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  1. Will consider best reasonable offer to purchase. Original Owner. Comes with original box, packing, instruction manual, everything that came with it. The "Black Ash" wood grain is stunning as is the sound and build quality. I need to downsize to coincide with my older age.......! Please note: I had a coaster with little bumpers sitting on the top right that left an impression otherwise, "Mint Condition." Ask any questions you like and prefer pick up in Palm Harbor, Florida due to weighing in at 55lbs but I would discuss shipping options. Thanks for any interest.
  2. Hello everyone. Question, would Heresy IV's (Pair) make for a good center channel speaker or speakers? I currently have the RC 64III and its beautiful but I have to increase the volume quite substantially for this center channel compared to the rest of my surround sound speakers to be able to hear the voices sometimes when watching a movie. Any input or suggestions welcomed....................Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  3. Now selling Onkyo receivers but no Pioneer Elite. I would choose the latter every time. Both good companies but in my opinion Pioneer Elite makes a better receiver and has a storied past just like Klipsch. I hope we will see them for sale SOON!
  4. I own two SVS SB 16 Ultras, trust me, it would not be easy to best them but Klipsch could and I would swap them out in an instant.
  5. Klipsch sells Heritage speakers for lots of money and I mean lots of money. Excellent build and sound quality, painfully obvious that subwoofers are not in the game plan. Just imagine if it was, what it would look and sound like, We Can Dream Can't We!!!!
  6. Was really hoping it was going to be a high quality subwoofer since the current line-up is just not up to par with competition. Really disappointed and just don't understand why Klipsch does not manufacture a subwoofer in Hope that would pair well with the Heritage line. Price is not a concern for this loyal fan base of which I'm included. Just don't get it? What happened to The Beast?
  7. ORIGINAL OWNER selling these audiophile (bookshelf type magnetically shielded) speakers housed in beautiful aged whiskey-barrel wood. Sound and hand crafted build quality is of the highest. "Mint Condition" and used sparingly in my bedroom powered by a Pioneer Elite SX A9mk2 two channel stereo receiver. I don't watch or listen to much T.V. anymore so selling them. I have the original instructions, and boxes they came in. Speaker Dimensions: 6 1/16W X 9 11/16H X8 3/8D Speaker Weight: 8.2lbs. Woofer 4 inch cone Mid-range/tweeter 3/4 inch dome Maximum input power 100 watts Available for pick-up in Palm Harbor, Florida or will ship at buyers expense.............Thanks. PRICE: ($1,000.00)
  8. Regarding the RT-12D, are you the original owner? Instructions and/or box? Any scratches or dings or issues please. Thanks.
  9. Do you think it is the same grill color on the Black Ash?
  10. Interested in Cornwall 4's in Black Ash but the new grill looks almost silver versus the American Walnut looks to have a softer tone almost golden in color. Same question applies to the Heresy 4's. Thanks for any assistance with this.
  11. Interested in purchasing the Heresy 4 or Cornwall 4 but having difficulty determining what the grill looks like. On the Black Satin speakers, it's looks almost grey or silver in color yet on the Walnut versions the grill looks almost to have a gold or lighter look to it. I can see clearly on the Distressed Oak Heresy the grill is off White. Wish I could just go into a store here in Tampa and see for myself but no one stocks them.............Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks.
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