over the mains. Very rarely do I hear anything come out of them, have done the audyssey calibration, set the crossover setting to 120hz, checked the distances and that's all good. In my haste of purchasing them I realize now that the S-20's would of been a better option and better match (100watts vs 50watts) I am however pleased with the C-10 center with the F-30s, they seem to match up very well. Would upgrading to the S-20s produce more / better sound out of the surrounds? Because of a better match to the mains? If I got the S-20s could I use the S-10s else where? Front heights? Because of my living room layout, (sliding glass door to the right and stairway to the left of the main listening positions) the surrounds are not directly to the sides; they're about a foot behind to the left and right of the main listening positions and 6 foot up, total distance to main listening position of 13 for both. Running rear surrounds wouldn't be possible because of a half wall separating the living room and kitchen.
  3. My bad, learning as I go. So switching back to the old wiring setup and doing a Audssey recal till I get my other receiver (hopefully Saturday). I was pondering wiring the surrounds this afternoon but there isn't enough of a gap to push the wiring under the baseboards and I really don't want to run the wire up the corner of the wall and half way back on both side walls. So I guess the actual placement of the speaker will just have to stay as is.
  4. High surrounds as in a 7.1 setup or higher (where the speakers would be to your sides or behind you) but you can also run in place of one of those a high surround. The high surround would typically go near the front mains but set higher than them and the center.
  5. Is it possible to run a 5.1 setup with the surround sound speakers being set / placed / used as the "high surround speakers". I was playing with my AVR last night and could get the receiver to recognize and play test tones through the speakers set as high surrounds but only that was only an option after selecting I did in fact also have typical surrounds. The receiver would only play the test tones through the setup as I intended it to be and not try to search for / find the typical surrounds but after completing the Audssey calibration however it wouldn’t recognize the speakers at all. This was while trying to run the corrected Audssey calibration and dynamic eq; which is how I preferred to run the system. I did not however try or recall the system recognizing the system as I intend in the manual set up. I played around with the audio formatting (DTS, DTS-HD and so on) and never could get the receiver to recognize the speakers / sound to come out. I tried this on HD cable shows, Blu-ray movies in both 5.1 and 7.1 through my PS3 and PS4, and even tried it through internet radio. Is this just not a typical 5.1 setup? Is it an audio formatting issue with trying to do a 5.1 with high surrounds? Is the use of “high surrounds” only limited to a true 7.X and higher speaker setups? Of note, I prefer to run the setup in this manner because I am renting so therefore prefer not to rip up carpet, I live in a two story house and the living room in on the first floor so I think going over head is also out of the question. Also the way the living room is set up it would be a nightmare to try and run along or behind the base boards; but I guess that is my only option if I can’t run this set up as I prefer. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks, stygz I went through accessories4less. I didnt know about crutchfield, but that has some great prices as well!
  7. Well these are the receivers I am eyeballing now. Budgets are meant to be blown right. Any suggestions or thoughts on these? DENON AVR-3312CI ONKYO TX-NR828 OnkyoTX-NR809 MARANTZ SR6008 MARANTZ SR5009
  8. Just wondering in your original post you stated klipsch recommending a receiver with more power than the 90w sony yet you got a 75w denon? The denon AVR S700W has a RMS peak of 165 watts per channel. Given the other speakers I am also running in the system I figured this was a good compromise........? The Audysee auto cal / mic feature really made thigs easy (for a starting point at least) and I am very pleased with how the system sounds now. Also was pretty surprised at the inceased picture quality from using the Denen to the old Sony sound bar and the other Sony I used for a short time. If this system is still under powered, I cant tell like I could with the Sony; but then again I dont know any better either and I could be missing out on so much more.
  9. Thanks for all the replies and offers! I ended up getting a Denon S700W and I am even more pleased than before (still being a newb and all). Haven't had too much time to play with it; just hooked everything about an hour ago. I did notice after doing the Audyssey set up it did set the F-30s to large? It also set up the freqs for all the other speakers and it sounds pretty damn good as is; the only reap]on I mention it is that they are not at the THQ recommended 80hz. Just curious if most people tend to stick to the recommendation of just play it by ear?
  10. Denon 1913 $249 Denon X1000 $249 Denon E300 $249 Yamaha V573 $259 4k pass through is something I am taking into consideration as that will be the next upgrade.
  11. So before I get into some of the ones I'm eyeballing I have a few quick questions, 1. Should I stick with a 5.1 receiver as apposed to the other variations with more speakers? (5.2, 7.1, and so on) 2. Does the WPC change depending on how many speakers your actually running, as in if I were to get a 7.2 rated (hypothetically 150 WPC) but was only running a 5.1 set up? 3. If I do get a receiver closer to the optimal wattage of the F-30s should I be concerned for the smaller speakers? C-10 premium center // 50W RMS / 200W Peak S-10 premium WDST // POWER HANDLING: 50W RMS / 200W Peak
  12. Thanks for the opportunity K5SS, but with already going over budget on the system and the 4th kiddo on the way, that is going to be a tough sale to the wife. Thanks for all of the responses everyone. I have been looking through the above mentioned site (accesories4less) and to be quite honest the model numbers of each manufacture is just complete gibberish to me. There are a few model all around my price range, even of the same brand but the model numbers are complete different; as in not of the same series. So I've got my home work to do. Again, thanks for all of the timely responses!
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