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  1. I wish I could tell you it was a bunch of top shelf stuff but it is not. The original EV -mid's mounted to a pair of Altec 511B's. EV- ST350B's tweets and original EV 4 Ohm Bass buried in that bin. HOWEVER, I have a super duper custom set of crossovers being sent Monday. Found a retired sound engineer for Braun/ADS and he makes very well designed crossovers for special situations. He had a set that he made for a build like mine that he never used and another set he is making with other designed features that he thought about after the fact. He incorporated some ( as he called it) 3D aggressive slopes to tie all the freq.'s together clean. He is sending me both sets and I am trying both but keeping one set and sending the other set back. Price is always a concern. So when he said 350.00 for either pair, I said SOLD! And he even said, if I don't like either set he would pay to ship them back! No brainer. So... I guess we will see. Also I have all the original parts to revert if I don't like it.
  2. And only thing let before I take them home is the new crossovers that are being shipped monday.
  3. Thanks Dave. Nice thing about owning a restoration shop. I have a paint booth! Saturday I am going to spray a special shellac over all the wood. I am shooting 10 coats. Rick- I have a real love for Jensens. I have owned four TR6, two MGA's and a plethora of other British cars.
  4. Peter, that was some great info! Thanks for the link.
  5. LOL! I will. As a side note I was asked to attend the Ferrari coffee and car function this weekend in one of my Alfa's. There is always a Dino or two at those gatherings. I always wanted to do a Dino in fly yellow.
  6. Bass bins done. About to order new crossovers from ALK. Bought new Tweets one was dead. Core purchase 100.00 materials..........151.00 Tweets.............100.00 crossovers.......330.00 Still way ahead on cost/value. And having fun too!
  7. Hi Marvel. They are the original drivers (four bolt instead of the Altec two hole). The horn is 18 inches long and unsupported. So having a two pound driver on the end it a bit of a pry bar. But, sticking with a previous recommendation, I will repurpose all the components (other then tweets, they are dead and the crossovers) and I will machine an aluminum support to place under the driver.
  8. Oh, that is a substantial gap. A buddy of mine has 511's I will see if he will trade. I am having new crossover made. But I don't want to overcomplicate things. Thanks for the insight.
  9. Also I have a set of EV ST350A tweets. Ohm value the same as in the Labs I'm building however, one of my original tweets is dead so I need to change it anyway. Any opinions on that?
  10. Oh would believe that. Ducati is known for real good documentation process. So I have a set of Altec 811'b that I want to use on my EV drivers. I will machine a adaptor plate for bolting transition, however the 811'b is shorter then the EV fiberglas horn. Is there any REAL noticeable draw backs?
  11. The montreal was really cool. To make the V8 they took two of there 1300 motors and more less fused them. The car (when set up correctly) can really go!
  12. Bubo- the Montreal was a 25k car for mint ones up until a few years ago. Then the prices went nuts!!! 75k plus. The TZ million plus!! Laverda- I have no idea. I am however resto-moding a 71 motto-guzzi . Making it a cafe racer. Shortening the frame, cutting the tank and things like that. making it something like this one
  13. DIZ, you are absolutely right. All I need to do is remove 2 inches from the back of the top plate and these big boys with fit like a glove. Bubo- we built two dino's. Very hard car to find parts for. One of our customers has one he is certain he will never restore. He knows I get first rights to it. Those are great cars. Talked to ALK today about doing some crossovers.
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