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  1. Seems like I have 12 inches... Still, the rug is quite soft + there would be a few objects on the way from the sub to my ears, while the satellites would be right in front of me... I know that <80 Hz sound is non-directional, but with the size of the satellite speakers I suppose the crossover is set higher. Will I get a balanced sound?


    As far as the purchase goes, as I live in Europe I'm kind of limited to European offers only.


    So, I wouldn't place it on that shelf if I were you. I mean, I'm assuming that the reason why Klipsch says that it must be placed on the floor near a wall is so that you don't end up with thin and weak-sounding low-end (bass). I would imagine that placing it on that shelf would result in seemingly poor performance from it.


    Can you take a photo from farther away so that we can see the entire area that surrounds the computer desk?


    While we wait for the new photo, would it be plausible for you to place the subwoofer on the floor behind that bottom shelf?



    That's what I though about it in the first place... I can take the photo but there really is no space in any other direction...

  3. HI, I'm considering changing my speaker setup. As I need rather narrow speakers, I was considering a 2.1 setup to get decent bass. The problem is, I don't have too much place for a subwoofer. It looks like this:




    Free space is 26cm x 26cm (10in x 10in), which would accomodate the Promedia sub but as you can see:

    a/ on the left it would be actually almost touching the printer

    b/ on the right it would be 2-3 inches from the couch

    c/ at the back there would be approx. 10 inches space

    d/ front will be basically almost touching my legs

    e/ it would not be standing on the floor, but on a fairly thin piece of metal


    In this case - is it even plausible to think about the 2.1 setup, or will I be better off with 2.0 speakers?

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