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  1. I compensate somewhat by increasing the volume through my receiver on the center channel and it works for me. I originally purchased the 64lll when I had the RF 7lll's but later sold them. What do you think would match up well??
  2. Originally I was trying to purchase a second R-115SW but gave up on that idea as I only purchase from certain companies who ship on a pallet and they have no inventory. The SPL 150 is basically the same subwoofer but the scratch resistent finish looks awful to me (almost has a grey tint to it, YUK) and the new grill may be more sturdy but hides the Copper Woofer more which looks very nice through the R-115SW Grill. Granted, some personal opinion noted here, others may like it. I will probably end up selling my R-115SW and purchase two SVS Subwoofers but it's not easy for me as I am loyal to Klipsch but just don't like what they currently have. Watch the 2017 CES video on You Tube when it was stated a new and improved Subwoofer with Reel Wood Veneer was coming out to match up with the RF 7lll and RC64lll.................well, that never happened!
  3. Well I can only wait so long for Klipsch to come out with a reel wood veneer subwoofer that has better specs and build quality then the current line up. I don't like trying other brands but the SVS 16 Ultra has my attention. I would purchase two of them in Black Oak Veneer which I hope would match up well with my Cornwall lll's and RC 64 llll's. I currently have the R-115SW but wanted two of them and now being discontinued, I am looking at other options. No interest in the SPL 150. Any assistance with the choice of subwoofer and veneer is much appreciated...............I'm gonna miss the copper speaker showing through the grill.
  5. "Original Owner" selling this "Mint Condition" Sony Blu-ray player. It is a streaming 4K Upscaling 3D Wi-Fi Built in Blu-ray player in Black. Lightly used and purchased from BestBuy in 2016. Excellent build quality and cosmetics able to play a variety of playable discs including Blu-ray, 3D and SACD. Comes with Original Box, instruction manual, remote, everything that came with it. Available for pick up in Palm Harbor, Florida or will ship at Buyers expense.....Thanks...............$250.00.........NOW $199.00
  6. He only has B-Stock..........thanks.
  7. No interest in B-Stock..........Thanks. I have checked with dealers but everyone ships via UPS and these boxes get easily damaged.
  8. Does anyone have a brand new pair of these to possibly sell?? I know it's a stretch since they are now discontinued but was hoping to get them at a good price. Despite the SPL150's being similar, I just don't like the finish on them at all and it appears that Klipsch is in no hurry to come out with anything better that has wood veneer as promised two years ago at the CES Show when they said a 15inch sub better than the R-115sw would be coming out to match the RF7 III's and RC 64 III's.............Thanks. I live in Central Florida.
  9. Got a little confused reading all this but you wanted to buy the r-115sw for $250.00 and it has not been delivered as yet? Just asking because if you didn't purchase that I would have but now having second thoughts.....Thx.
  10. Sorry I didn't get back to you earlier but I was traveling. They are sold!
  11. The front mounted LED Power Indicator (Green) is on the front. I have the R-SW115 and love the sub. Amazing bass and great build quality in my opinion.
  12. Original Owner selling and now with a lower price. Speakers were purchased in March 2018 as I wanted to compare them to my Cornwall lll's and for what I thought was going to be a second home. That hasn't happened so I decided to unpack them and take pictures for a possible sale. Serial Numbers are sequential and the Sound, Build Quality and Wood Veneer is stunning. They have like no use on them and are in "Like New" condition. Prefer a Pick Up in Palm Harbor, Florida (Tampa Bay Area), but will ship at buyers expense. The boxes are also in excellent shape for travel. Thank You for any interest. $2,400.00
  13. Klipschorn-2018-Spec-Sheet-v02.pdf SEE PAGE TWO ATTACHED, OR AT LEAST I HOPE IT IS............THANKS.
  14. Could someone please confirm that the New Klipschorns Horn in the upper cabinet is now fully enclosed? The Web or videos that were recently done does not show that but the second page of the spec sheet shows the back of the upper cabinet fully enclosed...........Thanks for any assistance with this.
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