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  1. Stopped during Covid and yet to return. Will this change in the near future, I had always wanted to attend one of these and now being retired, I can. Hope they come back!!
  2. Purchased this Pioneer Elite CT-05D cassette deck in 2008. Hardly used but its flawless in quality and design. I remember when I owned the Pioneer CTF-1000 and later the CTF-1250, nice decks.
  3. Nice to see that Klipsch is now including the Pioneer Elite line for sale. The new top of the line (currently) shows that Pioneer is alive and still with us. The VSX-LX805 in my opinion is very exciting and should be well built. Premium Audiio has had a lot of input in this and very grateful to them. If anyone can keep Pioneer alive it's Premium Audio. I currently own the SC-LX904 and absolutely love it. Mine however, has copper screws and better speaker terminals which makes me wonder if there is even a better unit on the horizon, a true flagship. We'll see! Either way, for me Klipsch and Pioneer Elite are a perfect marriage.
  4. Price has never been an issue with customers who purchase the Heritage line, why there is no subwoofer to compliment these speakers makes no sense to me.
  5. Will have to see and hear them which I understand is very important but two issues for me on build design: 1. Ebony Scratch Resistent Vinyl......Still no real wood veneer that was promised years ago I believe at CES in 2017. 2. Appears to be a tiny on/off button located top left on the front, can't really tell. So bottom line for the Klipsch customer that wants a sub-woofer in Real Wood well, not yet!
  6. I hope to go this year with my wife. We went just when covid started causing havoc awhile back and is was a great show. A lot of Hi-end gear on display to audition and purchase. When we went their was no cost but $20-$25.00 is not bad. Seems to be growing in exhibitors and attendence each year.............
  7. Hello. The fronts are Cornwall 3's. I have a brand new pair of Heresy 4's in the closet wanting to use them. Ended up selling the RC 64III, beautiful speaker but just not impressed with the sound quality for a center speaker. Also, looking at the SVS Ultra Center Speaker as it gets great reviews. Thanks for the input to calibrate and all.
  8. Hi Greg. I'm selling my RC 64III Center Channel currently posted and looking at any reasonable offer. It would cost more than the RP-504C but then again the speaker now lists for over $1,800. So far not one offer which has really surprised me.........?
  9. SOLD!!! Original Owner. (Downsizing Sale) Comes with original box, packing, instruction manual, everything that came with it. The build quality is superb and the black ash finish is stunning despite a slight imperfection on top right from little felt pads I had under a small coaster. Ask any questions you like and prefer pick up in Palm Harbor, Florida (Tampa Bay/Clearwater Area) due to weighing in at 55lbs but I would discuss shipping options. Thanks for any interest.
  10. Hello everyone. Question, would Heresy IV's (Pair) make for a good center channel speaker or speakers? I currently have the RC 64III and its beautiful but I have to increase the volume quite substantially for this center channel compared to the rest of my surround sound speakers to be able to hear the voices sometimes when watching a movie. Any input or suggestions welcomed....................Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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