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  1. I own a Simply Italy amp and am using it with Klipsch LaScala speakers that are 103db or 105db sensitivity. The Simply Italy is 12 watts per channel and drives the LaScala's to ear bleeding levels with no issues. I also have a pair of Opera Grand Mezza speakers made by the parent company of Unison Research and they are 89db sensitivity. When hooked up to the Simply Italy and listening to the Grand Mezza's at a louder level, the Simply Italy struggles a bit to pump the sound out of them. At regular listening levels the Simply Italy and the Opera Grand Mezza's sound fantastic, not as good as the LaScala's but still sound nice. The Klipsch Heresy III's are 90db sensitivity so JUST BASED on the stats I would think that you would go for the Unison Research Triode 25 as it will have more power to drive a less efficient speaker. If you ever change your speakers down the road you will have the power to run other options. Now with all that being said, a Class A SET amp (Simply Italy) compared to a Class A/B push pull amp (Triode 25) used with horn type speakers which you have has a "more live" engaging sound that some say is magical. My comparison about my two sets of speakers is different than what you own as the Heresy's have a 12 inch woofer compared to my two 5 inch woofers in the Grand Mezza's. I would think the Heresy's would pump out the bass a lot better at higher volumes than mine. Is there any where you can here the difference between the two amps with any type of speaker? That would be ideal if you could. So... after all that I would go for the Simply Italy with the Heresy's and not worry about the power. BUT.... If you truly listen to loud music most of the times and want to bounce the glass off the table or hear heart pounding bass in your chair then I would look at the Triode 25. Just my opinion and have not heard the Heresy's or the Triode. The Simply Italy works great with the 12AU7's. Once you get either amp, changing out the tubes to hear different types of tubes is something you can do if you choose to and can add to the sound. Good luck with whatever choice you go with! Hopefully someone with the Triode can chime in.
  2. I have La Scala's and I use AudioQuest Castle Rock speaker cables. Before that I used AudioQuest Rocket 33's and before that I used MIT EXP 3 cables and lastly I started out with good ole 18 gauge shielded speaker wire from Home Hardware. From where I started to where I am now I am glad that I experimented. Everyone's story may be different and that is fine as of course I do believe that different types of cables matter. I did find a difference in characteristics of sound and had the ability to acquire the ones I did. Main point is ...try if you can, get a buddy over that has copper wire or zip cord then try a entry level brand or a expensive brand. Don't limit your music experience to just science and all wire is wire. Some of these cables can be costly, a lot of stores will allow you to try their cables without having to commit to them. 2nd main point.. lol If you try them and think that the ole zip cord sounds the same or better then use the zip cord! it really is that simple and no need for people to take sides and argue. If YOU think that your Klipschorns sound better with 2500.00 cables it is your decision and its your money! Good luck and hope you do experiment with some different types before settling on lamp cord and if you do settle on lamp cord at least you tried other options! Time to answer the question: I would recommend you try some AudioQuest speaker cables but not the Type 4 entry level ones as I find they are a little harsh on the tweeters. I also used Type 4 with my Polk Audio RTiA7's and 9's and they seemed a little harsh on those as well. I would at least start out at the Go-4 or the Rocket 44's or 88's for your horns. I would also recommend you purchase these used as you will save substantial bucks as well while also being able to see if you do like them. If you don't like them I'm sue you can flip them on the used market for what you paid for them. Most of the AudioQuest line have a signature sound that I find goes great with Heritage line speakers.
  3. I’m using a 12 w a side Class A Unison Research Simply Italy integrated tube amp with La Scala’s in a 12 x 24 room with 8 foot ceilings. I can reach nose bleed sound levels if I wanted to. I rarely need to turn my volume knob more then 8 o’clock to reach a pleasant listening level. (Clock face on my volume starts at 7 o’clock and goes to 5 o’clock) Hope that made sense lol Couple of things That could be issues are the height of the ceilings and the lack of bass when watching movies as your room is large. Hopefully you can try or borrow a low watt amp to try before buying. Good luck.
  4. Anyone own one or had one or heard one before? Any feedback would be appreciated. Can’t find recent reviews, not sure what cartridges would work with it? Seems to be more for MM and mid to hi output MC. Unison Research Simply Phono Type : Stereo Phono Valve preamplifier Classe: pure A class RIAA : passiva +/- 0.2 dB ( 20 Hz / 20 KHz ) Output Impedance: 800 ohm. Uscita: 1 x line Gain : 52 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.4 % at 1 volt output Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N): – 72 dB Inputs: 1 x fonorivelatore MM o MC Input Impedance: 47 Kohm – 100 – 50 – 22 ohm / 100 pF (modifiable) Feedback factor: 0 dB Valves: 4 x ECC83 / 12AX7 Right now I’m using a Rega Planar P6 with a low output Rega Ania cart (.35mv) with Rega Aria Stage. I just purchased the Simply Phono but do not think it will work with my Ania cart but I can change out carts if it sounds good. Will also match with my Unison Research Simply Italy tube amp and Klipsch La Scala speakers.
