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  1. On 3/14/2021 at 6:28 PM, Pats3of4 said:

    Is that with the receiver?   That receiver is awesome.  There is a nice write up in Audioholics on the speakers....Receiver is additional $1K.  

    On 3/14/2021 at 6:28 PM, Pats3of4 said:

    Is that with the receiver?  That receiver is awesome.  There is a nice write up in Audioholics on the speakers.












  2. ORIGINAL OWNER selling these audiophile (bookshelf type magnetically shielded) speakers housed in beautiful aged whiskey-barrel wood. Sound and hand crafted build quality is of the highest. "Mint Condition" and used sparingly in my bedroom powered by a Pioneer Elite SX A9mk2 two channel stereo receiver.  I don't watch or listen to much T.V. anymore so selling them.

    I have the original instructions, and boxes they came in.
    Speaker Dimensions: 6 1/16W X 9 11/16H X8 3/8D
    Speaker Weight:  8.2lbs.
    Woofer 4 inch cone
    Mid-range/tweeter 3/4 inch dome
    Maximum input power 100 watts
    Available for pick-up in Palm Harbor, Florida or will ship at buyers expense.............Thanks.     PRICE:  ($1,000.00)









    Pioneer Pure Malt Speakers.jpg

  3. Interested in purchasing the Heresy 4 or Cornwall 4 but having difficulty determining what the grill looks like.  On the Black Satin speakers, it's looks almost grey or silver in color yet on the Walnut versions the grill looks almost to have a gold or lighter look to it.   I can see clearly on the Distressed Oak Heresy the grill is off White.


    Wish I could just go into a store here in Tampa and see for myself but no one stocks them.............Any assistance is much appreciated.



  4. As a long time fan/customer of Klipsch speakers, I was thrilled to see that they are going to be the distributors of Pioneer/Pioneer Elite (don't care much for Onkyo) in the United States.  Klipsch has a reputable dealer base out there and hopefully we will start to see Pioneer products showing up as well.   I know there are many brands of audio equipment out there but in my opinion Pioneer Electronics was  the leader and innovator of so many products for several years.   Hope this will allow them to remain a player and stay afloat.

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  5. If it does it again, I will not use ARC and CEC and try that.......Thanks guys.

    20 hours ago, HenrikTJ said:


    Never had that problem, however it seems youve already isolated the problem. Have you tried troubleshooting your apc? How often did this happen? 

    Tried that and no issues......The unit does it on average about once a week or at least that's when I notice it, not sure about middle of night although never saw it on when getting up.

  6. Looking for any assistance with this issue.  I recently purchased a Pioneer Elite SC-LX904 receiver and absolutely love it except for one weird thing.  It will sometimes turn itself on for about 2 minutes and then shut itself off.  I have it hooked up to multiple audio/video devices but starting to suspect it may have something to do with my Sony XBR-65x900F and the ARC function.  I also have a Furman Power Conditioner but tried just plugging the receiver into a wall outlet and that didn't do anything.  I now have the Sony plugged into a wall outlet and so far it hasn't done it again but it's only been about 5 days.  


    Just curious if anyone else has ever had this issue and how to best correct it.  I did try unplugging various devices to maybe isolate the issue but that didn't work either.

  7. I prefer Pioneer Elite over Yamaha and Denon.  On Amazon if sold and shipped by Amazon, you get some really good pricing and the 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty.  They have also stepped up their customer service since being taken over by Onkyo......you get to talk to a real person.


    Good luck with your purchase.

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  8. On 1/30/2020 at 4:05 PM, RLink said:

    I will try running the HDMI cable from TV input to blu-ray player output and the RL analog plugs to an input out the receiver to see if that will work.  If not, I'll opt for the HDMI Convertor box, it's not that expensive to try................Thanks all for your assistance with this.


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  9. In need of assistance please.  I have a 2 channel stereo receiver that only has analog inputs, no optical or HDMI.  I also have a Sony UBP x1100ES Blu-Ray player that has both optical and HDMI.  What I want is to be able to watch Blu-Ray movies and listen to the sound through my stereo speakers.   Amazon has an HDMI convertor that appears to be able to do this but I'm just not sure.  Looks like I would take the HDMI from the TV and then pass through somehow to the Blu-Ray player and then stereo receiver.




    image.png.723e1d505ccdeed33fa40068ec080646.pngThank You for any assistance with this set up....

  10. It was cool to hear them and see them together but when using a surround mode it was difficult to match the sound quality together.  I would almost hear like an echo and doing any room adjustments didn't do that much.  I would finally get it balanced but not worth the effort to do that all the time.  Just listening to stereo was great and it did apply ample power.  You think explaining this to me was bad, you have seen me explaining how to put everything on with my wife.....Need to keep it simple so decided the overall benefits were minimal.


    Still, I learned a lot and very much appreciated your help...........

  11. 20 hours ago, glens said:

    The way I now understand it:


    - You want to use your AV unit to select sources and control the volume (and presumably there are surround speakers - though that's only material if you need to match volume levels for all the channels - which will work just fine).


    - You want to use the 2-channel receiver only as a "power amp" for your front left and right speakers, fed from and controlled by your AV unit.


    What you need to do is feed the 2-channel from your AV's "pre out"s, to any high-level input (Aux, CD, Tape In, etc.),  select that input on the 2-channel, hook your speakers to the 2-channel, adjust the 2-channel volume to the necessary level - which it will thereafter always stay at - and you'll get done what you want to do.  I'm guessing the 2-channel volume will be at the 2 o'clock setting or thereabouts when you get done.  Start at 12 o'clock (or "half-full" volume).


    The detailed instructions I gave you in answer to your PM will work, but I think I had the units reversed.  What you're looking for as a starting point is to have the "fed unit's" pre-outs to be at the same level as what the fed unit is being fed (the "feeder's pre-out level").  If you carefully review my instructions that should make sense.  That would be the best starting point for the "fed" unit volume setting, but you can adjust it up or down as needed.


    If the "fed" unit's pre-out is at the same level as what it's being fed (the "feeder's" pre-out level) it will be all the same as if you were feeding the "fed" unit's power amp via "power amp inputs", if it had them.  You achieve this via the fed unit's volume control, but once properly set you will not change it - ever.  Which is why you might have to put a piece of tape over the remote control "window" on the "fed" unit if your remote speaks the same to both units.  You don't want the "fed" unit's volume control tracking along with the "feeder's" volume control whenever you adjust your system volume.


    This is aggravating to me because it's so simple and I can't seem to get the point across.  I'm not mad at you, and am glad to help; I just wish it weren't so damn difficult to do so!




  12. Nothing I have tried here seems to work.  My goal was to use the AV Receiver (Pioneer Elite vsx 33) as the main source since all my surround speakers and other equipment are hooked in the back.  Hoping to just use the two-channel (Pioneer Elite SX A9MK2) as an additional power source.  Right now there is no equipment hooked up or any speakers??  Unfortunately both units as I've indicated have PRE-OUTS BUT NO INPUT.


    Thanks for all your assistance with this............





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  13. Good afternoon.  I have a two channel Pioneer Elite SX A9MK2 stereo receiver.  When I had cable, I was able to listen to the TV through my speakers utilizing the Auxilary input and running RCA cables to the cable box.   Well I just got rid of cable and now have YouTube TV, Pandora and others and tried connecting RCA cables on the back of my Sony TV directly to the Receiver Auxilary and get no sound on the speakers.  I get it on the TV but no longer through the speakers.   This receiver has all analog inputs, no HDMI or Optical cable capability, everything is via RCA cables.


    Any assistance is appreciated..............Thanks.


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