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  1. Still Available..................thx.
  2. I know not a Klipsch specific question but hoping for any assistance. I am trying to buy this Analog Extension Cable (not supplied by Sony) that has three female RCA connectors on one side (video,left and right audio) and a 3.5mm pin on the other that would plug into the T.V. It has to have the right pin sequence of Left, Video, Ground, Right or it won't work. Female connectors could also be male connectors as it doesn't really matter on that end. I have tried everywhere with no luck including Sony parts suppliers, Amazon, Crutchfield, Fry's etc............Thanks for any direction.
  3. Stunning Audiophile build and cosmetic quality. I purchased but never really used it. Contents were all inspected and everything works like it should. Includes Remote, Instructions, everything that came in the Original Box. This was one of those times I just had to purchase it and then it sat in the closet. This receiver has multiple audio inputs/outputs and will play on your television via an auxiliary input. Local pick up in Palm Harbor, Florida preferred but will ship at buyers expense....Thanks............$575.00 (NOW $525.00) FINAL LOWEST PRICE $500.00!
  4. RLink

    Klipsch Subwoofers lacking the 'WOW" FACTOR

    Nice to hear that Ceptorman...............looking forward to it....thanks.
  5. I have owned a few Klipsch Subwoofers over the years and the RT 12D Digitally Controlled Subwoofer being one of my favorites. I now own the R-115SW and It sounds great especially for the money but, it lacks the "WOW" factor if you know what I mean. No Digital LIGHTING or DCS interface , No Wood Veneer, just a very tiny green light in the front that shows you it's on. Just hoping that Klipsch will come out with something along the lines of previous generations that had all of the above. Maybe part of the Heritage line to be made in Arkansas............?
  6. Anyone know where I can purchase one other than on ebay?
  7. RLink

    Klipsch RF-7, III's question

    I just purchased a pair of RF 7illls and they sound incredible. Very crisp sounding and clear. I also own a pair of Cornwall llls which are equally impressive. I like them both and would be hard pressed to give a one up on either of them. If space is an issue, then go with the RF 7lll's and as earlier stated, watch the videos by Youthman.
  8. Very much appreciated you allowing me the opportunity to demo the RF 7iii's in the comfort of your Home Theater Room. It didn't take long for me to make a decision to purchase a pair and I along with Klipsch have you to thank. I almost made that decision just watching your videos but seeing and hearing them live well, that made it even easier and I agree totally with the "brotherhood" statement. Thank you Youthman and GBY!
  9. Trying to audition a pair of RF-7iii's anywhere close to Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete area...........Any help with dealers is much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone know of a dealer who has a pair on display in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island or CT area? Thanks for any assistance.
  11. I have lowered the price as best I can for this beautiful "Original Owner" Stereo Receiver. It is for the two channel lover but will hook up to your television via one of the auxiliary outputs. I may just keep it if no interest. I have the original box and everything is included. As a former rep, I purchased on impulse along with the Super audio player (sold it) but never used them. It was purchased in December 2012 and had been in it's box until I recently tested it. Stunning Pioneer Elite build quality...............Original List Price: $1,500.00 $575.00
  12. Original "Senior" Owner selling to make room for the new RC-64iii. Purchased in June 2016 and is in "LIKE NEW CONDITION." Comes with instruction manual and original box/packing. Prefer local pick-up in Palm Harbor, Florida but will include "Free Shipping." "SOLD"
  13. RLink

    Klipsch RP -280F - "SOLD"

  14. RLink

    Cornwall 3's vs RF 7iii

    I have the space and the Cornwalls have stood the test of time. I am leaning toward them.
  15. RLink

    Cornwall 3's vs RF 7iii

    Thank you for your comments.............A couple of reviews is needed.