  5. I was in the same boat as you and took the plunge and changed the caps. For me it livened up the speakers and added clarity. It did change them a bit but within a couple of listening sessions I was very pleased with the new found clarity which I know was there when they were new. (I owned a pair back in 83 sold them and then bought these 1979 pair used) That is another reason I wanted the refresh done on them. Good luck on your decision.
  6. Saw him last year in Toronto, still excellent on stage.. great performer. Sucks that he will not be touring anymore.
  7. Decided to take the K33-E woofer replacement from Klipsch parts. Should be here in 7 days. Reconing in my area was too costly. Thanks for all the help. edit: also ordered from Mr Bob Crites the AA cap kit. Should work out nicely once done.
  8. Okay, I took both woofers out and put the ohm meter on the one that I think is bad speaker A. 3.3 reading. Checked the other one speaker B and 3.3 reading as well. Push down on speaker A and you can hear rubbing beneath the dust cap. Speaker B no rubbing what so ever. When the speakers were hooked up speaker A's woofer would cut the voices in and out and sometimes not be heard at all. Speaker B ran fine. That is why I thought that the voice coil was gone or on its way out.
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions and links, much appreciated. TwistedCrankCammer was correct as I do not want to make them fit into my cabs and I am plenty fine with the sound from the 33's, no use changing something that works for me. I have absolutely nothing against the cast frame as far as speakers go and have not heard them! checking the voice coil tonight.
  10. Voice coil is blown in my K33B square magnet woofer out of my 79 La Scala. The other woofer is reading okay. I plan on keeping these many years so I am curious what I should do for the replacement. Here are my options and add if I forgot any... 1. Crites woofer (new) (Do not want to use the Cast Frame) 2. Klipsch K33E woofer with round magnet (new) 3. Used if I could find but search brings nothing of interest 4. Reconing service (I am in Ontario, Canada so reconing with parts could get costly) I am doing the caps as well since the speakers are out of commission for awhile. I have decided on Crites for the caps kit. Would you: A: buy one Crites or other K33E with round magnet B: buy 2 and replace both even thought the other is fine for now but is a K33B with square magnet C: look into reconing only if cost was a lot less then the price of a replacement woofer D: other.. add any other suggestions If I only get one woofer does having the original K33B square Magnet in the other speaker make any difference? I know the B is for Brownsville but what about the square vs round mag on the replacement K33's? The crossover decides what freq to send to the woofers but with one brand new and one 36 years old woofer would the sound be the same? Thanks
  11. For Home Theater use toeing in the L and R helps with the imaging but most 85% of the voices are coming from the center channel so toeing in can really limit the atmosphere from the left right channels. Also note that the more you toe in the less soundstage that you will get. Some posts above mention this and I am not a big toe in guy as I like a wide soundstage with voices in the center coming from the center channel. As for the center speaker pull it out in front of the TV about an inch to start and in the normal listening sitting position, aim the speaker right at your eyes. Use shims or blocks underneath the front of the speaker to allow the angle. Good luck and let us know how it works for you. No harm in trying different ways until you get it to your liking.
  12. Thanks again William, yes the system worked flawless for 3 months, then I started rolling tubes in the Bellari Vp-130 phono stage. On the second tube try the sound appeared and I thought through reading that the tube may have been microphonic, I then went back to the original tube and the sound was gone. I then tried a Graham Slee solid state phono stage and the sound was still there but not as loud. I put it off for about 2 days and then switched back to the tube stage with the original tube and the sound was there for good. Important: I now 'only' use the Graham Slee phono stage and have tried one other brand new Graham Slee Era Gold V and the noise is still there. No tubes in system at all. The noise only occurs when the cartridge/needle is in contact with the record. When I lift the needle from the record the noise is not present. Not sure where you read 'stylus hanging in mid air,' but that is not the case. When I wrote cueing the record I meant when the needle is touching the LP.
  13. Hi and thanks.. tried the headphones and it is in the right ear as well. Not as pronounced but I can hear it when I tap a little harder on the floor. I had already tried switching left and right and as stated before the noise follows the speaker. The noise I am talking about it not intermittent or changes in anyway, tap something and you hear it clear as day through the speaker. There are no tubes in my system now it is all solid state. So if it is turntable pickup related what are some things I can try to isolate or get rid of the noise? Thanks again. I will make a video of the noise I hear and post tomorrow, I am pissed at this tonight and not going to tackle anymore til tomorrow.
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